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Hype Energy Shot MFP Flavor

Where can I buy Hype Energy Shot MFP Flavor? Online Store
How much does Hype Energy Shot MFP Flavor cost? $2.99

What's in Hype Energy Shot MFP Flavor?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.5 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
How else do Hype Energy Shot and Monster Hitman deviate from the "traditional energy shot"? Well, they aren't afraid of carbs. I don't know why all the "just 8 calories" drinks can't just put a teaspoon of sugar in there to make it not taste like diabetic grandma Kool-Aid.

Hype MFP has (per serving, 1 serving per container) 35 calories (Monter Hitman has 30), 8g of carbs (Monster Hitman has 7g), 7g are sugar in Hype. Otherwise, vitamin B3 47mg/235% (USRDA), vitamin B5 24mg/240%, vitamin b6 5mg/250%, folic acid 900mcg/225%, vitamin B12 14mcg/233%, sodium 11mg. Hype Energy Shot MFP also contains a 1.73g proprietary energy blend, which consists of undisclosed amounts of: tuarine, glucoronolactone, caffeine, guarana and panax ginseng.

Jason's Review

Christmas in May! Srsly, I knocked back a Hype Energy Shot today, and if you take away the "tangy" portion of the drink, the density and taste of the MFP shot is highly similar to egg nog. I know it sounds crazy, but the thickness is what originally made me thing of it, but then there was a subtle nutmeg flavor lying beneath the syrupy tangy (almost rockstar-ish) sapor.

I've always been fond of Hype, they sponsored our "energy drink giveaway" from circa 2005-2007. I would argue that Original Hype with its elderberry flavor is still one of the most unique flavors on the market, and it amazingly tangy and refreshing over ice. Sometime since the conception of that original Hype, the company has started making overpriced, uninspired, "run-of-the-mill" products, of which MFP energy shot is the archetype.

It's as energizing as most other energy shots, and besides the novetly flavor, that's where the half-hearted accolade end.

At $2.99, Hype MFP exceeded my budget for a Mother's day gift (because I certainly wasn't going to give my money to Hallmark to perpetually pressure other people into recognizing holidays that don't come with additional days off work). I ultimately decided on an Obama campaign "We Did It" sticker that was on the clearance rack. Not so much because I support Obama, or his socialist regime getting elected, but so that my parents, even when not surrounded by their brood of offspring, can share with the world that they "did it" least 4 America (it had a red, white and blue theme...though for Obama, the traditional yellow and red may have been more fitting).

Guests's Review

For me, energy shots are strictly a matter of practicality. If I'm not out hiking, bike riding, camping, flying or any other activity where I have to transport everything of my own volition or I have limited storage space, I'd much prefer have a cold, refreshing 16 fl. oz. Bawls Guarana.

Hype Energy Shot is one of the better energy shots. The taste is akin to its Asian roots, drinks that far predate American Red Bull, like Carabao, M-150, Bacchus and pretty much any other non-carbonated 3-5oz. drink with a healthy dose of carbs. I love the taste of all these drinks, and similarly, I like the taste of Hype Energy Shot.

Like many shots, this drink falls flat on its face with price. When you compare the $2.99 for Hype's offering to the Asian drinks in the previous paragraph (Caraboa - $1.25, M-150 $0.99, Bacchus-F Energy - $0.79), the price point of this, Monster Hitman, and most energy shots on the market is laughable.

Otherwise, sure, this product works. Hype has a library of quality products, but at $2.99, you'll feel as raped as if you pay the $4.49 Red Bull is asking for 19.2oz of their watered-down swill.

Hype Energy Shot MFP Flavor can or bottle design and textual information
The packaging for Hype Energy Shot MFP looks a lot like Monster Hitman Energy Shot. I compare these two products for a couple of noteworthy reasons, I'll cover the packaging considerations here, and some of the nutritional information in the next section.

So, what are all these "similarities" between Hype Energy Shot and Monster Hitman?
  • Non-conventional 2fl. oz. size
  • Regular-sized top
  • Shiny reflective sticker label

The 2.5fl. oz. Hype Energy Shot is jet black, with a silver/black/yellow sticker. The text on the label reads, "Energy Supplement" (on the top and bottom of the label), "Hype Energy Shot" aligned vertically on the front, "Hype MFP Energy Shot MFP Flavor" to the left (not visible in the picture), "MFP Flavor", the nutritional information and the "Caution Powerful" text on to the right (also not visible). The Cautionary text reads, "Caution Powerful: Not recommended for children, pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine. Recommended dosage: Not to exceed more than two bottles per day. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration, this product not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Consumer Reviews

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