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Hype Energy Organic with Aloe Vera

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What's in Hype Energy Organic with Aloe Vera?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Hype Energy Organic with Aloe Vera contains contains 1 (16fl oz/473ml) servings which contains mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 213, Fat less than 0.47g, sodium 9.46mg, carbohydrates 50g, sugars 50g, protein less than 0.47g, vitamin c 71%, niacin 66%, pantothenic acid 43%, vitamin b6 71%, vitamin b12 156%. Hype Energy Organic with Aloe Vera also contains undisclosed amounts of organic tea extract, organic guarana extract (which contains natural caffeine).

Jason's Review

Today we're reviewing a rather effeminate-looking Hype Energy Organic. I know, men can wear pink, and carry around pink cans, but traditionally they don't, or they get picked on and bullied. Believe me, I know, I wore pink to youth group last week.

After opening Hype, the pink began to make more sense. Hype Energy Organic smells like bubble gum. What's more manly than a big wad of pink bubble gum shoved in your mouth on the pitcher's mound? Not only does it rot your teeth with sugary sweetness, it sets you on the road to having parts of your face removed after years of habitual tobacco use, and that's manly.

The delight continued, as Hype Organic also tastes a bit like Dubble Bubble. The taste of aloe vera is more prominent in Hype Organic than in Go Girl Glo, making it taste a bit like suntan lotion. I believe it's also the aloe vera that leaves a strange residue causing a lingering aloe aftertaste.

Of the two Hype Organics I opened, I finished one, and forgot about the other. This could be partially because of the abdominal distention I experienced that day from the previous night's ill-advised Taco Bell run. You tend to set things down and forget about them when you're experiencing extreme bowel duress.

Overall, Hype provides moderate and sustained stay-awake energy, comparable to the other Hype beverages. For taste, I'd prefer any of the previous Hype offerings. If you're looking for aloe vera in an organic drink, well, this is your obvious choice. Otherwise, I'd go for the original Hype.

Guests's Review

The Hype Energy Organic can is bright and colorful, like what I'd expect a Mrs. Donkey Kong video game box to look like. I feel like the colors and marketing strategy target women, but I question that strategy on a product with 50g of sugar. I know a lot of women who genuinely believe that the carbohydrate is the devil incarnate. On a product shelf, it could get some attention, but I don't see a lot of dudes walking proudly to the register with Hype Organic, like they might with a NOS or Monster.

The aroma is Hype Organic is very pronounced, and exotic, and somewhat nebulous like a car air freshener. The tastes is sweet at first, but fades into a bland and lingering aftertaste. Like Jason, I assume this is the aloe vera. Having never had a drink with aloe vera, I can't really confirm or deny that's the source, but it's interesting, and to me, not a resounding negative.

This contains some juices, and is rather sweet tasting. If this were frozen and blended, I believe Hype Organic would taste like an expensive tropical drink at an island resort, perhaps mixed with rum.

As for the energy, I was comfortably awake. Hype won't make you jump up and attack senior citizens to work off nervous energy, but it will keep you awake, and I speculate, at least for a short time, protect the insides of your mouth from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Hype Energy Organic with Aloe Vera can or bottle design and textual information
The Hype Energy Organic with Aloe Vera 16fl. oz. can is mostly green with leaves and pink/metallic lettering. On the front, vertically oriented is the name "Hype", it's in mostly metallic, with pink outline. Also vertically oriented, "Energy" in the same color configuration and "organic", in pink letters that are outlined in white. Also on two of the leaves the text, "source of antioxidants" and "with aloe vera". On the rim of the can, "Organic Energy Drink". Then there's some wavy text in white, outlined in pink on the side of the can that reads, "Organic energy drink with apple juice, aloe vera, tea and guarana extracts." Then underneath, in the same wavy text, something scrawled in a foreign tongue, probably an ancient mode of Elvish, that of Mordor, which I will not utter here.

Consumer Reviews

EMILIA@2012-07-24 11:55:31
amir@2012-05-15 13:34:54
this is only organic energy drink on the world Response by Jason: False. Guru is 100% Natural and Organic. Go a step further and Adina Natural Highs products are organic and fair trade.
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