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Rush! Energy Sugar-Free

Where can I buy Rush! Energy Sugar-Free? Online Store (Really, they sent us samples to review)
How much does Rush! Energy Sugar-Free cost? $1.36

What's in Rush! Energy Sugar-Free?

Nutritional Information
Size: 8.4 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
This can is 8.4oz, contains 1 serving, and that serving contains the following mg/% of USRDA: calories 0/0%, fat 0g/0%, sodium 20mg/2%, protein 0g/0%, vitamin c 100%, vitamin b3 100%, vitamin b6 190%, vitamin b12 175%, vitamin b5 50%. Rush! Energy Sugar-Free also contains a 1.45g "Energy Blend", which contains unspecified amounts of the following: Taurine, d-glucuronolactone, caffeine, choline, inositol, l-carnitine. I'd guess 1g of that is taurine, and probably 80-120mg are caffeine.

Jason's Review

This is our first Rush! review in about 4.5 years. We received these a few months ago, and I thought we'd already reviewed it. Then I noticed the slight difference in Rush! Lite not being Rush! Sugar Free (sort of like Diet Rockstar and Rockstar Zero Carb).

I think Rush! Energy Sugar-Free tastes tart, like a strawberry soda with a hint of lime. The drink seems extra carbonated, lots of fizzy, and I like the combo of tart and fizzy. I don't find this sickeningly sweet, but there's no shortage of artificial sweetener in this drink.

I don't find that Rush! loses it's appeal when it gets warm, though most people will probably prefer it cold. It does lose some appeal if you let it get flat, which thankfully doesn't happen 4 thousandths of a second after it's opened, like Cheerwine (not pronounced "Cheerywine", or "Cherrywine", there's no "Y" in the name, please don't add one).

The sugar-freeness of this drink doesn't settle well with me if I haven't eaten anything, so you may want to avoid drinking it on an empty stomach.

Otherwise, I'd prefer it in 16oz., but $1.36 isn't highway robbery if you just need a tiny can that will spill everywhere out of your oversized cup holder while you're trying to drive and play Plants Vs. Zombies on your iPhone.

For a small can, Rush! gives me a pretty good energy boost.

Guests's Review

Angie, and her never-ending pool of comedic gold, hit the nail on the head in the original Rush! Energy Drink Review, way back in August 2005, when she wrote, "I couldn't help but think of Paula Abdul as I drank this." It's true, and I can't say that I'm ever really NOT thinking about Paula Abdul, aside from my energy drinks reminding me of her.

Rush! Energy Sugar-Free (I hope you're sitting down for this), is one of the best tasting sugar-free energy drinks on the market. There, I said it. $1.36, reasonably affective, refreshing and scrumptious. Like Jason mentioned in the Power Trip 0 Review, it's likely that package design (and more notably in this case, not being Red Bull and all the other crappy products the average consumer pisses money away on) will be what keeps this excellent-tasting, respectable value product from wild success. I will admit, I do like the new can design for Rush! a great deal better than the 2005 version of Rush! Lite.

Even though you can get this for $0.75 less than a Red Bull, and it's clearly better in every way, it's still a hard sell compared to grabbing most 16oz. drinks now for $2. I can easily (and have been daily) drink two of these back-to-back. Which puts be around $2.75 for 16.8 fl. oz. of Rush! enjoyment. On that note, I think this drink is more suited for people who simply prefer 8oz. cans.

I am plenty energized, but I also have been drinking two, because they're so tasty.

Rush! Energy Sugar-Free can or bottle design and textual information
Rush! Energy Sugar-Free comes in a mostly white can, with some silvery wavy affects on it. "Rush!" is in Red, shadowed, with white outline, with yet another thin outline in black. ENERGY is in all caps and blue, with some black and silver shadowing and outlining. "SUGAR-FREE" is at the top of the can, in a similar color/layout style as "ENERGY". At the bottom, "0 Calorie Energy Drink", and at the VERY bottom, "vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, B12, choline, taurine, l-carnitine". Tucked away in the corner, "8.4 fl. oz. (250ml)". I'm very pleased with Rush!, simply because the back doesn't contain some garbage motivational speech on the back about how I'm going to "Get into the game", "Rip through the day with bestial ferocity", "Have relations with VD infected women of ill-repute, while thinking you're cool and unique because a slutty woman will give you attention". Just ingredients, company contact info, and nutritional facts on the back of this can.

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