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Monster Ubermonster Energy Brew

Where can I buy Monster Ubermonster Energy Brew? Exxon near South Carolina
How much does Monster Ubermonster Energy Brew cost? $4.99

What's in Monster Ubermonster Energy Brew?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.9 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Monster Ubermonster Energy Brew contains 2 (8fl oz/240ml) servings which each contains mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 100, Carbs 25g/8%, Sugars 25g, Vitamin B2 1.7mg/100%, Vitamin B3 20mg/100%, Vitamin B6 2mg/100%, Vitamin B12 6mcg/100%, Sodium 170mg/7%, Taurine 1g, Panax Ginseng 200mg. Then there's the 2.5g "Monster Energy Proprietary Energy Blend" we hear so much about, with undisclosed amounts of the following: Glucose, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Inositol, Glucuronolactone, Guarana, Resveratrol, Quercitin, Maltodextrin.

Jason's Review

Today we're reviewing the most expensive energy drink we've ever reviewed, the $5 Monster Ubermonster. Before I go into my standard tirade about where Monster dropped the ball, let me say, this is a excellent beverage. Price aside, it's a little bitter, but still smooth. It really taste brewed, how you might imagine a blend Heineken and Monster Import would taste. The package appearance is superb, and managed to catch my eye, even in the sea of Monster green "M" claws on the regular and import cans. I often encourage Monster to step out from their comfort zone in a meaningful way. Nitrous Monster tasted good, but otherwise seemed gimmicky. I commended the creative direction of Rehab, but assumed, like Java Monster, they would run it in the ground (which they're in the process of doing). I further commend this Ubermonster experiment. It's one of their best products, comparable to Dub Edition and the original green Monster.

My initial criticism seems like something that should have been addressed in R and D before this went to consumers. For beer drinkers, it may not seem unreasonable that this is not a twist off cap, for Monster's teen and pre-teen target market, who only drink American "beers" with twisty caps, this will be a frustrating revelation after dropping $5 at the corner convenience store. As if this weren't enough, I have a house full of bottle openers, none of which, due to the size of the cap, open this bottle anything resembling an expedient manner. You have to go around the whole top and pry it open, like a pimento cheese or chicken liver container. They jest about removing the cap being an exercise in futility in the flavor text on the back, but it almost seems like a poorly-contrived cover up for a bad idea. Like when you express your undying love for the soon-to-be-bride at a wedding rehearsal dinner, then try to laugh it off like it was a joke. Seriously Kelly, I was just joking, my brother's a great guy, and I'm sure you'll both live happily ever after.

The obvious complaint for the average consumer is the $5 price tag. If you're also gasping at the unforgivable price, consider that Ubermonster is only 6 cents more per ounce than Red Bull, a product we've been calling highway robbery for the better part of a decade.

For the bottle and can collectors this will, undoubtedly, be a highlight in any collection. If the $5 price tag and Ubername lead you to believe you're going to find an Iron Man-like limitless energy source, you'll be sorely disappointed, I didn't notice any difference from drinking a regular 16oz. Green Monster.

Guests's Review

A $5 energy drink? By presenting this to me, just treated me more lavishly than my last date. The Ubermonster bottle is so awesome, I buy regular monster and pour it into the bottle. I'm like Santa Clause, if kids don't believe in me being awesome, I just lay at home and cry. So it's important I have the appearance of being awesome, even if it's at the price of my own self-respect, which I pretty much traded away permanently for Kesha tickets last summer.

Ubermonster is ok, I don't think it's as sweet as regular Monster, it doesn't seem as thick though. You can certainly still taste the core Monster flavor, this isn't a gigantic deviation from the norm. In my opinion, it tastes most like Monster Import.

Personally, I think "Bio-Activated" was an afterthought that they slapped on the label to make people think there was any reason to pay $5 for this. I have no idea why fermenting Monster, then having it be a non-alcoholic beverage makes very much sense. Additionally, trying to make an annoyingly-hard-to-open cap sound cool on the label is like calling your teacher a pedophile after you ran off with him and wrecked his family...Jordan Powers.

Monster Ubermonster Energy Brew can or bottle design and textual information
Monster Ubermonster Energy Brew comes in a big glass bottle with a difficult-to-open oversized non-twist-off cap. The bottle is green glass with the Energy family bird crest embossed into the glass on the neck. The label has the feel of a long-standing German brewery, with dragony creatures, crowns and whatnot. The detail in the label is impressive, and I think it has to be to command a $5 pricetag. On the label, two dragon/bird beasts with Monster-green-colored eyes hold up a gold banner that reads, "Energy Brew", on top of that sits a gold crown with a Monster-green-colored jewel in the center. The bird-like demon/dragon creatures are standing on another gold banner that reads "Ubermonster" (the U has the little dots over it, but that screws up my RSS feed, so deal with it). In the center is the Monster "M" claw. At the bottom, "Bio-Activated, Non-Alcoholic, Energy Supplement, 16.9FL. Oz. (500ml)".

