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OnGo Extra Strength Energy Shot Grape

Where can I buy OnGo Extra Strength Grape Shot? Online Store
How much does OnGo Extra Strength Grape Shot cost? $2.50

What's in OnGo Extra Strength Energy Shot Grape?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
OnGo Extra Strength Grape Energy Shot 1 (2fl oz/59ml) serving which contains mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 5, Sodium 25mg/1%, Potassium 27mg/1%, Niacin 33mg/165%, Vitamin B6 50mg/2500%, Folic Acid 400mcg/100%, Vitamin B12 600mcg/10000%. OnGo Extra Strength Grape Energy Shot also contains a 2.5g proprietary blend of 220mg of caffeine and undisclosed amounts of the following: Taurine, Malic Acid, L-Glutamine, Glucuronolactone, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, Panax Ginseng.

Jason's Review

5 years ago, we reviewed OnGo energy, since then, 99.5% of you have still never heard of it. For the other 750 of us, now there's OnGo Extra Strength. OnGo is to 5-hour energy as Flavor Aid is to Kool-Aid,'ve heard of Flavor Aid. By now, hopefully word has spread that almost all energy shots hinge on their utilization of caffeine and B-Vitamins. I think caffeine is the most active ingredient, most shots have 80-200mg. In most cases, if there are other active ingredients, they aren't doing much for me.

OnGo has a couple of selling points, for one, 220mg of caffeine, which is a healthy dose. Additionally, and surprisingly, the Extra Strength tastes better than the orignal OnGo flavors we reviewed 5 years ago. They also managed to make it taste better than any 5-hour energy (which is about as difficult as making a drink taste better than Mixxd...a horrible beverage that Monster finally put out of its misery).

Other than the OnGo Energy Store, I have no idea where you can get these. At the time of this review, they sell the regular 12 packs for $24 and the the Extra Strength for $30 with free shipping. Personally, I'd just go to Dollar Tree and buy 30 Rip-it Energy shots instead. But with Americans still pissing away millions of dollars a week on 5-hour energy, maybe people love paying too much for an inferior product on which they are uninformed. If that's the case, keep buying 5-hour energy, facebook stock and apple products.

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Guests's Review

Alright, I've been called back to review another product, I'm sure it will be something fresh and innovative. Oh, nevermind, it's another 2fl oz energy shot at 2003 prices. OnGo will really have to work to keep me awake from the boredom. We reviewed 5-hour energy's extra strength offering like 3 1/2 year ago, so it's hard to be excited about this late-comer to the market. Additionally, 220mg of caffeine is nice, but Xtreme has 180mg, Hardcore Energize Bullet (the most sophomorically named and marketed product of all time) has 300mg, Redfin has 200mg, so this isn't groundbreaking. I will say, the taste is noteworthy in it's smoothness for having that much caffeine.

This tastes pretty much like grape, and it's not all harsh with an overbearing artificial sweetener aftertaste. It goes down pretty smoothly. The price is $2.50 from their website, and if you care about what the "industry" thinks prices should be, then, well someone considers that competitive because it's less than "industry leader/price setter" 5-hour energy. Unfortunately, for the price of a box of these, I can get a whole mess of B-Vitamin Complex and about 72 servings worth of Mio Energy Black Cherry.

OnGo Extra Strength Energy Shot Grape can or bottle design and textual information
OnGo Extra Strength Grape Energy Shot comes in a bottle that looks pretty much like all the OnGo Energy Shots, except this one says "Extra Strength" on it. Until recently, we were unaware if it was "On Go" or "OnGo". It appears the manufacturer refers to it as "OnGo", so moving forward we'll go with that, but it's not worth the effort to change the name in the old reviews. Otherwise, industry standard 2fl oz bottle, purple with some white text. Ho hum, "nothing to see here" affair. The front reads, "sugar free, 5 calories, stamina, focus, endurance, energy for hours" (not four hours, which would be less than five hours). Around the rim, "try chilled", and "Tamper evident do not use if seal is broken", and a grape icon with the word "grape". On the back is a whole bunch of text, "For maximum energy drink entire bottle. For moderate energy drink half a bottle or less and re-seal. Do not exceed 2 bottles daily, consume several hours apart. This products is not a substitute for a diversified diet. Contains niacin which may cause skin flush (hot feeling, redness) in sensitive individuals. Contains caffeine equivalent to a strong cup of brewed coffee. Caffeine content: 220mg/59ml. Not suitable for children, pregnant women and those sensitive to caffeine. Refrigeration not required. Phenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine.

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