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Natural Highs Adina Double XXpresso

Where can I buy Natural Highs Adina Double XXpresso? Online Store
How much does Natural Highs Adina Double XXpresso cost? $1.99

What's in Natural Highs Adina Double XXpresso?

Nutritional Information
Size: 8.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Adina Double Xxpresso contains the following mg/USRDA per serving (1), whichever or both if listed: Calories 100, Total Fat 2mg, 3%, Saturated Fat 1.5mg, 7%, Cholesterol 10 mg,3%, Sodium 260mg, 11%, Potassium 180mg, 5%, Total Carb. 18G, 6%, Sugars 16g, Protein 4g, Vitamin A 4%, Caffeine 150mg, Iron 2%, Calcium 15% Other Ingredients:Fair Trade Organic Colombian Coffee (Water and Coffee), Reduced Fat 2% Milk, Fair Trade Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Natural Flavors Pectin, Fair Trade Organic Vanilla.

Jason's Review

Adina's XXpresso (espresso, not pronounced with an 'X' at all), is one of the most authentic-tasting coffee drinks I've had. It has a robust coffee-shop-style flavor that's pleasant from the onset through the aftertaste. It's darker and has more flavor than the other energy coffees I've had. Even the smell as you open the can is reminiscent of quaint Milanian caffes (though I've never been to Milan, Italy, Europe, or outside the country, but I can imagine what it would be like). I can just picture the scene, a poor provincial town, modest families riding down the cobblestone streets in their horse-drawn fiats, the baker with his tray of bread and rolls to sell, people squabbling over the price of half a dozen eggs, a strange girl with her nose in a book, and Gaston returning from a hunt with LeFou carrying an armload of dead birds. Oh, that Gaston is so hot...I mean Belle, she's hot, but no denying she's a funny girl that Belle.

Srsly, so, XXpresso has about 50% more caffeine than all the other Adina coffees, which makes it the best, and don't I deserve the best? Yes, and on top of the extra caffeine and great taste, it's loaded with anti-oxidants, doesn't contain anything artificial. Lastly, Adina uses fair trade Colombian coffee, so we won't have to endure a 3 hour Leonardo DiCaprio movie to raise social awareness about "blood coffee".

For $1.99, I think this product is a reasonable value. It's stronger than it's counterparts, and since I like a robust flavor as much as any of the additional (also tasty) offerings (vanilla, caramel, etc.), I find the taste very pleasing to the palate. 150mg of caffeine is a pretty good jolt, probably about 2 cups of your crappy freeze-dried drip coffee from home. On top of that, you get about 4 servings of fruit worth of anti-oxidants, all in the process of not oppressing underprivileged persons. I'd call that a day's work and take the rest of the day for riding Felipe to a mysterious castle filled with talking flatware.

Guests's Review

Do you ever feel bad about consuming mass quantities of processed foods and beverages? I don't either. However, if you do have regrets about ingesting foods and beverages that were created through nefarious means, you should check out Adina Double Xxpresso. Everything about it is good. For example, take a look at the ingredients above. Did you notice that you can easily pronounce all of them? I can't remember the last time I looked at an ingredient list and it didn't contain phenylwhatsitcalled or glucuranowhateverthatis. On top of the all natural ingredients, Adina Double Xxpresso is fair trade certified. This means that the coffee beans weren't picked by malnourished 4 year-olds and that the coffee was bought at a fair price. These facts alone make me feel pretty good.

Not only do you get the satisfaction that your purchase actually supports poorer people in foreign lands rather than suppress them, you also get a really good drink! The thing that I enjoyed most about Adina Double Xxpresso is that it tastes like coffee. In my experiences, other "coffee" energy drinks, taste a little bit like coffee but mostly like sugar. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy about an flavor of Java Monster that you throw at me, but they barely resemble coffee when compared with Adina Double Xxpresso. If you like coffee, you'll love this drink. My only real complaint about it is the dairy. The milk in the drink can sit pretty heavy in your gut and may be a major turn off for those who hate lactose.

The energy gained from Adina Double Xxpresso is equal to about 2 cups of coffee. You won't be bouncing off of the walls, but it'll keep you awake and alert. I also didn't experience any kind of crash after drinking it. Adina Double Xxpresso tastes great, provides a solid amount of energy and helps smaller countries development. It's a good time all around.

Natural Highs Adina Double XXpresso can or bottle design and textual information
Adina Double Xxpresso comes in a very earthy brown 8 oz. can. The front of the can states "Adina Natural Highs Double Xxpresso. Fair Trade Columbian Coffee With Milk Antioxident Booster. Coffee Energy Drink." The back of the can reads "FEEL GOOD-DO GOOD. Always Fair*(Transfair USA Certified) Natural Caffeiene Power 150mg. Nothing Artificial. This can has Antioxident Equivilent of 4 servings of fruit (Measure USDA/ORAC). Packed for Adina For Life Inc., San Francisco, CA 94110 * By choosing this Fair Trade Certified product, you are directly supporting a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship."

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