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Go Girl Pomegranate Blueberry Tea

Where can I buy Go Girl Pomegranate Blueberry Tea? Online Store
How much does Go Girl Pomegranate Blueberry Tea cost? $1.46

What's in Go Girl Pomegranate Blueberry Tea?

Nutritional Information
Size: 11.5 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Go Girl Pomegranate Blueberry Tea contains 1 (340ml/11.5fl. oz.) serving, which contains mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 35, Carbohydrates 8g/2.6%, Sodium 91mg/4%, Riboflavin 40%, Niacin 50%, Vitamin B6 125%, Vitamin B12 40%, Pantothenic Acid 25%, Magnesium 5%, Taurine 400mg, Super Citrimax 100mg, Inositol 50mg, Caffeine 65mg.

Jason's Review

Go Girl has been making quality energy drinks for pretty girls who want to be skinny like me, for years. Both the original and the GLO are delicious, but mildly chalky, and I can taste the aloe in GLO. Aloe isn't terribly offensive, but I don't fancy the taste.

Bringing us to Go Girl's somewhat new tea flavor, pomegranate blueberry. Many companies, particularly V8 Fusion, have really dropped the ball on fruit tea. It either comes out tasting like watered down fruit juice (with tea leaf pulp, in the case of V8), or a nasty cough medicine concoction. Go Girl nailed it, in my opinion. The pomegranate is, by far, the most prominent, and the tea is almost indistinguishable from the fruit flavors. The drink is refreshing, and I'm not at all bothered that I can't clearly distinguish both the tea and fruit flavors. Snapple, Arizona, and other companies have made scores of fruit tea abominations, where I distinctly taste the fruit and the tea, and wish I wasn't tasting them both at the same time. I mean, I love cottage cheese and I love squash casserole...independently of one another.

So, in addition to being tasty and refreshing, Go Girl Tea is only 35 calories, is made with Yerba Mate tea leaves, contains super citrimax (a natural fruit extract that help support a healthy weight), and can be shipped to your door for less than $2/can in the continental US in a 24 case, or less than $1.50/can if you buy a double case of 48 from their website.

My only real complaint with the new Go Girl tea is that they nerfed the caffeine content. It contains only 65mg of caffeine, leaving it slightly lacking in the energy department.

Guests's Review

Traditionally, I love tea energy drinks. Inko's White Tea Energy and Monster Rehab Tea are two of the most refreshing energy drinks I've had. On a hot day, when you don't want a thick, syrupy, carbonated drink, these beverages, along with Go Girl's Pomegranate Blueberry Tea are great thirst-quenching choices. The tea flavor in Go Girl's tea is muted compared to Inko's and Monster Rehab, but it's delicious and light, nonetheless.

The energy blend is particularly mild, by Go Girl's historical standards, by Monster's standards, and even by traditional brewed iced tea standards. 65mg of caffeine is mild. Go Girl tea has 15mg less caffeine and 600mg less taurine than Red Bull. The only real positives are that Go Girl contains Super Citrimax, and for those not vehemently bucking traditional gender roles, Go Girl's pink can should have additional shelf appeal for women.

If ordered by the 48 case, these drinks are $1.46 each, not a bad price point for a drink that's 3.2oz. larger than a $2 Red Bull, and is about the same price per ounce as a $2 16oz. Monster. Go Girl Tea won't knock your socks off, but is a mild pick-me-up. This product is particularly suited for a market of young teen girls looking for mild, natural appetite control in a great tasting drink that gives a subdued energy boost.

Go Girl Pomegranate Blueberry Tea can or bottle design and textual information
Go Girl Pomegranate Blueberry Tea comes in the expectedly whimsical pink on pink can that's reminiscent of the original Go Girl with some added pick swirlies. Everything on the can is some combination of pink and white. The front of the can reads, "non-carbonated", then in a pink circle, "35 Calories Per Can". "Go Girl" is the largest text on the front, underneath, "Pomegranate Blueberry Tea Energy Drink". At the bottom, "11.5 Fl. Oz. (340ml)". The back of the can reads, "Portions of proceeds donated to breast cancer research and awareness 365 days a year". Additionally, "Natural flavors, calcium, and super citrimax (a mild herbal appetite suppressant).

Consumer Reviews

bryce@2011-10-24 16:16:29
I never tried go girl pomegranate blueberry tea but it looks really good.
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