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Company Address:HYDRIVE Energy LLC
6500 River Place BLVD
BLDG 1 STE 450
Austin, TX 78730
Company Phone:(512) 501-3890
Company Website:HyDrive Official Website
HyDrive Information:HyDrive makes sports energy drinks in bottles and mixes.

Hydrive E Lemon Lime Endurance

I have a personal interest in the new "sports" direction of energy drinks. I actually received these from Hydrive before Full Throttle Hydration was introduced. I was elated about both. A great number of energy drinks simple are not thirst quenching, and as I've recently discovered the small miracle that is Tiger Woods Gatorade, I'm glad to see that a couple manufacturers have shared my vision of jamming loads of caffeine into a great tasting sport drink (for me, this can be done manually by dropping scientific grade caffeine into a sports drink, but, alas, most laymen...more Hydrive E Lemon Lime Endurance product information

Hydrive S Blue Raspberry Strength

We reviewed Hydrive 'Endurace' over 2 years ago. Dr. Pepper Snapple had recently cast their lot with Hydrive, and I thought this would provide the distribution channels needed for Hydrive to become a major player. I felt they had an additional opportunity to gain a foothold with Gatorade's 2009 trouble with Tiger Woods, and his lascivious behavior. Tiger appears to be mostly out of the news now, thanks in part to Lindsay Lohan, and people's propensity to care what she's doing. Alas, I've yet to see Hydrive...more Hydrive S Blue Raspberry Strength product information
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