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XS Energy Cranberry Grape Blast

Where can I buy XS Energy Cranberry Grape Blast? Quixtar
How much does XS Energy Cranberry Grape Blast cost? $2.19

What's in XS Energy Cranberry Grape Blast?

Nutritional Information
Size: 8.4 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
XS uses 'high-powered adaptogenic herbs, mixed with b-vitamins, and key amino acids' along with some caffeine to give you a 'rocket powered lift'. B-vitamins indeed, this 8.4 oz can has 300% of your daily value of B6, and 4900% of B12. Wow!

Jason's Review

Finally, a lo-carb energy drink that tastes like something fruity, and not like crap. The lack of artificial sweetener aftertaste is likely the most important to me, and is normally most recognizable in sodas that are supposed to taste like a fruit. The XS Cranberry Grape Blast tastes like grape mostly to me, not a lot of cranberry. I'm happy either way. Grape sodas taste good, and with only 8 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sugars, and only 24mg of sodium, this may be the perfect health enthusiasts energy drink. My friend Ryan gave me one of these to try, he's pretty health conscious, and buys them by the case.

I was energized and feel that 4900% of my daily B12 may have had something to do with it. The soda also seemed to have a good deal of caffeine.

The only place XS gets beat up is on the price, the price isn't exact, as we took one can out of the case, to which Ryan didn't know the exact price, but estimated $26 for 12 sodas, which would be $2.16666... per can, which we rounded to a convenient $2.19. Either way, high by my approx. 8oz. soda standards.

Added May 15th, 2008
Ok, I'm not sure if maybe we started coming up high in search results or what, but we respectfully request that you not use this page to promote your Amway/Quixtar business. We have been clear about the fact that this was purchased from Quixtar from day one. There is a time and a place for being enterprising, this may be the time, but our website is not the place.


Guests's Review

The soda was pink!! I love that. It was a nice change from the hum drum yellow soda. Little things like that make all the diference to me. I agree with Jason, it was a strong grape flavored drink, maybe a little strawberry, but not much cranberry flavor.

I was not very thrilled by this energy drink. I don't feel like I got much out of it, maybe that's because I really had to force that last bit down. Don't get me wrong, I love grape juice, but this wasn't like regular grape juice. It was very heavy and not very energizing or thirst quenching. Usually I complain about the small 8.4 oz drinks, but in this case I was glad to be done with it.

XS Energy Cranberry Grape Blast can or bottle design and textual information
The can is bright pink with yellow and orange text. It proudly states 0 Carbs 0 Sugar! All Of The Energy None Of The Sugar!! XS has only 8 calories and is a Cranberry-Grape blast.

Consumer Reviews

E in Vancouver@2012-11-08 13:49:40
XS is a good energy drink. Works for me. Best part is, I get PAID to drink it. Great site, Jason. Very informative and well written.
Kevin@2012-08-09 15:37:33
I love the taste of the Cranberry-grape. I'm not too keen on the taste of cranberry, but this had more of a grape soda taste with a hint of cranberry. I love that there is so many b-vitamins in it that helps your body utilize the energy from your metabolism and doesn't have all the caffeine as some of your other brands of energy drinks. Plus you have the added benefit of no sugar or carbs. So, it's not like taking an epi-pen to your heart. Now it is a little pricey, but I think it's well worth it. I've also noticed on the website that there is also 14-15 other great flavors and also a newer flavor released last month called Summit Blast that comes in a 12oz. can and tastes just like a mountain dew. They are also cornering the market with some pretty unique ideas that have also already released, but you can go to the website and figure out what they are. Response by Jason: You had me up until, "cornering the market", XS may be cornering the amway energy drink market.
Smougal86@2012-07-24 11:26:20
I have a couple thoughts on this drink. I actually don't like this flavor at all. Fortunately the company has one I like. The drink puts itself in a hard spot. I was told by a nutrition nut that something like 1 in 3 people don't respond to B12 so the drinks best advantage is gone for a third of the people. Also I was scared of overdose risks from the huge B12 quantity but it turns out you pee out any of the vitamin you don't need. With this drink it's simply a hit or a miss.
Guest@2012-05-15 14:07:43
too sweet with a strange sweetness, sucralose (like Splenda) - don't know about it's health effects, seems ok
really?@2012-02-25 13:49:29
RE: jasons edit- Consider being upset with Amway reps touting the product as something it's not (and not even close to being), or making false misleading assertions that they have "exclusive distribution rights".

really? then we should be upset with every single business we ever deal with. everyone says that their product is the best. or they say it is new and improved. (how in the world can something be both??) or they gauruntee you will love it. bottom line is not every product is for everyone. so how are you just going to pick out one company and use the experiance that you had with one moron salesman to judge everyone else that associates with said company. isnt that the problem we are having with the rest of society? dare to be different.

all that aside. Jason, do you. this site is a wonderful thing and i appreciate the time and effort you have put into it.

