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Bawls Guarana

Where can I buy Bawls Guarana? CompUSA Store (near the games section)
How much does Bawls Guarana cost? $1.42

What's in Bawls Guarana?

Nutritional Information
Size: 10.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Guarana, and high levels of caffeine, that's it, pure and simple.

Jason's Review

As most LAN party attendees can tell you, Bawls is (or at least used to be) the drink of champions. They even have a website for gamers (and paintball), the Bawls Guarana Communications Group. With online gaming becoming more popular, I see someone else putting serious money into marketing to online gamers, and making the payouts bigger in tournaments. I realize paintball is big, but relative to online gaming? In fact, I'd guess most paintball players are also online gamers. Anyway, an overlooked market, and one that I don't think Bawls is targeting enough.

Nonetheless, for me, the taste is bland, but extremely enjoyable. It's fizzy, and very easy to drink when cold. I love to down a couple when "hacking", "coding", "powning", "w00ting", and being "1337". Seriously, it is one of my favorite programming drinks, followed by the regular green monster, and full throttle.

The energy for me is high. I've seen charts saying that it's caffeine potency is not that high, but it really keeps me keyed up for some time. Sometimes a couple of bottles can give me the shakes.

If you buy these by the case, they are a pretty good value. At less than $1.50/each and 2oz. bigger than a Red Bull, it's a great LAN party beverage choice.

Update 4-26-07
I found Bawls in 16oz. cans somewhere in Hickory, NC. I think they were $2.19.

Guests's Review

Bawls is a really great tasting drink, but I?ve never really been personally thrilled about it, and I?m not sure why. It has a pleasant Sprite like taste with a good decent amount of carbonation. It?s rated as second or third highest in caffeine content on most lists of energy drinks. I?ve never seen any Bawls energy drinks sold separately, except for the Sugar free Bawls and thank goodness we didn?t have to buy a whole case of those. So we?ve always bought them in cases from CompUSA. And who better to know what has the most caffeine than computer guys? I believe I would buy more energy drinks from CompUSA if they were offered.

The initial taste of Bawls is so light and refreshing. But after there is nothing else to drink my mouth is thick and yucky tasting. Maybe this is just a really great marketing idea, because now that I have a whole case I can just drink another one. This may be pure genius. I don?t like the glass bottle. I feel like I have to pay more attention to drinking out of it for fear of hitting my teeth or bumping my lip into my teeth.

So I have all of these petty problems with the product. But in the end I scored Bawls highly because it really is a good value and great tasting beverage. The name is so catchy because who hasn?t made some joke about the name? Marketing genius.

Bawls Guarana can or bottle design and textual information
The "High Caffeine Guarana Beverage". The bottle pretty much tells you that this drink is nothing but carbonated water, corn, syrup, guarana, and caffeine. The bottle is all blue, because we all want blue Bawls.

