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Rocket Shot Energy Shot

Where can I buy Rocket Shot Energy Shot? GNC Charlotte, NC
How much does Rocket Shot Energy Shot cost? $1.49

What's in Rocket Shot Energy Shot?

Nutritional Information
Size: 1.8 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
The Rocket Shot is engineered to provide instant energy by delivering a special blend of B vitamins, L-taurine, caffeine and inositol directly into your system.

This unique, cutting-edge formula provides all the stimulants of the popular energy drinks, with only 30 calories and 7 grams of sugar.

One convenient Rocket Shot provides explosive energy within minutes and keeps you going high speed for hours.

Great for use before workouts, endurance sports or whenever you need an energy boost.

Jason's Review

"What sort of new aged, tree-hugging energy drink is this?", I thought as I grasped the tiny 1.8oz. bottle of the distastefully named "Rocket Shot". After some doing to get the protective plastic wrapper off, removing the cap, to find another protective pull top, I wondered how much security we needed on a 1.8oz. bottle of Berry Blast Rocket Shot. I also hoped it contained a lot of energy, since I'd exhausted so much just getting through the packaging. Finally, I was ready to "Take one Rocket Shot for an accelerated burst of energy".

Mmmmm, taste isn't too bad, I taste some berry in there, not nearly as bad as I thought. Word of warning, it does go down like poorly blended, under-hydrated Metamucil. Be sure to shake it thoroughly as well.

After a short period of time, I did experience an increase in energy, and it did last for a while. I certainly wasn't sleepy, and was able to clean my office without feeling fatigued for several hours (sorting mail can really put you to sleep too).

If you want to savor the flavor of your energy drink, I certainly recommend you stay away from this one, two sips and it's gone. I hardly had enough to accurately sample the flavor. For a quick energy boost though, it's not bad, and convenient to carry in your trousers.

Guests's Review

A shot of an energy drink? This is going to be awesome. No more running to the bathroom every few minutes. It makes so much sense. I think this would be perfect for a long drive, meeting, or anytime a potty isn't easily accessible. It took me about five minutes just to get into the bottle to drink the Rocket Shot, so be sure to pull over the the side of the road if you're driving before attempting to open it. Geeze, they don't put that much protective wrapping on cough medicine, or even Xanax.

Rocket Shot tastes like berry with a kick. The kick is some dirt. So for the one quick shot you take you get some berry flavor and then the sludge at the bottom. It's definitely dirt because you can crunch on it a little too. This hurt the back of my throat much like the the Nos Pumped did. This will get a higher taste rating just because you don't have to endure it for long, unlike the 20oz Nos Pumped. I did feel an accelerated burst of energy, but nothing spectacular. In the end I felt a bit unsatisfied. I was really looking for an extreme burst of energy, and something to revolutionize the energy drink industry... Instead of making larger energy drinks, make smaller ones that pack a punch. This was like drinking two Red Bulls, an hour apart. The energy was there, but nothing like I had expected.

Rocket Shot Energy Shot can or bottle design and textual information
"The Original Energy Shot", that's not saying a lot when there are two on the market. The bottle instructs you to "Take one Rocket Shot for an accelerated burst of energy".

Consumer Reviews

g-rose@2011-12-01 16:07:41
Really 5 minutes to open, I've been typing for years developed mild carpal tunnel syndrome and it does not take me 5 minutes to open this little bottle maybe a 5 seconds. I love Rocket Shot but not able to find it anymore, my job is about typing up letters all day and at times I get very sleepy and make alot of mistakes. I only take one of these little things when I don't get enough sleep and within minutes Im doing just fine. It probably doesn't work for everybody but it works for me.
BJ@2010-05-06 14:44:17
I down a Rocket Shot energy shot before church (play in the band) every Sunday, or at work. Great for a pick-me-up, particularly if you don't want coffee. No problems in opening the little bottle: just use a knife on the wrapper!
Reita Padgett @2009-11-20 12:59:37
I love this drink it is the only one that tastes good and doesn't give you the shakes . why is walmart not carrying this any more? I want to order a case or more
Reita Padgett @2009-11-06 10:16:12
I want to buy a case of Rocket Shot, it is hard to find
108Dragons@2008-12-10 11:50:42
Not much of a burst here. Tastes fine, but doesn't live up to its Rocket Shot name. I've taken these before with marginal results. Took one the other day prior to a workout and felt no effects. Pretty crappy way to spend $1.50 especially when you can get a rockstar for about that much.
Shane@2008-04-22 12:19:44
i got a 4 pack of Rocket Shot for around 3 or 4 bucks. taste is better than other energy shots, but the boost was a bit disappointing. not that good.
Peeve@2008-04-02 10:00:10
Rocket Shot price is right. Taste is good. and energy is ok too. I buy them all the time. Cheaper than 5 hr energy shot
Tim Best@2008-02-04 20:27:22
Not bad; kind of like opening one of those candy sprays and drinking it all at once.
Aaron@2008-01-02 02:14:31
Okay first of all, for all you weaklings out there who complain of having a hard time getting into the bottle. Give me a break, twisting off a serrated skrink-wrapped cap and pulling off a freshness seal is hardly anything to complain about. Maybe you should make a trip to the gym after you drink your Rocket shot. Please, It's not that difficult to open this thing and if it takes you five minutes, well that's just sad. Now that i've gotten that out of the way, the taste of this little bugger kinda taste like cough syrup to me. However there's only 1.8 oz. so much like taking cough syrup it's over quickly with little to no after taste. As far as an energy boost, i did feel slightly more alert. I work a midnight shift and use these little shots in case i don't get much sleep during the day do to house and outside noise. they're kinda like an emergency pick-me-up if i get drowsy at work. These are great for that!! or they may be good for pre-workout, i've never tried that. overall i'd say this is a decent little power shot, it'll keep ya up for a few hours if you're feeling a little tired. Try it and see what you think.
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