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Where can I buy M-150? Local Asian Fish Market
How much does M-150 cost? $0.99

What's in M-150?

Nutritional Information
Size: 5.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
B6, Niacin, Inositol, Caffeine, Taurine

Jason's Review

There's a new sheriff in town, and it's not M150...I mean, what's the star for? Seriously, the packaging confuses me. While we're on the subject, what do energy drinks have to do with "Leadership" and "Heroism"? (These words are inscribed in the star on the package label). I mean, it's established that we all consume entirely too many uncontrolled addictive caffeinated beverages, and how truly non-heroic our actions would be if deprived of them for any 4+ hour period of time.

That being said, after ignoring the packaging, and denying my urge to sing "I Shot the Sheriff", this tastes pretty good for a semi-solid. They should call this stuff energy gelatin. Served ice cold it is drinkable, but coats like Pepto Bismol on the way down. It's sweeter than candy, and your teeth will hate you for drinking M-150. This may be the only drink that's got too much sugar for me.

Like a broken record, all the Thai drinks are energizing, through a combination of carbs and the other usual supplements.

At around $1, you can't go wrong. Your teeth will look for new owners, and you probably don't want to get to close to a diabetic with this drink, but otherwise two thumbs up.

Guests's Review

Apparently, M150 sponsors kickboxing, as I found lots of ebay items related to M150 and martial arts shorts, etc. when researching the beverage. I don't remember seeing any M150 in the classic true-to-life epic of underground kickboxing that is Jean-Claude Van Damme's "Kickboxer", but I'll take the Thai website's word for it. Assuming I could read any of the websites.

Otherwise, of further interest, I found many websites claiming that this was the biggest of the Thai energy drinks. I also discovered that Thai government outlawed advertising of M150, Shark, Carabao, and many other similar beverages between the hours of 5AM and 10PM in 2003. The government apparently was concerned about the possible detrimental health affects of these stimulating drinks. Meanwhile, the market in the US continues to grow rapidly.

As for the drink, this one seems even more thick than the other Thai drinks, but has a lot in common with the rest of the lot. Thai makers load their drinks up with sugars, this along with the other Thai drinks all rank at the top of the charts for carbs/ounce. M150 has almost 5.5g of carbohydrates/ounce, that's compared the highest of American beverages Sobe Adrenaline Rush which has 4.5g/ounce (Panther has 5.2g/ounce, and Carabao has just under 5g/ounce).

It's easy to see that the sugar alone could make you pretty peppy, it's the better part of a Snicker's candy bar in a 5oz. can. Then you can tack on the caffeine and taurine.

M-150 can or bottle design and textual information
The top of the bottle says, "OSOTSPA"...Osotspa Bin Laden? I like to think that maybe it Thai for, "ROTFLMAO". Unfortunately, it's not that exciting, it's just the name of the pharmaceutical that makes M150. Also, the sheriff star states "Leadership" and "Heroism".

Bright happy colors, and a fancy snake oil bottle.

Consumer Reviews

Energy!@2012-12-05 17:06:21
M-150 looks great. I hope I'm able to find it here in the states. I've had many of the energy drinks from Thailand, and so far, they are all good.
Bailey78@2012-11-30 16:20:03
Ok I just tried M-150. I like it kind of reminds me of red bull before it went main stream. The price is fair and the taste is great. I really like the fact that it is noncarbonated.
FRED@2012-11-30 16:19:25
I am Fred am in Kenya all i can say M-150 is one of the best energy Drinks i have used...its very very good.
Imanok@2012-08-09 15:48:45
Roger@2011-12-01 16:30:41
I am shocked by all these positive reviews of M-150! I find it horrendous and even when chilled to the point of starting to freeze I can not (pleasantly)drink a whole bottle. Maybe it is the lack of carbonation and the extreme sweetness without a sour or tart flavored aspect to balance it out for me. It tastes like a thick, flat poorly mixed soda-pop to me. I am familiar with, and really enjoy, North American energy drinks like Red Bull (USA version), Monster (USA, Euro, Dub, etc), Rockstar, etc. We have dozens of energy drinks that I would prefer over ANY Thai energy drink including M-150.
Khun Michael@2011-09-06 23:21:15
No 1 here in Thailand. Great with vodka and I also drink a lot of soda and M roi ha sip. (150 in Thai). Not good for the waistline. 555
Patrick Lynch@2011-07-08 16:26:23
I thought M-150 was good. But I like piss!
eastfifearabman@2011-05-06 15:17:34
came across m-150 at matthews foods, chinese supermarket on gelatly street dundee!
Big Kev@2011-03-22 11:04:16
You obviously haven't had a new bottle recently. Around the Star it says DEVOTION, COURAGE and SACRIFICE Edited by Jason: We reviewed and photographed M-150 in May 2006, so 5 years ago.
Kurt@2011-02-01 10:35:54
M150 and pure vodka is the winner of the year...just try it and taste how good match it is..!!
AndyK@2011-01-26 15:20:19
Tried M-150 in bangkok and loved it. where can I get it in UK?
kurt anderson@2010-12-13 15:14:32
Luke@2010-09-15 12:25:54
I've tried M-150 for the first time in Ayia Napa about 12 years ago and while it always does the trick I wish there was more in the bottle.
da factor@2010-08-31 15:55:30
1up endorses M-150!! hes a great poster guy!!
Marielle@2010-08-09 11:04:27
I've tried a lot of energy drink but I can say that M-150 is real energy drink, great tasting too! People should know this, do you guys have any event or commercial?
joey@2010-07-19 16:45:51
m-150 is the best tasting energy drink by a mile, north wales is the place to get it, rhyl and such
Евг@2010-06-30 13:23:18
This power engineering specialist drank M-150 daily in Thailand! Excellent thing!)))
David @2010-05-28 12:19:19
I think M-150 is the best energy drink on the market. The taste is great and certainly gives you the energy boost you need without all the gas of other energy drinks.
Neil@2010-05-25 13:00:29
I have heard you can buy m-150 in the U.K now. Does anyone know where?
The best, and for me, the only energy drink worth drinking as is without gas, everyone should try it!
Rob@2010-05-17 13:15:30
M-150 is the original, and is still one of the best
Wister@2010-05-06 15:09:19
M as they call M-150 in Thailand!!! (The Thai always shorten words) is one of the best energy drinks out there!!!! I love it!!!! great with vodka... way better than the others!!!!
Geo@2009-11-06 10:56:13
Not a bad drink and definitely gives you a boost if you need one. Not sure that M-150 will make you hallucinate as Lou suggests and would recommend anyone who knows him not to carry his luggage through customs for him :o) 8pts is about right
Guy from Mizzu-ruh@2009-04-14 16:19:37
Has anybody else seen the commercial airing on Thai TV for M-150 Energy Drink? Does it make any sense? What I want to know is: who's driving the school bus that goes careening out of control off of the bridge to nowhere? The dizzy teacher? The little tikes? And how come the front tire catastrophically fails at the beginning of the commercial, but looks good as new while the bus is teetering on the brink of disaster? Why is the bus even heading down the bridge to nowhere? My HEAD HURTS every time I see this commercial! Aaarrgh!!!
Bsimpson@2008-11-03 00:59:09
M-150 is the best ENERGY DRINK I have ever tasted. That's something amazing with this sweet taste, real taste of Sexi Bangkok ;) Try it !
ttoso@2008-08-08 18:07:35
The best tasting energy drink i've ever had!!!!!!! Just wish it was easier to buy. Added by Jason: M-150 is now available through our online energy drink store.
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