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KLR BZ Livid Energy Drink

Where can I buy KLR BZ Livid? Online Store (Really, they sent us samples to review)
How much does KLR BZ Livid cost? $2.19

What's in KLR BZ Livid Energy Drink?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
KLR BZ Livid Energy Drink contains 2 (240ml/8fl. oz.) serving, which contain mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 110, Fat 0g, Sodium 190mg/8%, Carbs 27g/9%, Sugar 27g, Protein 1g, Vitamin B2 1.7mg/85%, Vitamin B3 20mg/100%, Vitamin B5 10mg/100%, Vitamin B6 4mg/180%, Vitamin B12 15mcg/100%, caffeine 100mg. KLR BZ Livid Energy Drink also contains undisclosed amounts of taurine, GHAA (a proprietary blend of 17 amino acids, known as giant hornet amino acids), Inositol.

Jason's Review

As I woke up to another fine morning in United Socialist America, I asked myself, what do the oppressed lower class, who only have hours of Youtube videos and a host of iPhone games on their unlimited data plan to comfort themselves, need to entertain themselves as they barely scrape by on the pittance to which they are entitled from overprivileged middle class? The answer, I should review a product from a small company, probably one almost no one has heard of, a mom and pop affair, that should be out of business soon. Crushed under the weight of ambulance-chased lawsuits, or the oppressive government's need to jump in and heavy-handedly over-regulate something that isn't the real problem. It's important, as educated people, when considering the "wrongful death" of so many (to be read "dozens"), that we disregard things like preexisting conditions, alcohol intake, anti-depressants, blood pressure medications, or other stimulants, like adderall. Instead, we should focus on the product that makes the most money, and try to regulate it to the government's benefit, like they've done so masterfully with tobacco (which will kill you, but is ok to sell, as long as the government by some means gets 60 percent of the sale price).

So, while it's still around to talk about it, let's sing the praises of KLR BZ Grape Drink, which isn't its official name, but is far more descriptive than KLR BZ Livid (which I currently am). This energy drink simply tastes like Welch's Grape Soda, and that's just fine by me. The can has 220 calories and 54g of sugar, to which New York's mayor Bloomberg should take exception, and some assanine law should be concocted to try to protect people from their own stupidity and poor dietary decisions. I know I'll rest more soundly knowing that New Yorkers will be saved from the scourge of 2-liter drinks, delivered with pizza pies. Meanwhile, thankfully a welfare check is being mailed to a trailer park, which, along with prostitution income, will help pay for crystal meth, while four or five malnourished kids trek through animal feces in a rodent-infested squalor.

Currently, if you can find it, KLR BZ is available $2.19. Several years from now, if it still exists, after the formation of a government mandated anti-energy drinks advocacy group, medicaid health reimbursement lawsuits and ongoing state compensations for medical costs related to energy drinks, it should cost about $3.19. Truthfully, all that is a long-shot, because it's far more likely by that time, given the inefficiency of our judicial system, that the value of the American dollar has collapsed, and you couldn't buy KLR BZ Livid energy drinks with a wheelbarrow full of Benjamins.

Guests's Review

KLR BZ Livid Energy Drink is an average, or generic-tasting grape soda. It's certainly not breaking any new ground, but how bad can you mess up grape drinks? It's good, but if you have chapped lips, or ate anything that sticks to your teeth, be prepared for bright purple lips/teeth, which will last the whole day.

I don't know about the giant hornet amino acid business. Seems like a marketing scheme to me, but the label claims it's in there, and seems like the company claims it's doing something. To me, it's also an average as far as energy drinks go. Just like it being an average among grape drinks, I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way. KLR BZ Livid delivers what I would expect from energy drinks, not a great deal more, but it gives me a boost comparable to most 16oz. drinks on the market.

At 2.19, it's exactly 20 cents more expensive than average, which is the only unfortunate area where it deviates from average. With the purple mouth drawback, which makes you look like a 8 year old that got a purple sucker for behaving at the bank, I consider this a below average value. KLR BZ Livid is just another product which will most likely be lost in the endless sea of energy drinks on the market.

KLR BZ Livid Energy Drink can or bottle design and textual information
KLR BZ Livid Energy Drink comes in pretty much the same can as the new KLR BZ Proto, with the exception of the can being purple, instead of green, and the front says "Livid" where Proto says "Proto". Also, the text on the back differs. Livid reads (roughly), "I am so mad I cannot see straight! What a cluster this whole situation is! I am going to rip that jerk's head clean off! I am 10 seconds away from turning green, ripping my shirt off, and tearing the roof down! Am I mad?? I am beyond mad, now I am absolutely, positively livid!!"

Consumer Reviews

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