Response by Jason: Thank you for the complement on the site. Otherwise, My poor experiences with Amway, the information the company disseminates (sells) to guide the reps into their unscrupulous behavior, and the reps themselves, are numerous and nearly 100% consistent. I've had more than one rep schedule a meeting with my web development/marketing company to talk about contracting our services, only to have them pitch amway unapologetically. After that I've actually asked people "are you with Amway", if I was the slightest bit suspicious, to have several people stutter and stammer through any other possible half-truth to answer that question without saying, "Yes, I'm with amway, and I intended to mislead you into investing considerable time in travel and conversation, simply to try to sell you a starter kit".
MRS. lopez@2012-01-21 15:24:33
I like this website. since this review has turned from a review to a very opinionated argument (no disrespect towards the makers of this site. I think this is one of the coolest site i've seen all week.) XS energy drinks are not for everyone. Just like all the other energy drinks are not for everyone. I drink XS all the time. BUT, i also drink the blue Monster or really any other drink that just sounds god at the time. Every drink has its pros and cons. Juice, soda, beer, hard liquer, ect. I like that XS has so many flavors and no bad aftertaste, but it is expensive.

and the reason the Amway IBO's say they have exclusive rights, is because it makes people feel special. It makes them well, exclusive.

Lastly, as an IBO myself, I would like to appologize for all the negative encounters with other IBO's. Love what you do, but don't try to convert people that don't want it. Don't be an extremeist.
Sean Felder@2011-12-01 16:06:26
Used to be IBO for Amway,but I'm distributor and promoting XS Energy Drinks,tried all of the 14 flavors and it's good product.Check me out on youtube(Sean Felder XS Energy Drinks)
Ugh@2011-10-24 17:14:00
This drink was given to us for free by an Amway salesperson... Healthy or not it tastes like crap. I'd rather be unhealthy and happy with my Red Bull or Monster than have to drink another XS energy I can avoid the lousy sales pitch about how great this drink is and how Monster will eventually kill me... This is like cracked out version of Mary Kay that leaves a bad taste in your mouth
Jere@2010-09-15 12:29:19
Thanks, Jason, for the even-handed and even-tempered attitude taken in your XS energy review. I am an Amway IBO, but I don't believe any product, whether marketed by Amway or anyone else, is "the best" for everyone. It's...well, disgusting, as well as disheartening, to see people use hype and deception to sell. The fact is that a good many products made by a good many companies are good for a good many people; it's a question of value and taste, which are largely personal questions. Keep up the good work.
Tina@2010-08-31 15:59:01
I LOVE XS ENERGY!! They have bunches of great flavors (more than the 2 mentioned on this site), and they also have their own 2oz concentrates-in 2 flavors (comparable to 5 hour energy).. not to mention the "BLAST! premium energy mixer" that is availble! This line is FOR SURE top of the line and way better for your body! I use this for boosts of energy, and for a post-work out recovery!
mike@2010-08-02 15:13:32
First I would like to say that this is a very good site for comparisons. Second I would say that the Xs energy drinks are the best I have ever had. I have tried lots of the other ones with nothing but a quick caffine buzz with a huge crash in a short period of time. I had a Monster energy drink about two years ago and found myself laying in a bed in the er with heart palpitations so bad that thought I was having a heart attack. It seems to me that the extra money spent on something that is good for you with out the guarana is worth the money. I can drink several of the XS drinks without the crash or the palpitations. Two thumbs up in my opinion. Edited by Jason: Fair enough, personally, I'd prefer spend more to get something that's good for me WITH the guarana...since these are mutually exclusive things.
Joe@2010-07-19 16:58:06
This is in repsonse to a post by kevin on 2009-11-06. Kevin said, "any body can answer the question? Why Xs Drink contain 4900% Vit-B12 than other energy drink, like Red Bull?" My understanding is that not much of the B-12 vitamin is absorbed by the bloodstream and that it is hard to overdose on B-12. Have you read anything about this? Also, the comments started out nice until it turned into the usual Amway fight which is a big negative when reading this site. This is for everyone: I want information and not an opinion fight about a company! Edited by Jason: Yes, we're losing readers left and right. Only Amway reps believe that XS (a product you can only get from an amway rep) is autonomous of it's organization and reps. Consider being upset with Amway reps touting the product as something it's not (and not even close to being), or making false misleading assertions that they have "exclusive distribution rights". We've said it before, our original review was fair and unbiased. We don't even mention Amway in it. The original statements are still true, "not great soda" that "costs too much".
Coach Frank@2010-05-28 12:31:39
I watch all these kids spending money drinking Red Bull and other highly caffeinated and sugary drinks, and it drives me crazy because they are so damaging. XS Energy is a very clean product!
TeresaJay@2010-05-25 13:06:56
I love this stuff!! I work 12hours a day 3 times a week and go to school; I also care for my son who is 18 months old and is a handful. XS is the perfect energy drink for me because it gives me the energy kick right off the bat. I feel energized all day and it taste amazing. I don't mind spending 2.40 on it, we spend more on fountain drinks.
Eric@2010-05-13 11:52:06
I love XS energy drink! not my favorite flavor but it's still pretty good and I love the marketing plan. I can tell you-It works!..while you spend all your time looking for all the reasons it doesn't work..I'm going diamond dog, see ya! Edited by Jason: Best of luck to you. You the man now, dawg.

