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Rockstar Diet

Where can I buy Rockstar Diet? Circle K
How much does Rockstar Diet cost? $1.99

What's in Rockstar Diet?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Lots of B2 and vitamin C as well as 1892mg taurine (they're very specific) 400mg guarana, 50mg inositol, 50mg carnitine, 50mg eleutherococcus senticosus, 40mg milk thistle, and 30mg ginko. There is caffeine in this but they don't list how much. They do list taurine as the third ingredient. For those of you who don't know, ingredients are listed in order by quantity. That's a lot!!

Jason's Review

I like all the Rockstar drinks, and believe if they were properly marketed, would outsell Red Bull and the Monster line of sodas combined. Both the black can (regular Rockstar) and the white can (sugar free) have a really sweet tart taste, in fact, somewhat like Sweettarts the candy. The sugar free is a little less tasty to me, but grows on me more with each additional can I knock back. This Rockstar tastes really tart, almost makes the mouth pucker. If you like a lot of flavor, a lot of drink, and a goodly amount of energy, this is your drink.

I drink these pretty regularly, and rarely feel any exhaustion throughout the day. I don't drink one and become so overwhelmed with get-up-and-go that I want to get-up-and-go rape and pillage, but it's a reasonable multiple cup of coffee ordeal.

As for value, if you want a low calorie drink that you can enjoy throughout an hour or two at your desk, that will keep you from falling asleep while you procrastinate on the project you're supposed to be working on...that's exactly why I buy this soda.

Guests's Review

This is my new favorite energy drink. I can't get enough of the flavor. It has the perfect amount of sweetener in it, not to mention no artificial sweetener aftertaste. It doesn't have any sugar in it, it's low in calories and carbs. It actually has slightly less carbs than the low carb Monster which was previously the soda I drank the most.

If you are the type who likes to let your soda sit for a while and sip it, then it gets a little more sour. I think it's better then. I think the tartness goes well with the very sweet taste. This soda is not heavy at all. It doesn't seem to get thick and it doesn't even make your breath smell as much as most sodas do.

The energy could be higher, but I'm not going to complain about it. I don't feel like I'm going to fall asleep, but I also don't feel like my hands are burning like the Chaser did. I think it's a good medium. If it were up to me, I'd just load it up with caffeine. Probably more than the amount of taurine they put in here. But I assume there's some FDA-like reason they don't do that.

The only place this one will score a little lower is on the price. I'd really like to see a bit of a discount. No one carries it for less than $1.99. I noticed that Harris Teeter started carrying a four pack but I didn't see a price tag. Lucky for me a I have an awesome boyfriend who managed to procure a whole case for me. It's almost empty though.

Rockstar Diet can or bottle design and textual information
The Diet Rockstar can looks totally Hollywood glam with all the gold trim and gold star. Especially since it says Diet too, you know all of Hollywood is on some kind of diet. I love all the catchy phrases written on it, because they only use the word energy once, unlike most energy drink cans where its used and reused. Rockstar uses words like "Double Size Double Strength" and "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" sound more like an ad for a porno than a soda.

Consumer Reviews

Joan@2012-12-05 16:34:43
I do believe diet rock star does help control appetite & provide a small energy pick-up and I am 77 so I really need a pick-up.
Michelle@2012-11-30 15:36:07
Total addict here! Absolutely LOVE the flavor and the lack of sugar. I drink about 4 Rockstar Diet a day. Yep, bad I know. My only concern is the amount of sodium is 250mg per 16oz. Would like to know the long term affect of that. Response by Jason: Rockstar Diet (now Sugar Free Rockstar) contains a hefty smattering of sodium. Of course, I'm not a doctor, so this is just my opinion. If you want a licensed opinion, you should speak with your doctor. From my research, for a normal, otherwise healthy person, a high sodium diet takes the biggest toll on the cardiovascular system. I believe the USRDA of sodium is in the ballpark of 2.5g, so if you're drinking 4 of these Rockstar Sugar Free drinks per day, you're consuming about 40% of your recommended sodium from Rockstar alone. Most people, from my experience overeat sodium, perhaps by multiples of the USRDA. Any high sodium diet can contribute to high blood pressure, and I believe it will also exacerbate kidney problems.
Sandra@2011-12-01 16:22:58
I don't drink any kind of soda's, but I love Diet Rockstar. It's my one indulgence. The taste is great.
kitco@2010-12-13 15:21:46
I buy diet Rock Star by the case (and have for 5 years) It's cheap at Costco. I passionately love the taste and always start my day with one. Usually have a second by noon. Makes my day.

