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Monster Energy Dub Edition

Where can I buy Monster Energy Dub Edition? Gas Station in Denver, NC
How much does Monster Energy Dub Edition cost? $2.99

What's in Monster Energy Dub Edition?

Nutritional Information
Size: 18.6 FL OZ
Servings: 2.3
Monster Dub Edition contains 2.3 serving, which contains mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed): Calories 110, Carbs 28g/9%, Sugars 28g, Vitamin B2 1.7mg/100%, Vitamin B3 20mg/100%, Vitamin B6 2mg/100%, Vitamin B12/100%, Taurine 1g, Panax Ginseng 200mg. Monster DUB Edition also contains a 2.5g "energy blend" comprised of undisclosed amounts of: Glucose, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, Glucuronolactone and Maltodextrin.

Jason's Review

Most companies send us drinks weeks before they're on the market. Starbucks wasted loads of money to overnight us drinks we told them wouldn't get reviewed for weeks. On the other hand, we have to stumble across someone else's review to find out Monster came out with new products 2 months ago. Get with the program guys, this is free advertising.

So, the two new flavors are Monster Absolutely Zero (which I assume is a late-to-the-game answer to Rockstars Zero Carb) and Dub edition. If you don't count that fruity pebble piddle flavor Monster calls Mixxd, and you shouldn't, Monster hasn't made a genuinely new carbonated flavor in like 4 years.

After the scantily clad ad campaign era, came the moderately overpriced Java Monster era, then the carbonated, nitrogenated...and exorbitantly-overpricanated Nitrous Monster era, lastly the laughably overpriced Monster Hitman era (which I like to pretend Monster never had anything to do with). If you're watching this, whining like Kanye West because I didn't mention Import, dry it up, or I'll give you something to cry about, because Import is just Monster with some sucralose and a resealable can.

To my astonishment, Monster delivered the kind of game-winning clutch shot with Dub Edition that almost makes me forgive them for the progressing calamities of Khaos, Assault and Mixxd. Dub Edition has a delicious cherry/grape flavor, and uses the supplemental sucralose formula found in Monster Import.

The energy formula is as effective as always, but for the first time in 8 years, Monster has delivered a soda flavor that's on par with its original green offering.

Three problems with Monster Dub editions:
  • Everything I've read indicates this is a temporary flavor: You finally make a decent flavor and you're going to take it away? Reminds me of the McRib, or girlscout cookies...Sure you can have these delicious treats...until we decide you can't anymore.
  • While the Dub magazine website claims that it's "on sale anywhere monster is sold", the 15 stores I went to apparently didn't get Dub's memo
  • When your friend DOES find it for you at a gas station 30 miles from your house, you're going to get raped for $2.99 if you want one

I don't feel quite as violated as paying $2.99 for Nitrous Monster or Hitman, but seriously folks, this is sugar/fake sugar/and water in a resealable can for $3.

Concerning the resealable can, the sticker pretty much keeps the mouth piece clean. If you drink from this like any other can, there's no benefit, because your mouth still come in contact with the front of the can (where the cashier likely grabbed to ring it up), and the drink still floats in the inside ring where the rat fesces goes during shipping. With some practice, you can drink from the can only making contact with the plastic, and without the drink magically gathering in the inside ring.

Guests's Review

Our friend Chris picked these up for us in Denver, NC. The salesperson reported being unable to drink these because they, "make him feel like when he's on cocaine". Not sure he meant cocaine energy drink. Anyway, these are hard to find. Not as "readily available" as the add to the right, which was taken from Dub Magazine's website, indicates. We've still yet to see the Monster Absolutely Zero flavor.

So, let's pretend these aren't $3, I know it's hard to do, but I want to focus on the positive aspects before I talk about the outlandish price. Firstly, the resealable can. I like that the mouth part has a sticker on it, my brother used to work in a grocery store, and he's told me about the third-worldy conditions some of these cans are in when they arrive at the store. Additionally, I've found that I don't get that soda can frenzied spray that I get when opening normal cans. Sometimes in the car, I'll find sticky soda droplets on the arm rest, steering wheel, gear shifter and windshield all from opening a single soda can. Even more exciting, it's resealable, so when this top-heavy beast tips over because a woman pulled straight through a stop sign, when you had the right-of-way...then stopped in the middle of the intersection to yell at you to "watch out".

DUB Edition is pretty delicious and refreshing, despite having 60g of sugar and about 350mg of sodium. I've heard people say this is grape flavor, I believe that comes from the can having purple on it. I think it tastes like cherries, then again, I think uncandied cherries, which many people have never eaten, taste a lot like grapes. The color of the drink is very red. Which my be subconsciously why I think it tastes like cherries. It is perhaps the most red besides Blood Energy Potion of any energy drink on the market. It will turn your teeth red.