Jim@2010-05-06 14:43:16
I love all the different flavors I can get with XS energy
cmiller@2010-04-16 13:27:54
I have tried the other energy drinks as well as xs energy and when I read the ingredients and find most energy drinks contain 25mg of both sugar and carbs and contain guarana which has 2 to 3 times more caffeine than a coffee bean. People who are caffeine sensitive or have heart problems need to consult with their doctor. Most of these products not only elevate cognitive abilities and increase energy but because of all the sugar can cause a person to crash. With XS Energy drinks you won't crash. And with a variety of tastes I for one don't get stuck with just one particular taste. So I always order the variety pack. I like the product. As far as price is concerned. I figured because of nutritional value an extra 15 cents isn't bad.
justin gggg@2010-02-22 21:46:56
Xs energy drinks are the best energy drinks out there on the market by far. The facts are there are 13 different flavors of xs and you can get in caffeine free ones. The regular flavors are, cran-grape, wild berry, citrus blast, tropical blast, cherry cola, root beer, XS Gold, cherry, electric lemon, cola, peach tea and tea berry. The caffeine free is available in cran-grape, tropical and rootbeer. There are a variety of sizes now and energy shots are also available now on certain flavors. Xs contains less than a calorie of sugar, this qualifies government-approved statement that there is No Sugar in XS. Most energy drinks have over 100 calories and 27-30 grams of sugar in an 8 ounce container.
XS Energy contains zero sugar and zero carbs. As a personal trainer I recommend these to my clients. It is very important to not have sugar or carbohydrate calories. Calories from sugar and carbs may increase fat deposits. Simple carbs are also called high glycemic or high sugar foods. High sugar foods cause your body to store calories as fat. Low glycemic foods do not pump insulin to the same degree and aids your body's natural metabolism of fat, using your body's fat resources as fuel.
If you're a diabetic and you need a pick me up, XS is safe for you. The Mayo Clinic and the American Diabetes Association approve the use of Ace-K for diabetics. They like this artificial sweetener because it is calorie-free and no studies have proved negative effects on diabetes. So diabetics can safely enjoy the great taste of XS along with an extra boost.
Just look at the comparison between Red Bull and XS. Most everyone who drinks an energy drink mostly drinks red bull (going off of 2006 statics, worldwide). Let's see what's in the drinks. Red Bull contains 100% of B3, 50% B5, 250% of B6, and 80% of B12. 27 grams of sugar and 110 calories. Their sweeteners that are used are Sucrose and glucose. Diet Red Bull, half the flavor and half the fun, contains only 10 calories per 8 ounce can; zero sugar which is a plus and only 3 carbs. It still only has the same amount of B vitamins as the regular Red Bull. The sweeteners are Acesulfame K and Aspartame. XS contains zero sugar and is fortified with numerous B vitamins. XS contains 100% of Vitamin B3, 100% of B5, 300% of B6 and 4900% of vitamin B12. That is where your natural, steady flow of energy comes from in XS.
The craze about the caffeine in energy drinks. Now, everyone reacts differently to caffeine and also foods. There are people out there that are just really sensitive to caffeine. Honestly most people get the jitters associated with energy drinks from the high sugar content, not the caffeine.

