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Xyience Xenergy Frostberry Blast Energy Drink

Where can I buy Xyience Frostberry Blast? Online Store
How much does Xyience Frostberry Blast cost? $2.75

What's in Xyience Xenergy Frostberry Blast Energy Drink?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Xyience Xenergy Frostberry Blast contains 2 (237ml/8fl. oz.) serving, which contain mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 0, Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 160mg, Potassium 15mg, Carbohydrates 2g/1%, Dietary Fiber 0g, Sugar 0g, Protein 0g, Vitamin A 0%, Calcium 0%, Niacin 100%, Vitamin B12 160%, Vitamin C 0%, Iron 0%, Vitamin B6 250%, Pantothenic Acid 500%.

Jason's Review

Look, I know I'm always carrying on about these drinks suck like Katy Perry's talentless breast parade, or I'd rather watch another miserable Super Bowl performance by a geriatric Madonna than spend my whole week's allowance on one 5-hour energy, but I need you to listen carefully to the following instructions. Run, don't walk, to the nearest internet capable device, take whatever funds you can cobble together, go to and purchase all the Xyience Xenergy Frostberry Blast you're fortunate enough to afford.

This energy drink is so strong, Joe Biden should stop worrying about guns and try to pass legislation to prohibit the sale of Xyeince Xenergy. After a can of Frostberry Blast, you won't need to hide behind guns, you can use Wing Chun to rip limbs off an entire dojo of angry grizzly bears. Listen, Red Bull has some guys parachuting out of quasi-spaceships, and kids riding their wheelyboards around town doing layback powerslides, acid drops, and bonelesses. That's great, but when Sesame Street's over, the grown ups want to watch some really energized athletes like Matt Serra and Chuck Lidell stop at nothing to beat each other into submission. Don't think they're serious about their energy drinks? You think you can beat up Matt Serra? You couldn't beat up Michael Cera. Now, go change the panties you wet while thinking about the monumental beating you'd receive at the hands of any Xyience fighter, ask your mom if it's ok, and buy some Xyience Xenergy Forstberry Blast Energy Drinks.

After everything I've told you, you should send them a Valentine's card even if it tasted like a truckstop soap dish and cost $7 a can, but since you're still watching this video, and not ordering Frostberry Blast, apparently you also need to know that it has a refreshing super tart taste comparable to Monster Zero Ultra, 0 sugar and can be acquired (with 2-3 day shipping) from for $2.75 a can.

Guests's Review

I'm a boxing guy. I loved the days of Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Norton and many others, up through Holmes and even Tyson (but my interest was waning at that point). There were a few glimmers of hope for me that boxing could remain viable, Lennox Lewis came at an unfortunate time for boxing, I loved all 3 ward vs gatti fights (despite mayweather already dominating the surrounding weight classes), prince Naseem Hamed, if nothing else, was entertaining, and I enjoyed Pacman's aggressive style. Mayweather's defensive style has always been technically impressive, but so is grafting apple tree limbs, that doesn't mean I want to watch it for 45 minutes (particularly if I have to hear Michael Buffer introduce it). Now there's talks of Pacquiao showing signs of Parkinson's, as if I hadn't already lost interest in any fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao, as they moved further away from their respective primes. Pacquiao was clearly winning the Marquez fight, and should have won it. Ultimately, that doesn't matter, what did happen was Pacquiao being hit with a freight train sized blow that put him out cold. All that to say, I'm old enough to remember the first UFCs, and I, like many, thought the dangers of that style of fighting would end in loads of permanent injuries. While I'm not a UFC fan, I'm more and more convinced that the shorter match lengths and more aggressive style (perhaps even more so without gloves) is a safer for the competitors, and perhaps even a better indication of fighting skills.

Well, Xyience drinks are a title sponsor of UFC, and truthfully the only UFC sponsor I know. Xyience Xenergy, and Frostberry Blast is, by far, the best tasting flavor of the Xyience beverages that I've had (though the now apparently defunct Xyience Xenergy Big Apple was pretty good). I think it's plenty energizing, like all the Xyience drinks, but I'm not keen on the $2.75 price tag. Apparently, at least some Walmarts have the Cran Razz flavor for around $2.25 a can, perhaps they will carry other flavors in the future.

Xyience Xenergy Frostberry Blast Energy Drink can or bottle design and textual information
Xyience Xenergy Frostberry Blast comes in a black can (pictured in a metallic can on the Xyience Website). On the top, it reads, "Xtreme Energy Drink" then the Xyience Barcode logo (which I've been intending to scan with a barcode scanner). On the front are two circles, a light blue and darker blue the light blue contains "xen" and the dark blue contains "ergy" and "frostberry blast". At the bottom, "Official Energy Drink UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship" and lastly, "16 fl oz (473 ml). On the side, the Xyience logo (vertically oriented) with the text, "Xtreme science for your active lifestyle", followed by a repeats of the UFC logo.

Consumer Reviews

Shannon Anderson@2013-01-29 09:06:13
if you try this drink you will i mean you will be pumped!
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