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5-Hour Energy

Where can I buy 5-Hour Energy? GNC Charlotte, NC
How much does 5-Hour Energy cost? $2.99

What's in 5-Hour Energy?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Taurine, Caffeine mainly, but 8333% of your daily allowance of B12, 1600% of B6 as well. "Chaser 5-hour Energy is a powerful blend of vitamins, enzymes and amino acids designed to help you get going fast, and keep you going for up to five hours."

Jason's Review

5-hour energy is great (pretty good on taste, but what's to taste with 2oz?) on all levels except value. Firstly, when I read the bottle, I thought about how this could forever change my life. I pictured myself stumbling through a bus station, asking people for $2.99 to get a bus ticket to my brother's house. I pictured myself tweaking at the GNC, sweating and rubbing my Chaser bottle like Gollum, looking around nervously to ensure no one saw me with my booty.

Having taken this into consideration, I "drank the entire bottle". The taste is pretty palatable, surprising, based on the other energy shot drinks I've had. It's a strange taste, and very potent, but not extremely offensive. Within an hour, I couldn't pull my eyes shut. I considering organizing my receipts from the last three years, or going to Target to buy an origami starter set. Of course, while I was out, I'd need to swing by the GNC to pick up another chaser...I mean, while I'm out, why not? Right? Stop judging me!

Seriously, a lot of energy, I'm giving it a perfect 10, it's like a couple of Vivarin. There really isn't a crash either, it's just as the bottle describes. Combined with the low calories, the small amount of fluid, no carbs (since the carbs from glycerine aren't metabolized), it's a great "shot" of energy.

The cost was a little high, if this came down on price, I'd be inclined to buy more.

Guests's Review

If there was a Sandlewood flavored shot, this would be it. It was very hard for me to enjoy, although the flavor in a 2oz. energy shot shouldn't be a big deal. Next to the 'shake well', it should say "hold nose while drinking'. Maybe it was more like patchouli oil flavor. Regardless the flavor was total ka-ka. There was a slight berry aftertaste, but I didn't taste that until 5 minutes later.

Having said that, I would give this a 12 on energy rating if it were possible. The high energy level made all the other energy drinks look like a regular cola. It was very fast acting, I immediately felt anxious, and couldn't hold still. After 15 minutes I suddenly became very aware of my hands. They were hot and tingled like pins pricking them. Soon they became red and blotchy, and I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of wrinkles on them... I also noticed that the customer service people at Sprint suck, because they are sooo slow, and that the guy seemed to be pressing the same two buttons over and over again. Maybe that's just what the good people at Sprint teach them to do. That would explain a lot.....

Chaser had the highest energy I've ever experienced from anything offered over the counter. The $2.99 price tag is a bit much for this, but bravo for someone making something this strong. I suppose if you're about to drive for 9 hours to Delaware with your sick boyfriend and want to limit the number of potty stops, this would be a great energy shot. I actually had to eat something to calm down a little after drinking this because the feeling was a bit uncomfortable. Ladies.. or light weights, I suggest you try half the serving to begin. Though this might've been one of the worst tasting things I've ever tasted, ever, and I think it's overpriced, it will still receive a high overall score because I was so impressed with the high energy level.

5-Hour Energy can or bottle design and textual information
Well, not really a bottle, more of a little vile. Very colorful little bottle, with some guy running through the mountains like he's being chased by a Yeti. They boldly claim 5 hours of energy now, no crash, sugar free, and 0 carbs. Yes, but will it make me sweat, compulsively count things, and tell you three times about the catastrophe of losing my chapstick through the hole in my pants pocket?

The bottle suggest you "Drink the entire bottle" (all 2oz.? Are you sure...all at once?), "for fast acting long lasting performance. For best results, take on a empty stomach." (Hold the phone, "take"? you mean like "use"? I'm not a "user" man, I can quit whenever I want).

