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Rumba Energy Juice

Where can I buy Rumba Energy Juice? BP Gasland Johnston Rd. Charlotte, NC
How much does Rumba Energy Juice cost? $1.99

What's in Rumba Energy Juice?

Nutritional Information
Size: 15.5 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Rumba has tons of vitamins and energy adding ingredients including 2000mg of Taurine, 200 mg of Panax Ginseng, and 5000mg of their special Energy Blend which has Glucose, Caffeine, and Guarana. This energy supplement comes from a blend of 7 juices and fruit puree.

Jason's Review

Rumba Energy Juice is more like Rumba Energy Crap. I should say, if you love citrus fruits, and the flavor they invariably have coming out of an aluminum can, you may like the taste. For me, 2/3 of a can was a much as I could consume before I had to place the remainder into a trash receptacle. I didn't even concern myself with recycling, as I felt the aluminum may be permanently tainted.

Now that I've said the unforgiving part, if the makers are reading this, and on the verge of crying, I'll state that it is 100% fruit juice (which is less important to me, but may be a deciding factor for some), it's not anchored by caffeine (which I feel an energy drink should be, but again, "to each his own"). It's also very low in sodium, and could be a great morning beverage for those who like orange juice in the morning. It's loaded with vitamins and so forth, and overall gives you a lot of energy, if you can drink it.

Size is near 16oz. for the industry standard $1.99 price.

Guests's Review

Rumba is the worst excuse for juice I've ever tasted. Even when I try to think back to grade school when my parents gave me all those generic juice boxes and cans. The taste of this was much worse than those. It tastes like juice if you take out all the flavor and replace it with aluminum and dirt. I'll admit I didn't shake gently for the first sip, which Rumba recommends, so I thought the flavor might be better after shaking.... All that seemed to do was shake up the dirt that had settled on the bottom of the can. I've never had crunchy juice before. Some of you may think that what I'm talking about pulp, but I'm not. This was NOT pulp. It was dirty gritty crap that you could feel crunch between your teeth.

So to get another opinion, I gave Rumba to my brother who drinks almost a gallon of oj a week. He said that it didn't taste like orange juice, but more like pinapple juice with a hint of aluminum. I don't agree with him because I like pinapple juice. Besides the can has a huge orange on the front of it and their website says the flavor should be orange. So they failed to achieve the flavor they aimed for.

I can't rate the energy because I couldn't finish it. I didn't even drink 1/3 of the can. I guess since Rumba has tried to offer a natural energy drink gives them some points in my book. Which puts them slightly above Omega.

Rumba Energy Juice can or bottle design and textual information
First of all, the can looks great. Very delicious looking. This drink is NON CARBONATED. That's an important thing to know before you drink it, or you may be dissappointed. Contains 100% juice.

