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Spaz Juice

Where can I buy Spaz Juice? Claire's Boutique in North Carolina
How much does Spaz Juice cost? $2.50

What's in Spaz Juice?

Nutritional Information
Size: 8.4 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Caffeine 50mg, Taurine 1g, Inositol 50mg, vitamin (x)(I admit to not knowing what this is), niacin, B12, and Pant Acit

Jason's Review

I assumed since this was a novelty soda, that it was rebranded from some other brand. It most likely is, but I can't place the taste. I can say that the taste is good. Light and refreshing with lots of carbonation. The aftertaste is not so good, but it's also short lived, or easily thwarted with some Jolt Energy Gum.

It has all the ingredients to create some energy, and it does just that. I'd put it on par with Red Bull or any of your major approx. 8oz. sodas for energy.

Of course, you pay the extra money for the novelty, but, this could be of value if you want to collect the set, or put a funny one up at work, make a gift, etc. Our value rating is based on consuming for taste and energy, but this would make a great $2.50 gift as a "get-well-soon", or a maybe just brighten someone's day. $2.50 goes a long way when someone's had a crappy day.

Guests's Review

I should start by saying that I love Jim Benton's sense of humor and all the Happy Bunny products. I love the taste of this soda. It was like those Kool Aid Burst drinks that came in the plastic bottle that you squeezed to get the juice out. Unfortunately they were, much like this is, a rip off because you really only get a little bit of juice even though it's full of sugar and tastes pretty good, they're short lived and overpriced. Kool Aid Burst wasn't even a 7 oz drink, I loved to drink them, but afterwards you just felt so cheated. For $2.50 I feel like I should get something else, like a toy or something. The price tag says that they sell it for $3.99 in Canada. Those crazy Canadians must be pretty pressed for some caffeine because I certainly think is was substandard as far as energy goes.

When I saw this in the store, I really thought that it was just Sprite in a little can. But the ingredients say that it has all the stuff to make it a good energy beverage. Including Vitamin X which I assume is something like Ingredient X which made the Power Puff Girls. In that case it may be quite a good deal for $2.50, because I think I would pay that much to be Bubbles so I could talk to squirrels.

Jim Benton should take the extra profit to invest in some better packaging because it looks like they just put some cheap shrink wrap over the cans and sealed them with a blow dryer. You can tell especially on the pink can, that all the letters are squished up.

Spaz Juice can or bottle design and textual information
It's Happy Bunny. "Drink this and feel less sucky". These are intended to be novelty items, so they have different happy bunny sayings on the front. My can said "All the energy you need to annoy everybody else", Angie's can said "For an energetic freak out that will bother everyone". They should know it doesn't take me a lot of energy to annoy everyone else, I've got that down to a science. From what I can tell the can is plain aluminum, with a sticker wrapped for the happy bunny info. You only get the one can for $2.50, we pictured both cans so you could enjoy the novelty.

Consumer Reviews

chey and bri@2012-02-25 13:33:48
This drink is amazing(: went to the landing and bought some tonight for the first time.. We feel amazing. and annoying(; EVERYBODY. IS. ANNOYED.;D Well. what are you doing.? Your reading this when you could be drinking it!(;
person@2011-10-24 17:12:58
lol, i know a girl who drinks Spaz Juice, and it REALLY has made her spastic. She actually manages to irritate the whole school at once XD
Brooke and Abby@2011-01-26 15:24:33
spaz juice made brooke have a baby!!!! a baby for crying out loud. she's 13!!!!
NUTY@2010-12-13 15:23:13
Nicole @2010-09-23 14:16:03
This stuff tastes like vomit. I luv the happy bunny on the cover but everything else about it is just plain crappy!
Spazjuice98@2010-02-22 21:43:19
did they stop making spaz juice? i really want it. it sounds AWESOME!! i begged my mom and she said maybe. :):):):):):)
Chad@2010-02-18 14:03:48
Happy Bunny Energy Drink! That's flippin' awesome dude!!!! hook me up with this.... please.... pretty please..... i'll be your bestest buddy : )
Nolan@2009-06-16 15:39:29
dangit they don't make Happy Bunny Spaz Juice anymore do they? It would have gone great in my energy drink can collection.
lena@2009-05-07 13:59:44
I never even knew about Spaz Juice until now i love happy bunny but it sounds like it sucks....
Tesha@2009-01-08 13:13:43
why would you make an energy drink with a happy bunny logo? Little kids love happy bunny and they're gonna want that. it's not right. It may be good i'm not trying to be a hypocrite but i mean..c'mon. 18:32:30
i love the Happy Bunny stickers and all the funny comments at the bottom of the cans.
dizz gurl@2008-03-26 10:48:59
love Happy Bunny drink cant get enough
dann@2008-03-19 20:55:48
ehh my gma got this for me for Christmas, i had it but im not sure if it was cause i drank it in the morning but it was the worst energy i have had, im sure it may be my opinion, but i think ill give the drink another chance.
emily@2008-02-04 11:24:53
ymmmm yummie
ap@2008-02-01 15:39:42
This is the most coolest ever
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