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Monster Energy Cuba-Lima Drink

Where can I buy Monster Cuba-Lima? Cashion's Quik Stop near Charlotte, NC
How much does Monster Cuba-Lima cost? $2.00

What's in Monster Energy Cuba-Lima Drink?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Monster Cuba-Lima contains 2 (240ml/8fl. oz.) serving, which contain mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 100, Carbs 25g/8%, Sugars 24g, Vitamin B2 1.7mg/100%, Vitamin B3 20mg/100%, Vitamin B6 2mg/100%, Vitamin B12 6mcg/100%, Sodium 170mg/7%, Taurine 1g, Panax Ginseng 200mg. Monster Cuba-Lima also contains a propretary 2.g energy blend containing undisclosed amounts of the following: Glucose, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, Guarana, Maltodextrin.

Jason's Review

If you've ever heard us talk about Monster, we usually rag on them pretty hard. Whether it's poorly contrived products like Mixxd and Hitman, or the cap design on the $4-5 Ubermonster, or even flooding the market with flavors, like they did with Java Monster. I mean, they finally settled on a reasonable 6 flavors, but I bet they discontinued twice that many. They made and discontinued them so fast, we stopped trying to review them.

Then there was Cuba-Lima, one of two new flavors that come in attractive textured cans. Why does Cuba-Lima matter, you might ask? For one, we, and many others, have asked Monster for a new, meaningfully different carbonated drink flavor for years. But even when they weren't just making another Rehab tea, what they delivered always failed to impress. Like remixes of Darude's Sandstorm, it was always just some lackluster variation of the original. Cuba-Lima changed all that. It has 25 carbs, and an import-like smoothness, with a taste that goes in a refreshing new direction. You won't hear me say this often, but Monster made a great-tasting energy drink with Cuba-Lima. The can talks about "Cuba Libre", which I understand to be like a rum and coke, but I feel a more accurate representation of the taste would be a Mojito made with ginger ale. To be sure, there is no shortage of lime flavor.

I rarely have a complaint with the Monster energy blend. They make a good energy drink, and this new flavor was the vehicle we'd been waiting for to further showcase those energizing qualities.

In years past, Monster was regularly $2 with promotional 2/$3 offers. More commonly, I am seeing regular price of $2.29-2.49 with a special of 2/$4. To me, $4 for 2 monsters is about as special as the magic beans you found in the rabbit cage.

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Guests's Review

I'm a traditional energy drinker, I prefer drinks to shots, powders, mixes, gums, strips, patches, IV drips, or anything else. I like carbonated energy drinks, plain and simple. A soda with some sugar, great taste and, of course, some energizing things. In my opinion, Cuba-Lima is the best drink Monster has made since the original green Monster. I'd refer to Cuba-Lima as a "return to their roots". Call me an alcohol n00b, but I've never heard of "the famous cocktail" to which the Monster marketing jabber refers. My 5 minutes of internet research yielded that this drink should taste like rum and coke. I'll buy that, and I'll buy it even more if you say it's like a rum and lime coke (officially called Coca-Cola with Lime, which was one of the most delicious drinks Coca-Cola ever made).

Any possible differences in the energy arena were lost on me. I feel great, but perhaps still a little thirsty when I finish drinking a Cuba-Lima. The flavor is, how can I say this, "dry". While I love the taste, it does drink like an alcoholic beverage, in that, it's not very thirst quenching to me.

We acquired Cuba-Lima for $2, but that's the most I'd pay for it. Apparently, the wrongful death lawsuit again Monster has emboldened them to be more aggressive with their pricing. It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em.

Monster Energy Cuba-Lima Drink can or bottle design and textual information
Monster Cuba-Lima looks like every other Monster, "L-Carnitine, Taurine, Ginseng, B-Vitamins" around the rim, big Monster claw in the center and the name at the bottom. The only new thing is the textured can. It feels a little like vinyl siding, it's grippy, so you don't drop it, I guess. Might as well get to the marketing drivel Monster wrote about their drink on the back of the can, "As legend has it a buzzed up Cuban hears his country has been liberated, holds up his drink, yells "Cuba Libre" and the famous cocktail is born. As big fans of the drink, we decided to make our own, substituting our tried and tru energy blend for the alcohol and adding a squeeze of sweet lime. We know it sounds crazy but don't knock it till you try it. You're gona love it 'cause it's a new kinda buzz."

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