Consumer Reviews

Ray@2013-03-06 15:24:07
No crash? The main ingredient is caffeine, guys. And you get crashes with caffeine. Still, it's a pretty good, sustained energy throughout a 5-hour drive. No dozing off. No yucky feeling. The taste is okay, but go with the orange or lemon-lime instead. But it's not really a "drink," is it? Think of it as a cough syrup to get your going. Not sure why people feel jittery with this. Nothing for me, just a consistent level of energy for a few hours. Response by Jason: I believe the general school of thought is that the sugar causes the crash, I think the "crash" is largely a marketing invention of 5-hour energy to sell 5-hour energy.
thersa2009@2012-12-21 16:42:46
my lil sis is on 5-hour energy and she is not the same girl. this stuff isnt for everyone. i agree with the person who said this is no more than a legal crystal meth. she lost weight(a lot)and attitude different. she doesnt realize she has a problem. this stuff shouldnt be legal its gonna put someone to sleep permenatley.
Valerian@2012-12-10 15:28:33
Omg...the first comment totally sounds like a freakin sales pitch. I am sure that I speak for many when I say this, 5 hour energy does not give you 5 hours of energy. It hardly does anything at all. It's a waste of money.
Saul@2012-12-10 15:26:44
I drink it, i like it! Period. Just kidding. In 05' while on convoy patrols in Iraq i was introduced to Monster. I was instantly hooked. Came home and i would buy cases of the stuff, then when i realized how much sugar are in those things i had to swear off of them. Then i tried 5 hour energy. It gets rid of the lunch time sleepies for me and i am awake the remainder of the day. Taste is pallatable and the price is a bit high. I buy them in the six pack and get a much better deal that way. Anyways, they work for me and instantly i might add.
Andy Turri@2012-12-05 16:33:39
I dont know why people are having problems with this 5 hour energy shot .I am very sensitive to caffeine products and have to be careful,but I don't seem to have any problems with this,I experience the slight hot flashes for a few minutes but I live in Southern california and who can tell if its the Drink or a weather front.I feel alot of people are using this product wrong,if you drink it and sit around waiting for an energy boost ,it may or may not happen,you need to get up get moving and thats when it gives you a boost.For those of you who claim it causes your heart to beat weird you really need to see a Docter before taking this product again,this energy drink can certainly cause a person who is prone to anxiety conditions to become overly stimulated and when people experience this they become overly worried about it making them sick therefore the panic syndrom sets in.Yes you should not take 5-hour energy everyday,if you find yourself doing so you will become addicted and will need medical help to get off the stuff.Skip at least a few times a week ,save for days you really need the boost,otherwise you will also become immune to it and it will stop working.I think it works great,although wish the prices were cheaper,but on a positive note the price keeps me from buying it all the time.
Jill@2012-11-30 16:05:51
I took 5-hour energy before an exam. My flight was delayed & I only had about an hour of low quality sleep (on the plane). I've taken exams after staying up all night lots of times with no real problems. I also took my usual (prescribed) 20mg Adderall XR, ate oatmeal w/ eggs, & drank a small coffee. I'm a 22 year old female, 5'6" 125lbs. About an hour after drinking the 5-hour energy I could not keep my eyes open. I was disoriented & fell asleep briefly several times during my exam. I believe the outcome was worse than it would have been had I not taken the 5-hour energy. I'm not sure why it had this effect. Possibly due to the large breakfast or the fact that I already take stimulants & lots of vitamins/supplements daily.
eb@2012-11-30 15:08:04
tried 5 hour energy one time after 1 hr felt great, mood altering. I drink lots of coffee so Im used to caffine but still scared of 5 hr because I felt too good
chazola@2012-11-30 15:07:02
I drove from chicago to minneapolis the other day which is a 5-6 hr drive. I was always skeptical of the 5hr energy shots when I would see them at the gas station, but a 5hr drive and curiosity lead me to read the label. They claim that the shot leaves you energized for hours and no crash at the end. So I ate a big lunch at famous daves and slammed the lemon-lime shot. Five hours later I was in minneapolis and felt GREAT. I usually crash big time after drinking coffee or red bull, but at the 5 and 6 hour mark I was back to my normal self. After that experience, I am now at work on my lunch break and am going to test this 5hr shot on my typical 'after lunch sleepiness'. If you need a boost in your energy while exercising, combine the lemon-lime shot with a 20oz lemon-lime gatorade.
joe@2012-11-26 15:49:55
i used 5hr energy when i do a car wash and when i play a card game i need to move around and keeps me going. IT WORKS

Dima@2012-11-26 15:49:32
Guess I'm one of the people 5 hourr energy doesn't affect much. First time I bought one, I drank half just to check it out. Didn't feel a "boost", so I just drank the rest. About 20 minutes later, I fell asleep for 9 or so hours.

Since then I've bought 2 more, one was the black bottle for "maximum energy". Still no huge boost, I get more out of a few cups of coffee.

If you are already fatigued, this doesn't do much. If you plan on staying up all night, then drinking one of these to stay going, forget it.

Oh and the lemon lime doesn't taste very good, the berry one is a bit better. Neither flavor is all that bad though, tastes like a redline, and those are huge!

