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Monster Energy Zero Ultra Drink

Where can I buy Monster Zero Ultra? Cashion's Quik Stop near Charlotte, NC
How much does Monster Zero Ultra cost? $2.00

What's in Monster Energy Zero Ultra Drink?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Monster Zero Ultra contains 2 (240ml/8fl. oz.) serving, which contain mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 0, Carbs 1g/1%, Sugars 0g, Erythritol 1g, Vitamin B3 20mg/100%, Vitamin B5 10mg/100%, Vitamin B6 2mg/100%, Vitamin B12 6mcg/100%, Sodium 180mg/8%. Monster Zero Ultra also contains a 1.4g proprietary blend of undisclosed amounts of the following: Taurine, Panax Ginseng, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, Guarana, Maltodextrin.

Jason's Review

The new Monster Energy Zero Ultra can is textured with whimsical designs that remind me of the Once Upon a Time television, I hate that Henry kid...the can design isn't the only thing that's different. This is an entirely new tart flavor. It reminds me of wink soda. It's also similar to Xyience Xenergy's new Frostberry Blast flavor. But even if it tasted like fresh cow pie, it's what we wanted, and that's a genuinely new flavor of Monster. And while they have several low or zero carb drinks, we feel, before Zero Ultra, what they really had was 3 different cans for the original Monster Lo-Carb.

The energy blend in Zero Ultra is different from regular Monster, and looks more like the Absolutely Zero blend, which is acceptable. I miss the sugar, but after seeing Jillian scream at that exhausted sweaty fat woman on the Biggest Loser last night, I've resolved to control my rampant gluttony.

Zero Ultra's price, like most Monsters, but unlike any Kristen Stewart movie, is a reasonable value at $2.

Guests's Review

I like the Monster carries on about "our team riders" and "Monster Girls" (to be read, we can't think of any real marketing, so we'll get some attention whores to parade around, scantily clad, in Monster garb), hassling them for a new flavor. I guess your "team riders" and the "Monster Girls" are just about 4 years slower on the uptake than us, since that's how long we've been asking for a new flavor.

I digress. Monster has several low or no calorie drinks, and they used to have a good low calorie coffee drink with Java Monster Lo-Ball, which they replaced with Vanilla Light, which they claim is the same, but most of our readers agree, it's absolutely not. As for the Monster Girls asking for something less sweet, I'll agree with them there. I feel like Cuba-Lima isn't tart enough, and seems almost sickeningly sweet, but Zero Ultra is rather light and refreshing. I'm pleased with this drink, and it's my favorite lo-carb offering since the original Monster Lo-Carb.

Even though I don't hevaily care for Cuba-Lima, I still think these are the best two drinks they've made since the first Rehab Tea and Dub Edition before that. These two drinks are definitely worth a try, and you probably won't complain about paying $2 each for them.

Monster Energy Zero Ultra Drink can or bottle design and textual information
Monster Zero Ultra comes in a frilly white can with ornate metallic designs all over. Around the rim, "Zero Sugars, Zero Calories" x 2. On the front a metallic Monster "claw", with "Monster" written underneath, and "Energy" below that in an ice-blue color (the only non-grayscale color on the can), and "Zero Ultra" at the bottom. "16 FL OZ (473ml)" at the bottom. On the back it reads, "Some people are impossible to please. As soon as they get what they thought they wanted they always want more. Our team riders and Monster Girls are no different...they've been dropping some hints lately. They've been asking us for a new Monster drink. A little less sweet, lighter tasting, zero calories, but with a full load of our Monster Energy blend. Sure, white is the new black. We went all out! Monster Energy Zero Ultra. Unleash the Ultra Beast!

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