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Jolt Endurance Shot Wild Grape

Where can I buy Jolt Endurance Shot Wild Grape? Online Store
How much does Jolt Endurance Shot Wild Grape cost? $2.75

What's in Jolt Endurance Shot Wild Grape?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Jolt Endurance Shot contains 1 (60ml/2fl. oz.) serving, which contains mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 8, Vitamin B6 50mg/2500%, Folic Acid 500mcg/125%, Vitamin B12 45mcg/750%, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 20mg/200%. Then there's the 2.2g "Energy Blend", which contains undisclosed amounts of the following: Glucuronolactone, Taurine, Malic Acid, Caffeine, Guarana Seed Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract.

Jason's Review

People keep telling me they hate when I act like I'm right all the time, to which I respond,"'acting' is what people other than Julia Roberts do in movies, and as an alternative to being upset with me, you could simply stop being wrong all the time".

To further diminish the legitimacy of claims that American Red Bull has contributed anything but an inflated marketing budget to the energy drink market, and further expose anyone who refers to American Red Bull as "the original energy drink" to be a doo-doo head, we're reviewing a 2oz. energy shot from Jolt, makers of Jolt cola, a product which also predates the 1987 inception of that watered-down carbonated injustice to Thai Red Bull.

Jolt Endurance Shot tastes something akin to grape Dimetapp, and is comparatively mild among noteworthy energy shots. Without a chaser, the aftertaste is lingering in the form of a faint tingling on the roof of the mouth, and my teeth and the back of my mouth feel like they have a gelatinous coating. Neither are terribly offensive, and characteristics I commonly experience with drinks and shots sweetened with sucralose.

We reviewed Tweak Extreme several months ago, and experienced a myriad of physiological ramifications. While my reaction to Jolt was so subdued by comparison, that it shouldn't even be mentioned in the same review as Tweak Extreme, I was surprised to experience some palm sweating, and an noticeable increase in core temperature. Other than these noticeable physical side effects, I was awake, alert, and plenty empowered to drive cars, vote, burn bras, or any other womens' rights cause I can pretend to support in an attempt to get a date.

In my geographic area, the 16oz. Jolt energy drinks are available for $1.50-$2 at Rite-Aid. Unfortunately, the Endurance Shots are not, to our knowledge. Online, you can acquire endurance shots for $5.50 for a 2-pack ($2.75 each) or $2.99 individually. In either case, overpriced.

Guests's Review

Lots of people are familiar with Jolt Cola: The soft drink of the elite hacker. Unfortunately, the name didn't carry their enough weight in the market to keep them from filing for bankruptcy in 2009. Maybe people didn't want 23.5oz, or maybe the current teen population didn't respect the iconic name of the 80's caffeine king. In either case, the company that acquired their assets out of bankruptcy stopped making the battery bottle, a bottle design which was later used to house some Rockstar and Monster beverages. Jolt now focuses on the traditional 16oz. and 12oz. cans (the 12oz. is available for 99 cents), and has reduced it's flavor offerings to 5. As for the fate of the Endurance Shot, there's no mention of it on their current website, but it's still available for sale online.

I've never seen this product in a store. Since they are scaling back the product line, I'd imagine the Jolt Endurance Shot is now on the cutting room floor. The prices online are ludicrous even compared to other established energy shots, particularly in light of Jolt's now value-priced 99 cent and $1.50 12 and 16 oz. beverages, which I'd much prefer over this shot.

Jolt Blue remains one of the best energy drinks, and is under appreciated, likely because it's under distributed. As Jason mentioned in his review, Rite-Aid stores are the only location we are able to get any Jolt products, and I believe they only carry 3 of the flavors (Bolt Blue, Wild Grape and Orange Burst). For Jolt as a whole, I'm a fan. As for Jolt Endurance Shot, just pass and get a regular Jolt drink.

Jolt Endurance Shot Wild Grape can or bottle design and textual information
Jolt Endurance Shot comes in the all-to-familiar 2 fl. oz. energy-shot-sized bottle. The plastic shrink wrapping is mostly silver and the perforated top bit is purple. On the cap plastic it reads, "Wild Grape", "Longer Lasting", and "Tear at dotted line tamper evident do not use if seal is broken". "The main logo is a lightning bolty "Jolt" in white, outlined in purple and black. Underneath (actually to the right, but it's oriented vertically), "Endurance Shot". They then go on to mention the mythical "crash", with "Zero Crash, No Sugar, Sustained Energy". The back has some directions, part of which reads like an engrish fortune cookie, "Long Lasting Energy drink one bottle at once". It goes on, "For more controlled energy, drink one-half bottle. Reseal bottle and drink within 24 hours". Then the bottle goes on to warnings, "This 2 oz. bottle contains intense stimulants and concentrated additives. If you experience nervousness, sleeplessness, or occassional rapid heartbeat, limit your intake of Jolt Endurance Shot or other caffeinated beverages". Jolt Endurance shot is not recommended for 12 years of age. It's not on the bottle, but Jolt Endurance Shot is probably not recommended for pregnant or nursing women either.

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