Consumer Reviews

Maq@2012-01-21 15:36:04
Years ago my husband started working a graveyard shift and we tried every energy drink to help him keep him awake, some made him jumpy and others just didn't work. By chance we found Hansen Rumba Energy Juice - Orange flavor, which I was happy to see was 100% juice with a energy formula of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that worked and NO carbonation. My husband drinks it and I even like it and I hate most if not all energy drinks due to tasting off. My only complaint is not carried locally and cost abit to ship unless you buy in bulk which off sets the cost per can.
Cholottie@2011-12-01 16:00:51
I really like Rumba. I usually can't drink anything that has an Orange taste to it, but I just gave Rumba a try and was blown away. My family was given a case of it, my husband and two sons devoured them. I had Rumba before my 10 mile walk today, had much energy. Wow!!!! We need it here in Lexington, Kentucky.
debb105@2011-10-24 17:06:01
i started drinking Rumba energy drink several years ago. i dont like energy drinks due to the taste, but this one has me hooked. there is nothing better to get you going in the mornings than a good, cold Rumba. However, they have stopped selling them anywhere near my location. i am absolutely beside myself with aggravation. Please some one get them back in the south!! i need my RUMBA! i tried ordering them on line, but it didnt work. i never got them, whats up with that!!!!
Robin@2011-07-18 16:50:15
Can not find Rumba Energy Juice in Columbus Ohio. I love them.
Rc@2011-07-08 16:26:55
I love Rumba!I hate the taste of Red Bull and Monster.Rumba does not taste as artificial as most energy drinks!
Judy@2010-06-30 13:25:49
jason@2010-04-16 13:16:01
I love Rumba, i buy it all the time. No jitters or crashes at all. 100% juice which is good. I love the taste. It doesnt give you the energy like nasty Redbull does, it just makes your Mind feel more active
Joe@2009-12-29 10:24:36
I must say that I usually will not drink energy drinks because they appear make most folks so jittery they look like they drank 85 cups of coffee. However, this drink definitely gives you a boost which would be good if you were very tired and driving long distance. It doesn't seem to have that sudden crash that I have seen others experience who drink other types of energy drinks. The taste is ok, much better than the red bull I tried one time and threw away after the first sip. It has a hint of what appears at first taste to be pineapple and grapefruit mostly. Didn't really catch the orange flavor. It did not upset my stomach or leave a bad aftertaste when I finished it. The price is outrageous as are the majority of the caffeine pushers on the market. And as for those folks that say they could not finish the whole drink. Remember, gluttony is a sin. It is two servings per can people, I'm sorry, "A little less than 2 servings a can".
spLagger@2009-12-29 10:22:43
I just wanted people to know that if they drink a can of Rumba and it taste bad it's probably expired. Since I like rumba and sometimes it taste bad depending on retailers. I emailed the company and asked them, and this is the way to tell how old the rumba is. My experience is that if it's over 1.5 years old it's going to taste bitter.

(1 Letter) - (1 Digit) - (2 Digits) - (1 Letter) - (4 digits)

January A
February B
March C
April D
May E
June F
July G
August H
September I
October J
November K
December L

2003 3
2004 4
2005 5
2006 6
2007 7
2008 8
2009 9
2010 0
2011 1
2012 2
2013 3
2014 4

