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Rip It Energy Fuel Power Sugar Free

Where can I buy Rip It Energy Fuel Power Sugar Free? Wal-Mart near South Carolina Border
How much does Rip It Energy Fuel Power Sugar Free cost? $0.98

What's in Rip It Energy Fuel Power Sugar Free?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Taurine 2000mg, caffeine, guarana seed extract

Jason's Review

The first few sips of the rip it sugar free, and I thought I'd made a horrible mistake. The taste was very difficult to place, and I forced myself to take sip after agonizing sip, thinking made me thirsty, so I continued to sip, I was glad that my rip it sugar free was there to comfort me. I still hadn't placed the taste, but the rip it was really starting to grow on me. Like the milk that's sour, but there's some satisfaction in continuing to sniff it...I assume to ensure it's still sour. By the end, I noticed that the carbonation was still there, nearly an hour later, I'd sipped my way through the whole can, and felt pretty good. Doubtlessly the worst flavored of the rip it line, but it has a lot going for it.

Most importantly, this soda sticks to its guns for being sugar free, so it has absolutely no calories or carbs, unlike some other sodas that slip in 10 calories and 3 carbs, or something like that. Also, the 130mg of sodium isn't a huge slap in the face.

As for value, like the others, need I say more? A reasonably good 16oz. soda for 98 cent.

I need to touch on one more thing; I finally checked out the rip it website, and they show a rip it team member, and some information about the new site coming soon. This got me to thinking...who should be on the rip it team? When you're attempting to convince everyone that you can be just as good at half the price, who do you get?

  • Carmen Electra ? She certainly tried to be just like Jenny McCarthy, when she attempted to replace Jenny on Singled Out, it almost passed as a reasonable facsimile, and I'm sure at common street whore prices.

  • Val Kilmer ? With Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones there to carry him, the way Nicholson carried Michael Keaton in the first batman, you'd almost want to give them both "Best Supporting Actor" awards. But since Michael Keaton was busy with his blockbuster Multiplicity, the studio probably got Kilmer out of the bargain bin. Come to think of it, after Multiplicity, Keaton might need this Rip It gig as well.

  • Diddy - The master of selling more of rehashed crap than the meaningful original, a great asset to the team. Also a good member to have in the product naming think tank.

  • Gobots ? Who needs all those complicated transformations you get with those "other" transforming dolls? Three simple turns, a little prying with a mechanical pencil, and a few tears, and my firetruck amazingly changes into a firetruck-like robot with moderately functional single jointed arms and a little square head coming out of the truck grill. It's ready for battle before my friends even have their Ravage and Laserbeak cassette Transformers removed from Soundwave, the decepticon boom box. For those who got these value toys for Christmas, the more privileged kids at school were likely kind enough to inform you of the spectacular deal your parents got.

Guests's Review

I was sooo impressed with Sugar Free Rip It. With no calories and no sugar I could drink these all day. The flavor was refreshing and didn't even taste like artificial sweetener. Perhaps the Splenda has made it's way into the energy drink market. It seems like they stuck with the strawberry flavor that was in the non-sugar free Rip It Power. I feel like I got a lot more energy from this sugar free Rip It than I got from the original Power. Although some of that might've had to do with the longer than usual meeting I was in while I chugged this down. It definitely gave me the energy to fly out of there to find a potty before my bladder exploded.

Rip It Energy Fuel Power Sugar Free can or bottle design and textual information
Rip it sugar free has a better can, and that's about its only advantage when comparing it to the rest of the 98 cent rip it line. The blue with the light silver is without a doubt the best color scheme. Like "The Silver Bullet", first class all the way. It's even got the wide mouth top for quick guzzling.

Consumer Reviews

sue berg@2012-04-10 14:13:57
Rip it energy sugar free power is the best, i tried several but wish they had coupons cuz i am on disability, i absolutely love this drink and it rocks my world!!!!!
vince the rip it man@2011-01-13 13:24:46
this is the best drink everrrrr if u think u can handle it then RIP IT
rdclaw2000@2010-02-18 14:10:24
Rip it is a the best energy drink and at the right price. A++++
Mark@2009-09-29 09:17:55
They supply Rip It in the small cans in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is awesome and I use to drink 2-3 cans on a 12 hour watch...sugar free...and it is awesome. I love Rip It and I don't drink energy all. I'm more of a coffee kind of guy. It's a shame I can't find this anymore.
Net@2009-03-24 12:33:48
I love the Rip it Sugar free Power but am finding it hard to find. I discovered it in the little store in my office building, but can't find it anywhere else. I drink Rip-it when I've had a late night or, during our busy time when I'm working 50-60 hour weeks. I sip it throughout the day, usually finishing the can by midday, and feel energized all day without the sugar shakes or the crash. I couldn't get through the exhaustive OT I'm doing without it!
Dan@2009-01-08 13:13:43
I live on energy drinks and have tried almost all of them. Edited by Jason: No you haven't, and to make such a claim calls your creditably into question. Hands down Rip It Sugar Free Power is the best on the market factoring in taste, price, and health/nutritional value. I drink at least 1-2 of these a day. They are hard to find in stores however, and when I do find them, I usually buy 2 cases (48 cans). You can't beat 48 16 oz energy drinks for the price. This drink proves that more expensive does NOT mean better.
Kris Ausenbaugh@2008-11-24 18:32:30
I really love rip it because it gives me a lot of energy. We have a Super Walmart. I get them there. Rip it are the best.
mike thomas@2008-08-14 23:34:14
I recently tried rip it power for the first time,and fully expected it to be like most of the others. You know, a butt kicking energy drink that tasted gross , but I was pleasantly surprised, yes it is a butt kicking energy drink, but the taste was awesome! it is sold in my neighborhood store for 1.00 per can, and I can honestly say from now on when I go shopping that will be one of the items in my cart.
Jacob Pratt@2008-08-08 15:33:41
this is really bad cheap energy drink that is not worth a dime.
shane@2008-06-09 15:20:13
all the Rip Its are great, and only a buck each! i go and buy like 5 at a time. and yes, the sugar free Rip It tastes good also. good energy boost too.
Ugzz@2008-06-06 11:03:20
2ND review. So when i reviewed this product i was drinking it here and there. Lately i have been enjoying one of these on a nearly daily basis. While my opinions still hold strong the one adjustment i would like to make is about the sheer caffeine intake. This drink is best enjoyed 1/2 at a time IMO. Guzzling the whole can at once proves to give me a few of the negatives of caffeine such as the shakes and a pretty hard crash a bit later on. However taking it over time or in 1/2 increments really keeps me going. I am of course talking about the 16oz versions as that is all thats available in my area. Printed on the can is listed at 90mg of caffeine per 8oz.
Ugzz@2008-05-20 10:16:34
I find Rip-it to be my favorite sugar free energy drink. The value sells itself at under a buck. The taste is very good and the energy is better than average. I enjoy many energy drinks and most of the Rip-It products, but as far as sugar free goes, for me at least, this one takes the cake.
happy tree friends@2008-05-06 12:27:04
i only drink rip it when i can't afford a rockstar or monster. they're ok and only a dollar where i live. they give me the shakes but no real flavor.
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