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Where can I buy KLR BZ Proto? We Acquired The Product Directly from Killer Buzz
How much does KLR BZ Proto cost? $2.19

What's in KLR BZ Proto?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
KLR BZ Proto Energy Drink contains 2 (240ml/8fl. oz.) serving, which contain mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 110, Fat 0g, Sodium 190mg/8%, Carbs 28g/9%, Sugars 27g, Protein 1g, Vitamin B2 80%, Vitamin B3 50%, Vitamin B5 25%, Vitamin B6 170%, Vitamin B12 40%, caffeine 100mg. KLR BZ Proto Energy Drink also contains undisclosed amounts of taurine, GHAA (a proprietary blend of 17 amino acids, known as giant hornet amino acids), Inositol.

Jason's Review

Back in 2011, we reviewed an aesthetically unappealing, meanwhile, great-tasting, energizing energy drink called Killer Buzz. In 2012, the company sent us several new flavors. Immediately, the quality of the packaging almost made us forget about the branding debacle of the first round of Killer Buzz. Additionally, the drink is actually labeled as KLR BZ, but is still otherwise referred to as Killer Buzz.

The Proto flavor is very sweet, and like the original Killer Buzz, has a honey flavor. To me, it tastes like Mountain Dew that was sweetened with honey instead of high fructose corn syrup. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a slice of heaven. The only drawback for me is that it's a little salty, so I don't find it incredibly thirst-quenching. I do find it easy to drink, so it goes down fast. As with the original Killer Buzz, that came in the turd can, I'm plenty energized by this KLR BZ Proto energy drink.

Along with the shipment from the company, came a big press release about the new can, a costly rebranding they could have foregone had they retained our services as a consultant before committing to that previous can "design". The press release talks about the brushed aluminum can, laser etched tab, sleek black lid, etc. What it doesn't talk about is the price. I have no idea what this energy drink costs, and apparently, the entirety of the internet doesn't know either. We are assuming the MSRP is $1.99. If it's higher than that, they should retain our consulting services on yet another ill-advised decision.

Guests's Review

Without question, the Killer Buzz can redesign was a great idea. I don't know about making the name actually appear to be KLR BZ. I mean, Killer Buzz was a great tasting and effective drink, it was just poorly packaged. You certainly want your customers to know that this drink is from the same brand.

KLR BZ tastes a lot more sweet than the carbs would indicate. While 56g per 16oz can is not diet friendly, Super Lion, and uncarbonated 8.5oz. Asian energy drink has a staggering 49g. I mention this because, interestingly, to me, when KLR BZ loses it's carbonation, it tastes like Super Lion and other overtly syrupy Asian energy drinks, but with about half the carbs. I'm not sure I don't prefer it flat. In either case, I think it's delicious, and it's also great over ice.

I've been getting plenty of sleep, but I still attribute a great deal of my being awake and alert through my whole work day to KLR BZ. After Jason recorded the review, we got in touch with Jeremy at Killer Buzz. He reported that this drink contains 100mg of caffeine per serving. 200mg of caffeine and 54g of sugar goes a long way.

We also learned that KLR BZ (which is still pronounced "Killer Buzz") has an MSRP of $2.19, and is mostly still regionally available in the South-East and Mid-West. I'd like to see the product priced at $1.99.

KLR BZ Proto can or bottle design and textual information
KLR BZ Proto Energy Drink comes in a completely redesigned can from the Original Killer Buzz Energy Drink we reviewed back in 2011. I can't say enough about the improvement in the can design. The design has a futuristic spaceship sort of feel to it. The only positive from the old can was the bee-like design, the "KLR BZ" portion of the logo still remotely retains some sense of the shape of a bee head. As their press release touted, the can features colored tabs, which are etched, I assume by lasers, as they claim with "KLR BZ". The lid is black, and the majority of the can is simply reflective brushed aluminum. The rim of this can (and most of the accents) are bright green, the text around the rim reads, "Giant Hornet Amino Acid, www.KILLER, Taurine, B-Vitamins". Under that is the flavor name, "Proto". In the center, what I assume is now their logo, which is a mix between a bee head shape and the old napster logo, which reads, "KLR BZ Energy Drink". At the bottom, in white, "The alpha. The origin. Genesis of all buzz". Lastly, on the front of the can, "16 fl. oz. (473ml)". On the back are some Charlie Sheen-like rantings about how awesome KLR BZ is, they read, "The prowess of Apollo. The wisdom of Athena. The speed of Mercury. The power of mighty Zeus himself! Verily, they are within your reach! Witness your enemies tremble before you! None shall withstand your splendor! Hades will crumble, the Kraken will be slain, maidens will swoon! And then, my friend, then you will scale the heights of Mount Olympus itself! Stick that in a can and drink it (which they apparently trademarked?) Killer Buzz (circled R) is a unique blend of vitamins, tuarine, and Giant hornet amino acids (GHAA), a combination of 17 amino acids believed to provide the amazing energy and stamina of the Asian Giant Hornet. Consume responsibly - limit 3 cans per day. Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, or those sensitive to caffeine."

Consumer Reviews

Energy!@2012-12-10 15:56:01
I'll keep an eye out for KLR BZ. I would never know these are the same product, but I agree, that old Killer Buzz can wasn't doing them any favors.
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