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Xtreme Energy Berry Shot

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How much does Xtreme Energy Berry Shot cost? $2.90

What's in Xtreme Energy Berry Shot?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.2 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Xtreme Energy Shot contains 1 (65ml/2.2fl. oz.) serving, which contains mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 3, Carbohydrates 0.1g, Beta Alanine 3g, Vitamin B6 40mg/2000%, Folic Acid 400mcg/100%, Vitamin B12 500mcg/833%. The also list their 3.33g proprietary energy blend, which contains some repeats from above, but not in the same quantity (IE, only 100mcg of the 500mcg of B12 appears to be part of the energy blend, not sure what the other 400mcg are part of): Beta Alanine 3g, Caffeine 180mg, Taurine 100mg, Vitamin B12 100mg, Vitamin B6 500mcg, Riboflavin 100mcg, Vitamin C 50mg. In the other ingredients they list maltodextrin and l-tyrosine.

Jason's Review

Within the name "Xtreme Energy Berry", I have but one complaint, the distinct lack of "berry". I would call this lemon zest flavor. Xtreme's 2.2oz energy shot is acidic, and has a lingering aftertaste akin to lemon or orange peel. This is more of an issue in labeling accuracy, like tracks on a Katy Perry album being referred to as "songs". If Xtreme Berry was instead labeled "lemon flavor", I wouldn't bother mentioning it. This shot is reminiscent of the early energy shots that contained around 200mg of caffeine.

Xtreme is similar in two ways. Firstly, like Upshot, the taste is very pronounced. To be fair, masking 180mg of caffeine in 2.2 fl. oz. is a chore. RedFin is the most noteworthy formulation that successfully masks 200mg of caffeine into a palatable blend. In Xtreme's defense, it contains additional energizing ingredients not found in other energy shots. The other similarity with early energy shots is leaking around the cap. This doesn't bother me at all, but we used to get emails from people saying there was fluid on the threads of Stacker, Upshot, On Go, etc. and that they wanted a refund, as if we were the people to contact about that I guess dominating manufacturers on search engines for their own products does have its drawbacks.

On raw horsepower, Xtreme is rivaled by few, Tweak Extreme and DynaPep are the two products that come to mind for comparison. I was able to concentrate, but at any point, I felt I could unleash a tsunami of energy and ferocity that would allow me to easily gnaw through anything with a density comparable to 2 inch plank cedar.

I've only otherwise experienced the symptoms of a niacin flush from one other product, on one occasion. With the first bottle of Xtreme, I experienced a pins and needles sensation similar to an arm or leg that's been asleep, or walking out into the snow in your underwear, and who hasn't done that? Right? Like the aforementioned comparable products, Xtreme utilizes a combination of amino acids and caffeine, but contains a wider array of vitamins and ingredients traditionally only found in 8.3oz and 16oz. energy drinks.

The effectiveness of this drink is so pronounced, I recommend starting with half a bottle, even to seasoned energy product consumers. I feel people who want physical strength and endurance will benefit most from Xtreme, but again, they should consume responsibly and with the blessing of a licensed physician. The nearly $3 price is offensive to me, but people currently pitching that amount into a festering pile of raw sewage every day for 5-hour energy should have no complaints. Additionally, I won't contend anyone will find the taste enjoyable. "What I expected", "drinkable", or "tolerable" are more likely what I'd expect to hear with regards to the taste.

Guests's Review

I can't say enough positive things about the package design for Xtreme Energy Shot. The bottle deviates from the workaday 5-hour energy remake. Additionally, I'm impressed with the clean, appealing design of the shelf display (see images below). I'm more likely to pick this product out of the sea of nearly indistinguishable products like stacker, 8 hour energy and even the original 5-hour energy. The issue is, after the initial purchase, I will probably never buy it again.

The tastes of Xtreme Energy is unholy. I've sincerely tasted things labeled as "not safe for human consumption" that tasted better (namely cat treats, but it's not far from bitter yuck "No Chew Pet Spray", the spray that is supposed to keep animals from chewing on cables and such). Not only is it offensive, it's strong. It's somewhere between medicinal and what I expect varnish to taste like.

If you persist, choke it down and keep it down, you'll be rewarded with a noteworthy energy boost. Awake, alert and without the mythical "crash" which I'm pretty sure one day in a board room the 5-hour energy people just decided to purport as being an actual thing and see if people were stupid enough to pay $3 to avoid having. I feel more clear minded after consuming Xtreme than with any other drink with amino acids. VPX, DynaPep, and Tweak Extreme all made my mind race in an unmanageable fashion.

The suggested retail price is $2.90. It's comparable to 5-hour energy in price, but is simply a better product. While my willingness to pay $3 for an energy shot is nearly non-existent, the billions of 2oz. shots now sold at that price lead me to believe many of our readers have some propensity to commit at that price point. After giving RedFin Wildberry a 10 for energy and taste, but 6 for value at $2.24, I can't help but give Xtreme much lower marks for higher price and far inferior taste.

Xtreme Energy Berry Shot can or bottle design and textual information
Xtreme Energy Shot's simplistic black/yellow/red (classic power colors) packaging is clean and brings a welcome deviation from the standard 5 hour energy clones. The 2.2fl. oz. bottle has a larger shelf presence, particularly with the larger cap design. This package is designed with short attention spans/the easily distracted in mind, which is good, because that's most Americans. The only text on the front of the bottle are "berry", "Xtreme Energy", and in tiny letters at the bottom, "Vitamin Energy Supplement" and "2.2fl. oz. (65ml)".

On the back there's a caution that reads, "Contains caffeine equivalent to two cups of the leading premium coffee combined with a proprietary blend of amino acids to provide Xtreme energy and concentration on demand thus improving your performance. Limit the consumption of caffeine products to avoid nervousness, sleeplessness and occasional rapid heartbeat. You may experience a hot flush (hot feeling, skin redness) which lasts a few minutes, this is caused by increased blood flow near the skin. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing or under 12 years of age."

Consumer Reviews

Matt@2011-10-24 16:17:44
Xtreme is the most incredible energy shot I ever had.
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