I've never been disappointed with the the energy provided by a full-sized Monster product (Monster Hitman is a turd).

Now we return to the sticking place. The's too high. Give this to me in a 16oz. regular can, and I'll probably buy it for $2. Truth be told, I don't care about the resealable cap that much, and the drink is only 2.6oz. bigger. Usually, I wind up letting these sit out and get warm anyway, so, while a carbonated warm soda is better than a flat warm soda, it's not a dollar better.

Monster Energy Dub Edition can or bottle design and textual information
Monster Dub Edition's 18.6oz. size comes in the "Import" resealable can. This special edition is for Dub Magazine, and the motivational text on the back reads, "The Monster Energy DUB Edition is more than just another energy dirnk. It's high performance fuel for the true baller. Made by the crew at Monster Energy, DUB Edition is optimized for the mobilized. A customized formula in collaboration with the kings of customization."

The can itself is mostly black with a metallic "goldish" Monster logo in the center of a crest, which is in the center of a 6 spoke wheel. The outside of the "rim" reads "Energy Dub Edition Monster". There's a couple of purple winged Trogdor dragons in the top right and left corners...but no beefy arms coming out of the back of their necks. Below the purple rim is a name plate with "DUB EDITION" in it. At the bottom in white and gold, "Monster Energy". Around the rim of the can are the usual suspects, "L-Carnitine + Taurine + Ginseng + B Vitamins".

The resealable can top comes with a Monster "M" logo sticker over the cap. You pull off the sticker and twist the lid. Twist it back around to preserve the carbonation, and save some for later.

Consumer Reviews

Energy!@2012-12-05 17:13:26
I like it on your mom. Seriously, I like Monster Dub Edition. I thought it was supposed to be a temporary flavor, but I feel like I still see it everywhere. No doubt this isn't a dramatically different than the original green Monster flavor, but it's something. I heard they had new flavors, finally, but I've yet to see them.
Highguys@2012-11-08 14:16:43
i just drank monster dub edition and i feel like i just snorted a line.
taylor@2012-08-09 15:56:09
I love monster.
for two weeks straight i drank monsters and one day my mom stop me from having them and i had a really bad headache for three days straight adn i was addicted to monster
Jacob@2012-06-28 02:46:09
My friend insists that these are sold "somewhere." But I've never seen one. I read about this a year ago and was highly eager to try it, only to learn that My efforts to find it were completely futile. It is not sold anywhere in NC to my knowledge. I've searched 21 gas stations. Someone told me that they are going to stop making them soon, and if so I'll have missed out big time. I tried looking for a way to order them online, like my friend suggested, but couldn't do that either. Come to think of it, Monster makes a lot of good stuff that they cancel out. Now, instead of the good classics, they only sell regular, Import, Light, Import light (disgusting), zero (disgusting). Aside from those, they somehow managed to deliver their teas to those gas stations. WHO CARES ABOUT TEA? WHere's the Dub? Or M80? Or any of the others I was told to try that I've never seen? Rant over/
NCfan@2012-06-23 22:41:19
If anyone is in the area, In Lincolnton, NC: The Big Lots around the area is selling the HUGE cans for 2 dollars. They have a huge stock of them.
Mike Rausch@2012-01-21 15:46:52
Dub edition is the best tasting monster drink. Start to make and sell it again please!
Kate@2011-12-01 15:59:48
Hey I've looked in 4 different cities and over 30 places for this Dub Edition.. Anyone help me out? This is no where to be found in Massachusetts!

shoot me a email and let me know where it is!
"Big" Vern@2011-07-08 16:10:37
HILARIOUS vid.. also, I don't care for the Monster Dub Edition - I got a 32 oz resealable can from Big Lots for $1.50 so I HAD to try it! Viva la "Import" !!!
Tony@2011-04-04 13:45:59
Monster Dub Edition is the best Monster ever
j@2011-03-04 12:22:40
if you want dub edition, check our your local ghetto gas station.
mark@2010-12-13 14:57:15
i cant find monster energy dub edition anywhere in west chester, ohio except jungle jims. pisses me off
Dustman@2010-11-18 12:47:25
I have not been able to find the Monster M-80 anywhere in stores... it was one of my favorite energy drinks out there, I should know this but have they stopped the production of the M-80 flavor of Monster?
kyle@2010-10-28 13:35:41
monster energy is the bomb. i drink three of the dub editions a day yea i get all shaky but i love it. i cant stop drinking them. they are the same size as the BFCz but taste a little better and they are cheap and i dnt care if it kills, me jus as long as i have one in my hand when it does. haha i love them
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