Consumer Reviews

Energy!@2012-11-30 15:41:17
Bawls Guarana is great. I remember getting it by the box at CompUSA. Too bad they obviously can't get distribution in my area, as I haven't even seen one on a shelf since they went out of business for a while years ago. Whoever was running the Bawls was an idiot, and I'm not too sure about the people running it now. This is an awesome drink, it would be nice if it was operated by someone who knew how to make a successful energy drink.
mousemom43230@2012-01-21 15:41:03 has bawls by the case
kwentin @2011-12-01 16:25:00
in your comments will you tell us where you can get the energy drinks , thank you Response by Jason: It's possible retailers don't carry Bawls in your area. You can purchase Bawls on amazon.
David@2010-10-21 18:03:56
Anyone know where to find Cherry Bawls or any Bawls in the DC area?
Getting tired of paying almost $4 a can online. I love it just not that much. Edited by Jason: Check out Amazon for 24 packs of Bawls cans. I think they only have the blue and white at the time of this comment.
andrewLD@2010-10-13 19:30:51
ive liked bawls for so long and im mad that i cant find it anymore
CierraandLiz@2010-05-28 12:20:45
i love bawls in my mouth, it is refreshing and tasty. the taste of bawls in my mouth is uh-mazingg!!:DD
mcarf@2010-05-06 15:01:49
Bawls Guarana is $1.99 in SC at Convenience Store! Still waiting to see if the several-hour-energy-playout is equal to Game Fuel, NOS Fruit Punch (my personal pref at 22oz), or Spike Shotgun. Spike Shotgun is prohibitively high at GNC, though...
olivia @2010-04-16 13:41:28
Bawls taste horrid and it hurt to drink sometimes, but in the end, the energy didn't let me down so i have to say i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mike roe @2009-11-06 10:39:31
When i go to the store bawls is the first thing i grab, not any of that silly stuff like milk or bread!
lena@2009-05-07 13:59:44
ok really.. Bawls looks good but why should people sit here and spend money on energy???? Edited by Jason: lena, I guess, at the end of the day, that's the question we all have to ask while sitting there and contemplating spending money on anything. (which I always do in a seated position)
gavin_klaus@2009-03-24 12:33:48
I was told by my boss at work to try Blue Bawls Guarana. She said it was like cream soda, which I'm not particularly attached to, but this was really good! It's a little pricey, but it's great every once in a while when I'm willing to spend the extra cash. All in all a great energy drink.
Brian@2009-01-08 13:13:43
Yeah. It is good. The only place that I know where it is at, locally, is Kasey's General Store. I generally grab one when I'm there. It kind of reminds me of a club soda, or something? I like it.
zizzerqb11@2008-08-18 23:45:53
Bawls is very good!! taste like sprite, but the cherry flavor is a waste it tastes like cough syrup.
Nick@2008-07-08 18:55:50
They gave bawls out in cans last year at NPPL in brockton fairgrounds and i didn't really want to finish the cherry, the sugar free was ok and i liked it, and the original is good enough to buy a 4 pack
Shane@2008-05-06 20:10:29
Bawls is so tasty and refreshing! It keeps you awake, not much energy though. But its still a great drink.
The Mighty Debo@2008-05-04 03:43:25
Bawls Guarana got a very unique taste (tastes like Bubble Gum), but only scores a 5 for me. It's nice that it isn't to carbonated. A lot of drinks (sobes and such) have a hella-lot of carbonation that kills it for me. The Buzz is decent, but not more than a 7 for me. It's kinda pricey for the small bottle (at our local store), but if downed in less than 30 seconds, it'll tweak ya for a good hour or more. Nothing too drastic, though. A Must-try, but whether you keep drinking it's up to you.
Jay@2008-04-15 13:37:38
Bawls is probably the best tasting energy drink by far. Even tastes good from the can. Energy level,,,a bit of a disappointment considering the hype. Better than some, alot less than others.
Energyatheist@2008-04-09 16:53:47
PEEPS! in florida there is a red cherry bawls in a can and the original in a can.
MJ 2 Cool@2008-04-06 00:48:08
Found a four pack of cans at Target for $6.99. DO NOT buy cans of this. GREAT taste when out of the bottle...SUX when it's out a can. Dig the energy from the drink and the taste...just avoid the cans!
Matthew@2008-04-06 00:41:32
By far bawls is my favorite energy drink. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find them near where I live, only about 45 miles away. I pay around $2.49 and up for each, depending on which store I hit. I sure hope to find them as cheap as this place! Great drink!!!!
tyler@2008-03-26 20:47:30
honestly....Bawls Guarana is the first and only energy drink on the market that actually doesn't make you want to gag.......other than bookoo......taste makes the drink..not the 800 pounds of sugar they load into the cans
Patrick TeC@2008-03-18 13:36:52
Bawls was the first energy drink i ever had. It was serveded to me at a LAN Cafe a few year back when i was 13. But that place went bankrupt and now there really hard to find, its the best! Bottle design is really cool, taste really good, and i think its like the real start of energy drinks
THE IT!@2008-03-07 15:17:19
Bawls Guarana is good!
Aki@2008-02-20 20:48:27
This stuff is the best. Its really unusual to find a drink with such an authentic guarana flavor -- IMHO, it's the only drink I can buy in the US that compares with the guarana I've had imported from Brazil.
Saaaam!@2008-02-03 13:31:22
I thought the taste was great, like melted starbursts. Me and my friends always joke about the name. It gives me alot of energy. Its amazing.
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