Worth a try if you need it, but I wouldn't say its amazing, hardly any effect for me. I just drank one and I'm kinda tired.. haha
Danny@2012-11-08 13:54:25
I have been drinking 5 hour energy off and on for about a year or two. I find it very helpful. Most of the time I drink only 1/2 at at a time. When I run out the energy level for the day can be felt. I now buy the kirkland brand to keep cost down. I am not coffee drinker so can not relate. This is a good product and would say try it and see for yourself.
dave@2012-11-08 13:51:56
5-hour energy works, bottom line and they don't make you crash. It is also the only one that doesn't get me all freaky, shakey...just a nice smooth energy buzz....
yoli@2012-11-08 13:51:37
i love 5-hour energy it wakes me up quick!!!
Doc K@2012-11-08 13:51:21
The B vitamins and Niacin are probably what most of your are experiencing. Generally, we lack enough of those in our normal diet and therefore drink like 5-hour energy give a very noticable "boost" by pumping up the B vitamins. This is also why some of you have reported "your body getting used to it" or "no effect"....when your B vitamin intake is where it should be there is less of that "boost". It would be cheaper to buy a bottle of B Complex vitamins, plus they would last longer than a single 2 oz energy shot.
Dink@2012-11-08 13:50:29
5-hour energy is a great energy shot....if these people didnt like it, then they should definitely NOT try the Zantrex-3 energy shot (that one is INSANE). 5 Hour is very good, is a little lacking in the taste...but better than coffee or sugar to get an energy burst. Never had an issue, always felt the energy boost.
Byrd@2012-10-30 16:42:31
I started buying the kirkland 5 hr energy shot i think its about as good and much cheaper u just have to be a member of costco to get it. The 5 hr energy @ costco is 35.95 for 24 bottles which is easily the best price ive ever seen. The kirkland is 33.95 for 48 bottles which is really cheap.
Unhappy412@2012-10-06 09:47:55
I workout regularly and often take caffeine containing supplements to help my workout. Recently I started drinking 5 hour energy as part of my morning routine. Only one berry flavored shot a day and I ended up in the ER two weeks later thinking I was having a stroke or heart attack. My chest had tightened and felt extremely heavy to the point it was difficult to breathe and I felt pin pricks in my arms and legs. I was terrified! I took 2 aspirin, went to the ER and had blood drawn and many tests done. The doctors said I was in perfect health except for elevated blood pressure. They think that the five hour energy must have caused the reaction. Needless to say, I won't be taking it again. It gave me great energy, just not worth the reaction.
JKailus@2012-09-07 09:58:48
I thought 5 hour was pretty good, tried it a couple times and it works pretty good. Has anyone heard of Eternal Energy? I tried these at Walmart and thought you couldn't beat it for the price. Taste is good too
amy@2012-08-09 15:40:17
Just a few minutes after taking 5-hour energy I went from a groggy, semi-awake state to feeling like I was well-rested. It also put me in a pretty good mood. I've gotten pretty bad jitters before from just coffee (I am definitely not normally an energy-drink user), but happily no jitters from this product. I also did not experience the flush that the bottle warns about. I bought one of the berry flavored bottles in my grocery store, but now that I know that it doesn't give me any side effects I will try the grape flavor that only comes in multipacks (where I live).
Rosemarie Schmidt@2012-08-09 15:38:55
Ok -- I'm an old lady, but.... Drove 17 hours from Florida. Slept 4 hours showed up and went to work as an attorney (sipped the toxic 2 oz. of 5-hour energy) and still felt energized.... It felt -- well, there was no weird feeling -- went to bed at 10- the next night and all was good.
Road Warrior@2012-08-09 15:38:04
I am a believer. i was a road warrior this weekend and 5-hour energy was my fuel. I took it and was not tired and there was no crash(sleepiness that is). I was actually able to sleep well when it was time for bed.
I will keep a bottle in the car for times like this.

Julious@2012-07-24 11:35:34
So I tried 5-hour energy and for me its crap. I got all jittery and my heart was racing really nasty. I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack, and I could'nt sleep that night. It is the last time I ever consume it. I had a bottle on wednesday and today being sunday, I still feel like crap. My heart feels heavy and I have a bad case of diarrhea. I dont feel like eating but I eat because I know I have to. Im trying to piss it out but ITS NOT WORKING! well 5-hour energy doesnt work for me but if you wanna try it I recommend drinking only half or less so you get a feel of it. But I dont recommend you drinking it. Your better off with water or some regular coffee.
yolanda@2012-07-24 11:32:57
Thanks to 5 hour energy. I have Much less pain from my lupus
OMGIMHYPER@2012-07-24 11:32:40
i took 5 hour energy with a friend just now because we were having a sleepover and were about to fall asleep. now its almost one am and im hyper as a mofo. it tastes like crap, but works.
Michelle@2012-07-24 11:31:18
Ok, I'm an idiot. I have taken 5 hour energy multiple times before with no problems. I had almost no sleep before a 17 hour drive and during that time I've taken 3 full 5 hour energies. I stopped at a hotel feeling wierd. I have been lying here with really bad shakes, a feeling like I'm going to pass out, shortness of breath, tingling all over and a weird tightness in the back of my head. I'm contemplating calling an ambulance it's so bad. I will never take this stuff again! I feel like I'm dying! Response by Jason: Perhaps in the future, sleeping and eating regularly while not exceeding the maximum recommended dose may be the proper course of action. I don't know, I'm just spit balling some ideas that should seem obvious to anyone.
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