Example: Product made on February 1, 2005 @ 2:20pm would be coded: B501C14:20
B = Feb
5 = 2005
01 = The 1st
C = Plant where it was made
14:20 = time it was made
lacey@2009-12-11 15:20:37
I love rumba energy juice, it is the best energy drink, but it is very hard to find.
Peter@2009-12-11 12:55:49
I didn't think Rumba Energy Juice tasted that bad at all. Most energy drinks taste like zinc and badger sweat concentrated 10 times (Monster is horrible, Rock Star is horrible, Red Bull is horrible... really most of them are practically undrinkable until you force enough of them down your throat). This tastes like a dull orange juice. Less acidic and sweet. Perhaps it is an acquired taste but it certainly isn't harsh like most other energy drinks. And it is probably one of the healthiest energy drinks you could ever find. I love it whenever I can find it.
Jen@2009-11-06 09:44:12
I really like the taste of Rumba Energy Juice and the fact that it's non-carbonated. I don't notice any aluminum-like taste, but maybe they've worked on that since the can also looks different now too. Rumba gives me a good energy boost, without the crash of Red Bull. And when I crash I get really premenstrual, so that's good for me. The only downside of Rumba is that it's very hard to find in Miami. Edited by Chris: replaced expletive with premenstrual
Paul@2009-09-29 02:27:51
I think the fact the editor can't accept that people have different tastes than they do is unprofessional. I love this juice, have no affiliation with its marketing/distribution/manufacture, and agree with its user rating. Edited by Jason: Where do we deny that people have different taste? You mean when we wrote, "I'd like to say that someone's review can't be 'wrong'... I don't think you're "wrong" for liking it"? A review is just that, the opinion of the reviewer. You expecting our review to match your point of view sounds a little unprofessional to me. Also, I think you're stupid for liking Rumba.
ezra garrison@2009-08-17 17:49:38
Rumba energy juice and one of its counterparts, 'Tango', are the ONLY energy drinks I can consume. The carbonation in other energy drinks is entirely offensive to my palate, but that was no longer a problem after I discovered Rumba a few years ago. I LOVE the taste of Rumba! there has NEVER been any grit or a 'dirt' taste, and I drink one every day once i get to work after the 4 mile bike ride there. Literally. EVERY DAY. It keeps me going the rest of the day with no jitters or crash. Like everyone else, it seems, my only issue is with availability. I am among many in my area who are fully addicted to it! I actually found this site while I was searching for a distributer from whom I could purchase cases. Reviewers: You are wrong. The majority has spoken. We cannot comprehend how anyone can dislike this drink so much as your blasphemous reviews imply. Go buy a few fresh, cold cans and try again. Enjoy! Edited by Jason: Firstly, I'd like to say that someone's review can't be "wrong". Angie and I consumed Rumba Energy Juice in 2005, and we both concluded that it tastes like hot liquid garbage. I don't think you're "wrong" for liking it. You simply don't have the taste receptors that make juice from an aluminum can taste like you've rinsed change in your mouth. Also, we are aware of the other flavors (Tango Energy Juice and Samba Energy Juice), and intend to review them in the near future.
Stephanie@2009-07-29 22:56:34
Rumba energy is AMAZING! this is the only energy drink i have found that isnt carbonated, i dont drink pop so the carbonation is too much for me. this is the best, and i recommend it to everyone!
Jelo@2009-07-23 11:43:24
Anybody who complains about the taste must not like orange juice because that is what it tastes like. My only complaint about Rumba is its availability, it is very hard to find a retailer that stocks it and the few who do keep it stocked inconsistently.
Reid@2009-07-19 07:43:37
I'm a 23 year old professional poker player... Having said that, I've tried my fair share of energy drinks, and this is my favorite. This is great anytime of the day.
Connie@2009-07-13 12:30:08
I've been drinking a can of this energy juice every morning for well over three months now, and I can honestly say that I really enjoy this product. I find the taste pleasing, the energy boost satisfying, and I like the fact that it's a juice fortified with vitamins. I have not experienced any aluminum or dirt taste, or any crunchy particles. Granted, it may not be for everybody, we all have our own opinions and tastes. I don't particularly care for the taste of red bull, but I certainly wouldn't criticize anyone for drinking it. Try it, you just might like it. If you don't, try something else. :-) Good luck in your search.
Jennifer@2009-07-09 11:19:27
I have tried several popular energy drinks but have never been a fan because they make me jittery and taste bad. Then I found Rumba and fell in love. I like that it's not carbonated too. In fact I went online today to find out how to order a case!
gavin_klaus@2009-06-16 15:39:29
Rumba energy drink is great! It has the consistency of OJ, even a little pulp I believe. It's great for those people who don't like the taste of most energy drinks, cuz it doesn't taste like smarties. It's a great alternative for those people who are tired of the same old tasting drinks.
Craig in T.C. Mn.@2009-06-15 13:10:13
Rumba although sometimes hard to find is great tasting and a nice smooth energy transition through out the day. I work rotating 12 hour shifts and I start each shift a can that holds me for about the whole shift. Great drink!!!
Hill@2009-05-07 13:59:44
I love Rumba, I can't stand the nasty guava taste most energy drinks have and this one is the only one I like. It's really hard to find now because they only have the nasty guava ones around. I wish I could find it more. The reviewers have no taste. Edited by Jason: "nasty guava taste most energy drinks have", and we have no taste? There are like 3 energy drinks on the market that taste like guava.
Ryan@2009-04-27 12:48:44
Rumba is in my top two favorite energy drinks- period. Maybe they got a weird tainted drink, but a cold Rumba will do it for me every time.
Samantha @2009-04-14 16:19:37
I love Rumba! i think it tastes like a strained form of orange juice. i don't think it's bad at all. more than the taste though, i love the way it makes me feel. i hate drinking regular energy drinks that give you a surge of caffeine which provides you with a shaky, weird feeling surge of energy. i'm a little sensitive to caffeine, so this juice is perfect for me because i drink it in the morning (like orange juice) and it makes me feel fresh and awake without that fake jittery feeling. and don't be fooled, i'm not one of those all natural people, i just love the way that this drink makes me feel-fresh and alive but not shaking
Kathy from SC@2009-03-24 12:28:22
Rumba is the only Energy Drink that I like but it is really hard to find in S.C.
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