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Rip It Energy Fuel Power

Where can I buy Rip It Energy Fuel Power? Wal-Mart near South Carolina Border
How much does Rip It Energy Fuel Power cost? $0.98

What's in Rip It Energy Fuel Power?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Taurine 2000mg, caffeine, guarana seed extract

Jason's Review

You read the price correctly, 98 cents. Because of that, I had the lowest of low expectactions. I expected a horrible taste, an energy boost liken to a piece of jolt gum, and fully expected to throw most of the drink in the garbage.

The drink is not spectacularly flavored, in fact, to me it just tastes like lightly flavored, heavily sugared carbonated water. This is a pretty safe direction, as the flavor, at least to me, wasn't strong enough to be offensive. It screams of "store brand" sodas, follow rather than lead, and don't make any bold moves in the way of flavor. I think "generic" describes the flavor of this soda, like making a cup of kool-aid out of a little bit of all the flavors, it just comes out like a jumble of reasonably pleasing tastes.

I was impressed with the energy boost, I didn't down this can quickly, rather consumed it over a couple of hours (it also maintained its carbonation, for you other energy drink sippers). The beverage is anchored by 1g of taurine per serving, and what felt like a generous portion of caffeine. I was impressed, and for $.98 the Rip It was gaining ground on some $2 drinks.

The value is no question, this isn't a gimmick drink, it works and has the same active ingredients as most drinks that cost twice as much. Watch out $2 sodas, Wal-Mart is about to Rip It... into shape, shape it up, get straight, go forward, move ahead, try to detect it, it's not too late, to rip it, rip it good.

Guests's Review

Rip It Energy seemed to have very little energy to me. It was very lightly carbonate which is good for me because I like to chug the soda fast if I can. The most notable thing about this soda to me was that it did not get thick or nasty when it got warm as most energy sodas do. The flavor was very pleasant, and stayed that way for hours. I think it was kind of strawberry-ish flavored.

When Jason told me that he got this at Wal-Mart I was a bit hesitant, especially after he told me what he paid for them. Those folks at the National Beverage Corp. will come out with some crazy stuff. They obviously know how to make a great tasting beverage for a decent price. They should get together with Omega or Rumba and give them a little lesson.

Rip It Energy Fuel Power can or bottle design and textual information
The can offers a vertical and horizontal presentation of the logo, so if you have a preference of how your energy drink logo is oriented to the can, you'll be happy, unless you prefer diagonal. The can is a dark grey with a red pull cap. They don't say a lot about the beverage on the can, pretty much "Energy Fuel" and the ingredients.

Consumer Reviews

Anon@2012-02-25 13:33:22
Noticed that the sodium is incorrect too (even against the old formula).

New info off the can, per serving:
Calories: 100
Carbs: 25
Sugar: 25
Vit C: 70
Vit B6: 2
Folate: 400
Vit B12: 10
Taurine: 1010
Caffeine: 100
Inositol: 100
Guarana seed extract: 3
Anon@2012-02-25 13:33:04
I just want to point out that the nutritional information on this site is outdated. Newer cans in Dollar Tree/Deals stores list 100 calories per serving now instead of 130.
colon cleaner@2011-12-01 16:05:48
Rip it is the ultimate diuretic, lost eighty percent of my bodies water content through my "B" hole but gave me the energy to make it through the day! Three thumbs up for the dual purpose!
jack gold@2011-10-24 17:13:23
Rip It Energy Fuel Power is great it has a unique flavor a great buzz and its so cheap!
Travez@2011-07-18 16:54:16
I have been drinking Rip It for 2 years this is the best
NiTeMaRe@2010-09-15 12:30:08
At $1 a can, Rip it Energy is the best bang for the buck I know of. The taste seems better than Red Bull, which seems to have a little more energy but costs more than $4 where I live. I'm almost 47, and this stuff is really good at picking me up when I'm moving slow in the morning and have a lot of driving to do, or on the way home after a long day.
jake@2010-05-06 14:42:02
i really hate Rip it Power more than any of the other energy drinks. the taste is just really horrible tho the value price is good. Too bad that price couldn't be on like monster or something.
James@2009-12-04 13:09:16
Ripit Energy Fuel Rocks I have a taste for Power flavor i drink 2-3 cans a day...i have been drinking them for about a year now and i like them because i don`t get a crash after i drink them or feel like crap if i don`t get one like the other popular energy drinks and yes the price of 1/3 the other brands is a bonus as well
Barron Calvert@2009-11-06 10:03:36
They have Rip It Energy Fuel Power at my local Dollar Tree for $1.
Manhatan@2009-09-29 09:17:55
I had a couple of sips of Rip It Energy Fuel, and my heart started beating at a million miles an hour!!!
andrew@2009-01-08 13:13:43
when i was in the marine corps and in Iraq, they handed Rip it out to us at night so we could stay awake on post...well it felt like i just snorted some cocaine. i don't care what anyone else says the energy this thing produces is incredible. but i can't seem to find it in stores. Edited by Jason: I've most frequently seen Rip It in Walmart.
DubZ@2008-10-14 18:10:22
and another thing. Im drinking this drink right now and it surely taste exactly like the Jone's Soda brand strawberry lime soda. So go Angie for getting this one right on the spot.
DubZ@2008-10-14 18:09:22
Well whoever commented about the Atomic Pom flavor, i have one in my fridge and have not tried it yet. My friend had gave me the can left over of his a while back because I collect energy drink cans. And it seems quite obvious that atomic POM is saying that the flavor is pomegranate?
Energy Drink lover@2008-07-29 16:54:05
Rip-it was good but has a freaky taste. Also gave me little energy , but it was a great deal for just 60 cents
Ryan@2008-06-16 21:22:11
We got Rip it in Iraq, they have them in the stock system. These rock.. For being free at the time. That and Shock coffee. 3 shots of expresso in the size of a red bull can
Lib-bay-bay@2008-05-20 18:00:18
I, personally, think this is the best drinks ever. Not only do i get a nice kick in the face from it but its cheap. Have you ever noticed the coupon inside the box though? WTF?! The box of 4 is only $2 and there is a coupon for a dollar off.. IS THIS FOR RIZZLE! But anyway! I love the flavors they have, So different and amazing i must say. I LOVE the atomic pom flavor.. you dont seem to have judged it though, it good and very atomicy and pomy.. what is pomy you may ask? It's simple.. STFU! .. BUT ANYWAYYYY you need to judge the drink unbound tooooo.. LOVE IT!
Vince@2008-05-06 12:36:53
Rip it tastes terrible and has absolutely no effect on me. Serious opinion of it.
ct@2008-05-02 22:14:30
I enjoy rip it and drink at least one a day. It seems to increase focus and increase energy at an affordable price. I say go rip it, go!
Jay@2008-04-30 18:00:20
Rip Its were served while I was in Iraq. Sports drink...NO! late night studies or traveling...YES. We operated at night and during movements, they kept us up. Diet flavors; still taste like diet flavors :(
avery fowler@2008-04-07 09:56:40
Rip it is really good
Shane@2008-03-31 17:22:17
i can't help but think of icee pops when i drink Rip it Fuel Power. the energy boost is really good and lasts all day, and its only $1!
Patrick TeC@2008-03-22 15:29:55
Ya thats what i was expecting to, bad taste, no energy, but the taste was alot better then i thought it was going be, its one of my favorite tastes . the energy's ok i have had worse
deanthony hardison@2008-01-08 08:46:02
forget what the rest of the people say rip it the energy drink has a great taste to it,but i wouldn't recommend you use it for playing sports.maybe for staying up at night to study or to drive a long distance but that's it.
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