Tracy@2010-06-30 13:25:19
Love Rockstar Diet too. Does anyone know where to get coupons good in Canada?
maureen@2010-05-25 13:03:05
Yep, I'm addicted to this Diet Rockstar, too. I've tried all other diet drinks available in my area but keep returning to this. And if there's a SALE I'm happy!!! Not sure if it's the caffeine that has me hooked but I'm sure hooked. Fine by me ... One "addiction" isn't too bad in today's world.
Jon@2010-05-17 13:16:53
The only health effects I know of is the fact that caffeine steals calcium from your bones. So I counter the effects with a calcium tablet. I tend to have a Rockstar Diet 24oz mon-fri
Vanessa@2010-05-13 11:55:37
All I can say about diet Rockstar is ... 'Yummy' and I love the fact there are no calories ...Instantly feel perked up....will continue to buy and consume :)
CHRIS BROWN@2010-05-06 14:58:15
Rockstar Diet is the best energy drink I've ever had. I got it in Petro Canada. I rate it 999999.999 because it is awesome!
Eric@2010-04-16 13:33:58
Diet Rockstar one is my favorite if I need to pep up. It tastes like Smarties candy, which I'm not very keen on, but it does pep me up. It's good for replacing vitamin B's into your system after a hard night of drinking with your budzos. It is the only energy drink I have tried besides the black and gold regular sugary Rockstar, but I like the lighter taste better with the zero calorie so I go for it. I recommend it highly, I always look for it when I need to pep myself up. Try not to drink more than one or two and then give yourself a break for a few weeks from the drinking and recovering and you will live longer!
Alex R@2010-02-22 21:50:28
I started on Red Bull (Sugar Free). I couldn't figure out what was so spectacular about Red Bull until I looked up the contents and noticed that it had far more B vitamins than any of the other drinks. After hours in the stores, reading all the labels, I found RockStar (Sugar Free). This is by far my favorite drink and you get a lot more bang for you buck!!

Thanks RockStar... Thanks PepsiCo!!
Big George@2009-12-04 13:15:26
I was able to get the 4 pack for $5.99 on Sale at Giant Stores. By far it gave me so much energy that I run over 45 on the treadmill and gave me tons of energy to lift heavier than usual. I need to find the Rockstar Blue Label Zero Carbs with 240mg of Caffeine!! thanks ANGIE Also, The Venom Low Carb Mohave Rattler is great! Got a coupon online and only paid $1.19 for 17oz Aluminum Bottle with a Cap.
shawn@2009-11-06 10:28:59
I LOVE Rockstar Diet. My only worry is that I'm an addict. I drink one a day M-F. I have buddy that does three a day, so I'm not that bad, right? I feel better as soon as a get my first sip. Drink it very cold almost frozen. I get them by the case at Costco, $31.98 for 24 = $1.33 per can. I'd like to hear more about long term health issues associated w/ every day use. Edited by Chris: Good question Shawn! The health risks involved with mass consumption of energy are typically tied to the caffeine. The major problems include heart palpitations, irritability, and high blood pressure. Of course, I am NOT a doctor nor do I play one on TV so if you're having any health concerns be sure to talk to a professional.
Denny M.@2009-08-08 13:15:33
Great energy drink. Love the idea that I am getting some additional B vitamins while I am drinking it. I am hooked on this drink, no jitters, no crashing, just a good tasting energy drink without the mother load of caffeine.
108Dragons@2009-02-12 12:36:04
Diet Rockstar is what sugar free red bull SHOULD be.
Starr@2009-01-08 13:13:43
I've been doing a major home renovation requiring heavy duty labor on my part. I gave Diet Rockstar a try and turned into a SUPERHERO!! Amazing boost without the jitters that I would get from a quad espresso coffee drink. I highly recommend this if you want RESULTS and REAL ENERGY! HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! TASTES GOOD! Much MUCH better than a couple of other well known energy drinks that I have tried.
David@2008-11-24 18:32:30
As I look in the trash can beside my cluttered desk, I see about two weeks worth of empty cans. I've found myself addicted to these things. I can't believe how low the calories are in the sugar free compared to the other Rockstars! This is a great pick-me-up without the jitters and the crash.
Ben@2008-08-08 01:34:14
needs more caffeine love the taste just needs more punch i will still drink it but feel the need for more speed thanks. Added by Jason: I agree with your assessment, for a while Angie switched to Rockstar Zero Carb for that added kick.
shane@2008-05-14 16:29:35
sugar free rockstar is a blessing. enough said.
Mandi@2008-03-26 19:18:59
In my opinion, the diet Rockstar is by far the best one, out of entire Rockstar family. All of their drinks have amazing flavor, but because the diet version is sugar free you don't have to burn off any added calories like you would from regular versions. And Rockstar's won't give you that crazy caffeine jag, that I dread from a lot of the other versions out there. What I haven't mentioned are it's ingredients, the combination(s) and the quantities/qualities make it pretty much the healthiest of all the energy drinks out there. *Tip: you can kick up the flavor a notch by pouring it into a glass and adding a little Orange Juice to it... yummy!
Sarah@2008-03-16 22:26:03
after consuming at least 16oz of diet Rockstar Energy drink a day for three years straight this is still my favorite energy drink of them all. great taste, great for a quick pick-me-up...overall the best sugar free energy drink on the market.
KimN@2008-02-29 08:54:27
This is a great drink. RiteAid sells it for $1.49 a can
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