You can always count on Monster Energy writing some mess on the back that's supposed to inspire me to believe I just bought some societal awesome points by choosing Monster. Ubermonster is no different. It reads, "Uber [oo-ber] From the German, meaning superior, above the norm, or the ultimate. UberMonster [oo-ber-mon-stir] The ultimate energy brew from Monster. Produced using proprietary German brewing technology. We "borrowed" a German brewing process which uses a special microbe to fermen malted barley. The resulted "Bio-Activated" energy brew has a clean, crisp, taste without the alcohol. No regular bottle could handle this evil energy brewski. So we designed our own with the biggest chugger friendly wide mouth we could make. The big ass cap is a little hard to pry off, but it's sorta like, if you can't open it you shouldn't be able to drink it! Cheers, This energy brew is for you!"

Consumer Reviews

WorkingMN@2012-12-06 13:01:00
If you have a steel file cabinet then popping the top is no problem.
Energy!@2012-12-05 17:01:36
Ubermonster is nothing but hype. It's like $4, and they try to sell it as some sophisticated awesome drink for folks in Seattle and Portland. At the end of the day, it's a slightly different tasting Monster that costs a lot more, and certainly isn't worth the effort of prying the top off of.
orourke&stumm@2012-11-08 14:11:48
While me and my bro stumm went to the gas station on the way to our normal weekend of badass things to do, we decide to go for an Ubermonster. It wasn't til we got in the car and left that we realized we had no bottle opener.
This was the most excruciating pain imagineable, all that goodness, and no way to get to it..... Then suddenly I remembered that I had a folding zombie kabar in my pocket. Stumm then proceeded to pry open every ridge on the cap, one by one, then used the edge to pull the cap off.
All of our efforts were totally worth it.
Jack Steen@2012-09-26 11:27:07
It has a smooth clean flavor that is different then other monster it may not be as sweet but it is worth the price
Micheal@2012-07-24 11:57:11
Well, Ubermonster packaging is stellar. I purchased for the look ONLY to be REALLY SHOCKED at the $5.00 price when my favorite SOBEs were only a fraction of that price and 2 Gatorades for $3.00 were right next to it. But hey, its new. Nice flavor. Different. Good energy kick BUT probably not enuf to justify the price point with so many other effective options. Really nice bottle NO TWIST CAP????!!! REALLY! REALLY!! Accidentally had bottle opener but REALLY!!!
Tom L.@2012-07-24 11:56:22
I agree that the taste is one of the best Monster has come out with. The downfall to this product is in fact the uselessness of every bottle opener in my house. I guess if I am to be a hardcore Monster drinker then a plumbers wrench will be added in the kitchen.
Desantis13@2012-07-24 00:45:57
The ubermonster is a very daring take from the norm but ranked highly in my standards even though i drink only rockstar.It has a amazing taste and is very smooth having that brewed taste. the 5 dollars wont matter after your first sip. A defident must have anytime
David Garlick@2012-05-15 13:45:50
I don't get why Jason rated a 7 on the value scale. its freakin 5 dollars for a mix between Nitrous monster and Import. Response by Jason: Admittedly, I was generous with a 7. It is a good drink, and people buying it, for the most part, know what they're paying for. I mean, the $2500/bottle Dos Lunas Grand Reserve Tequila is clearly not the value of a Cuervo Gold at $20, if you're just looking to get drunk. If you're looking for something a little more "top-shelf", I consider this a reasonable value...and your only top-shelf energy drink option. Unless you consider that Red Bull is already nearly the same price per oz., and it sucks in every possible way.
Aaron@2012-05-12 14:10:26
I found this drink to be a total waste of my money. Cost over $5 and had a slightly different taste than regular monster. Certainly was expecting something more special for the cost and fancy bottle. As far as the bottle cap as well, I just about tore my hand apart trying to use a key to open the bottle. Couldn't do it so I had to stop somewhere to buy a bottle opener because I was on the road. Even with a bottle opener it was a bitch to pry the lid off because the cap is larger than a typical bottle. Needless to say after all the effort I put in to try and get to the drink my expectations were off the charts. Sipped the first half of the bottle and thought they pulled one over on me. It surprised me because I've always thought Monster put out quality products. They need to fire the knucklehead who came up with Ubermonster. This is the kind of "Hey let's be different!" thinking that drove Jones Soda in to the ground.
a fella@2012-04-22 21:02:40
I'll just cut to the chase. I wish that they somehow made it sugarless/sweetner-less. I do not enjoy the normal monster. And thus I can't say I have tasted both the original and this bugger side by side. But its core flavour was of course, monstery. I was hoping that they'd really showcase a maltzy flavour, instead of having it just peak out behind the overpowering, sugary monster core. Too gimmicky. That bein said, I was definitely in love with the bottle. But that's all it is, presentation, but it doesn't deliver what I was hoping for. Paying that much for just a touch of maltzy goodness? No. No thanks.
Cameron@2012-04-16 10:14:25
Had one of these last week. Didn't seem that expensive when I got it. Bottle looks good on my desk.
tawner@2012-04-11 11:54:31
amazing worth the money!!!
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