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Where can I buy ...Lost? Exxon Charlotte, NC
How much does ...Lost cost? $1.99

What's in ...Lost?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Tons of caffeine, guarana, and ginseng make up the 5000mg of their Energy Blend. They also pack in an extra 2000mg of taurine.

Jason's Review

This is the strongest flavored energy drink I've had. It's really strong, rather thick, more flavor than sugar. I can't really describe the flavor, somewhat like the cherry Dr. Pepper only much stronger. If you like a lot of flavor, this is your soda.

The can is without question eye-catching, lets you know you're in the right part of the refrigeration area.

As for energy, I did feel things moving around, I felt much more giddy, like maybe I should scream at the steering wheel. I also felt like I should let go of some teenage rage, and talk about how life is pointless, and we're all going to die, but that goes back to the can.

In conclusion, good drink, good size, good price, it's a winner if you like the flavor, but it's certainly pronounced.

Guests's Review

I don't have a lot to say about this because I had such a hard time placing the flavor. I've never really had this problem before. It was thick and syrupy which I like, but there isn't really anything to compare the flavor to. There was a pretty good energy level, but the can gave me headache. Sometimes I feel confused and disoriented when there's that much going on.

...Lost can or bottle design and textual information
The can looks very energizing with its powerful colors and busy background. But after examining the images, it looks a lot like what an angst ridden teen (or a young Rob Zombie) might scribble in his/her notebook. Images such as flaming eyeballs, scantily clad women, gas masks, and skulls cover the can in a collage-like manner, along with little phrases such as 'tear down your idols', and 'nobody knows nobody cares'. Though it may give you a headache, look closely and you'll find a hidden Monster logo. This company sells surf and skate equipment and videos, as well as its own clothing line for men and women. Now they've come together with Monster to make this great energy drink.

Consumer Reviews

Tyler@2012-11-08 13:49:06
like everyone else i cant get ...lost any more and i would do anything for it. i love in the 607. if anyone knows any place close make it known.
wil@2012-02-25 13:32:41
i live in houston texas can someone please help me find ...lost i have not found any in like year. PLEASE HELP.
Help@2011-12-01 16:05:27
I need to know where I can find this energy drink!!
wyatt@2011-07-08 16:31:57
...lost is the best drink ever known to man i miss it so much that it makes me want to cry i havnt had it for years and i miss it sooooooo much ....anyone know a place i iowa i can get it
Justin from colo@2011-04-08 11:37:01
I love the lost drinks. I have about 40 cans left of the perfect 10 but not sure if the stuff goes bad or what? Thanks
lost my LOST...@2011-04-04 13:51:59
i don't really know who to bring this up to but the towns around me and the town i live in have stopped selling the original lost energy drink ....i really wont them back where they belong, my town . area code 559 zip 93230
Thedeadeatgore@2011-03-22 11:09:09
I love ...Lost, sadly though I have not been able to find it in Massachusetts for a very long time.
Lt all smashed@2011-03-04 12:53:31
...Lost, Awsomee drink ever but dont kno why the dont sell it where I live anymore its a bummer it was better than red bull,monster, an rockstar combine....
diana@2010-07-19 17:01:09
i love ...lost. but there is only one place i found where i can get it. It's called cardenas which is a mexican market in california.
gavinmklaus@2010-05-25 13:07:16
I miss ...Lost and can't find it anywhere by my house. I used to drink the Big Gun, which was a little bitter, but great nonetheless!
coco@2010-05-13 11:49:34
I love ...lost energy drink they stopped selling it at my local Cumpys but when ever I am somewhere I look for it, and when I do find it I always stock up on it
oteo@2010-05-06 14:41:01
Lost has been the most powerful energy drink I've ever tried. I'd give the taste about a 7/10. As a BMXer/skater who's out for 4-8 hours at a time riding, I've tried nearly every energy drink on the market to help me stay with it.
Duggy@2010-04-16 13:25:09
Dude ...Lost is the best drink that i've had so far. It has a great taste and it gives me the buzz. It's all the flavor, none of the crash.

Herbert Goller@2010-02-22 21:42:59
I would purchase ...Lost Energy Drink if I knew where to get it. Big Lots stores don't carry it anymore. Please Help!
tiff@2010-02-18 14:02:49
Ok so my cuzins got sponsered by lost that how my family got introduced to it and ever since then we have loved lost but now we can't find it any where in arizona but I give lost the ratings 10 out of 10. Edited by Jason: Well, at least this isn't a biased rating for ...Lost Energy Drink.
Joe Red Wing mn@2009-12-29 10:31:14
Lost Energy Drink is the best energy drink out there. They don't sell it where I live anymore.
Calvin@2009-12-04 13:08:33
lost seems to give me an intense flavor euphoria. best drink ever. the hard part is that to find it you pretty much have to get ...lost
Jana@2009-11-20 12:53:10
I think Lost is really good and it gives you the kick you need.
Kal@2009-11-06 10:01:33
LOST Energy Drink is fantastic! We are having a helluva time getting it back down here in South East Texas, but now that we know that Anheuser-Busch is the distributor of LOST we are trying our darndest to get it back!
We give LOST 11 out of 10 stars! Edited by Chris: Edited for language
Joey@2009-09-29 09:17:55
No. Just no. It's all glucose and will make you shake and throw up for three hours then fall asleep. I love energy drinks just not ...Lost.
Brian T.@2009-07-23 11:43:24
the only reason I even tried Lost Energy was because I was at Big Lots and i had wandered over the the drink aisle and noticed huge drinks (12 in a case) for $8 a case. So I gave it a try and I was wired! There is honestly nothing better than a Lost Energy. Monster has a different taste, but to me, Lost is better; kind of a mix between Red Bull, and Rockstar (The sugar free kind). Case and Point: Go buy yourself a Lost the next time you need to wake up early. Chug that thing that morning and you will GO! Ad I can Honestly say I've had at least 50 of them and never crashed once.
ShaggyisMatt@2009-06-16 15:39:29
I went to try ...lost and it was not good. Then I looked on the side and saw it was from the makers of Monster. Much like Monster, it is drinkable but only if there are no other energy drinks where you are.
magnus@2009-04-27 12:48:44
...Lost Cadillac Is the best tasting of the bunch
Sam@2009-04-14 16:19:37
...Lost is an awesome drink if your stomach is not empty when you throw the bad boy back. Or if the wrong thing is in your stomach. Can induce some killer stomach pains on occasion.
G money@2009-03-24 12:33:48
I love this drink, I live in UT an I cant find them any where now an the last time I had one I had to drive out of state, an bought a hole case cost me 30 bucks, but its money well spent i give ...Lost Energy. 10 outta 10
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