XS contains Adaptogenic herbs, which is an herb that aids the body in managing stress. When your body is in stress it pumps cortisol into the blood stream, which in turn sends a message to your body that you need foods that are high in fat and sugar. COMFORT FOODS. You do the math on your energy drink!!!!

Margarita@2010-02-18 14:18:12
Jason, really dont like Amway huh? It seems like you're the one with the issue. I thought comments are for people to put down what THEY think and feel about something and it seems like everything they put positive you bring it down. Good Marketing Get a life and keep your comments to yourself and be a good critique, we dont care about your opinions! Edited bey Jason: Yes, I have mommy issues, I wasn't held enough as a child, and I was a chronic bed wetter. Unfortunately, coming to terms with all these things doesn't make me more tolerant of people misrepresenting a product or pyramid scheme on my website. Interestingly, you'll find that people regularly read review blogs for the author's opinion. Except in the case of XS, where Amway reps come to feverishly "1-up" one another with their brand loyalty by spreading their Amway/Quixtar/IBO-centric propaganda. Lastly, why do I care about "Good Marketing"? I'm not selling anything.
Adam@2010-02-18 14:09:23
Edited by Adam: Jason, do try to stay on topic about the energy drink and less about your opinion on a company or individual. Even a simple comment has your brand on it. XS has a good taste and it is worth a try if you prefer a healthier choice of energy drinks. If you like the buzz of caffeine and sugar, XS is not for you. Look forward to the Jason brand. Great website though. Edited by Jason: "Opinion" is the wrong word to use in place of "observation". Were the comments where we named other cheaper and healthier energy drinks not on topic enough? Thanks for the compliment about the website.
fmj1987@2009-12-04 13:11:03
a middle of the road XS drink; usually not anyone's favorite. The kick you get isn't going to be as much as from other name brand drinks, or even from some of the other health conscience ones, but some people have told me they get a nice lift from it. Love the variety of flavors though, really wish other brands would have this many unique flavors to choose from, think there are over 10 now. Unfortunately, it is a little high priced for its size compared to similar products now on the market that are offer similar zero sugar, B-vitamin based energy. Bottom line, decent product to consider if you're looking stay reasonably healthy and still get a lift from it, but compare it with others first to decide if you want to pay $2 a can for it.
Herc@2009-11-20 12:56:02
I love this stuff. I don't care who sells it or what their beliefs are about the types of people who sell it, the drink is delicious and if I drink one or two, which I usually do, I def feel the energy in it.

kevin@2009-11-06 10:10:01
Any body can answer the question? Why Xs Drink contain 4900% Vit-B12 than other energy drink, like Red Bull? Thanks! Edited by Jason: B12 plays a key role in metabolism and brain function. Essentially, XS and every energy shot overkill on it. I guess better too much than not enough. When the percentages are that inane, you just wind up peeing out 95% of it, but it looks good on the label.
Marcy@2009-09-29 09:17:55
I just started using XS Energy and i really like it. It gives me the energy to go the extra mile during my workouts. I take it twice a week or as needed when i feel sluggish.
Taj@2009-07-23 11:43:24
I find it interesting that a site that is focused on reviewing the energy drink became a ranting argument back and forth about the company that makes XS Energy. I've tried all the flavors and like nearly all of them. If you want to get into a discussion about the company, that's fine, but this isn't the place to do it. Edited by Jason: There's no argument, it's a fact that XS Energy is either made by Amway or for Amway. We have reviewed two XS Energy drinks, and I think we've done so fairly. It is not unreasonable, as you seem to be implying, that we complain about Amway as a company, sice that's the only means by which XS can be acquired.
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