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5-Hour Energy Extra Strength

Where can I buy 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength? Online Store
How much does 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength cost? $2.41

What's in 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
The bottle reports the following mg/% of USRDA (whichever, or both, if listed on the bottle) per 2oz. bottle: Calories 4, Niacin 40mg/200%, Vitamin B6 40mg/2000%, Folic Acid 400mcg/100%, Vitamin B12 500mcg/8333%. This drink also contains about as much caffeine as a premium cup of brewed coffee (likely 100-120mg, imho). Lastly, 5-hour energy, in their infinite wisdom has created their super secret 1950mg energy blend (that in their mind, they want to believe the industry is clamoring to know the precise amounts) of the following: Taurine, Glucoronolactone, Malic Acid, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, Caffeine and Citicoline.

Jason's Review

Chaser 5-hour energy extra strength is probably the best of the 5-hour product line. The bitterness is surprisingly low, until you realize that for a product called "Extra Strength", it seems to have a lot less caffeine than you'd expect. Since caffeine is bitter, taking it out seems to be 5-hour energy's approach to making a better tasting energy shot. I'd argue that this is the best tasting of the bunch, and I expected it to be the worst.

Hopefully it's no surprise that I don't like 5-hour energy as a company. Aside from there being better products for lower prices, (Redfin, OnGo Energy Shot, Crakshot) I wouldn't buy 5-hour energy if it were the only energy shot on the market, and they were under $2/each. So, since this drink claims to be "Extra Strength" and hardly lives up to "regular strength" standards of many other energy shots I'm further disappointed.

Like The Stig, I experienced little difference between this and other (often cheaper) 5-hour energy products. It's tart and drinkable, but mediocre in effectiveness.

For all the college students wasting $3/each on these, I implore you to buy better energy drinks and shots at lower prices. A great deal of energy shots can be purchased online in 12 packs at about half the price of buying these individually at the store.

Guests's Review

Like Red Bull, 5-hour energy was one of the early players on the scene. Like Red Bull, it's remained over-priced and inferior. 5-hour energy doesn't maintain their own web store, so the store I was taken to when I click "buy online" on their website will ship a case of this to me with no shipping fees, but the 12-pack is $28.99. That works out to $2.41/each, which is remarkably cheaper than the $2.99 they want for them at the store.

The taste isn't that bad. It's better than the original berry flavor, but the original berry, to my recollection was much stronger than this. I don't believe that the formula in production now is the same as the repugnant-tasting concoction available in 2005.

I genuinely can't tell any difference, in terms of energy, among this and the other caffeinated 5-hour energy products in circulation today. That's not to say that it's not energizing, but I'd expected to for this to really get me moving. The only real difference I noticed is that I may have been slightly more irritable, nervous and quit-tempered. I'm not sure if that's really a positive. I was certainly awake, and didn't fight fatigue or drowsiness. I didn't experience any "crash", which, as I've noted in the past, I don't experience from 99%+ of other energy drinks.

Energy shots were a novel idea, at first. I enjoyed putting one in my backpack, book bag, laptop bag or car glove box for when I needed that extra boost. I've found that, the majority of the time, I also want a great-tasting beverage. Guru Lemonade tastes great, independently of it being an effective energy drink. Concerning convenience, why lug around 2oz. when I can throw about ten 0.1oz DynaPep Energy Micro-Shots in those convenient storage places I'd normally put a single 5-hour energy? Energy shots have a place in the market, but like Red Bull in the energy drink market, I encourage consumers to branch out from "The Original" (the quotes indicate that neither were first-to-market with their respective products).

Overpriced, with a reasonable taste and performance. "5-hour energy" is the energy shot equivilant of "Red Bull"...and I wouldn't read that as a compliment.

5-Hour Energy Extra Strength can or bottle design and textual information
The bottle is mostly black (I guess it's nighttime/sunset instead of the conventional bottle appearance of daytime/sunrise). The faced shows the iconic dude running for the hills (one reviewer suggested he's running from the bad taste of 5-hour energy). As has been the case for some time "Chaser" no longer appears on the bottle, but I'll refer to it as "Chaser 5-Hour Energy" anyway, because it's a free country, and I can call it "Horse Turd Energy" if I want. The cap is impressively easy to get into, there's now a pull tab in the center, where you used to just have to twist really hard to get it off, which was nearly impossible, if the perforations didn't line up properly with the cap. The front text states that it's "Extra Strength", and "Extra" has a glow affect applied to it. Maybe since this is "extra strength", it will be remotely as effective as the original 5-hour energy. Under that, a red line, with text underneath that reads, "Sugar Free � Only 4 Calories", then another red line. At the bottom the text reads, "Berry Flavor � 2fl. oz.(59ml) Dietary Supplement". The back contains the usual information, which I'll paraphrase. Drink the whole bottle for max energy, drink half or less for moderate energy, and discard unused portion after 72 hours. Contains premium coffee's worth of caffeine, limit other caffeine intake to reduce unwanted side-effects. You may experience a niacin flush (See the Q and A in "The Stig's" review for explaination of "niacin flush"). People under 12, and Phenylketonurics shouldn't drink this.

Consumer Reviews

Concerned Parent@2012-12-10 15:02:15
My 27 yr old daughter tried 5-hr Extra Strength, an hour later while shopping in the mall standing in line at checkout, she lost feeling in her left hand, then her arm, then tightness in her chest, jaw pain that ran down her neck, sick feeling, profuse sweating, 165 bpm heart rate, increased blood pressure and was taken to the ER via EMS...NOT GOOD STUFF!!!
Jasmine2012@2012-12-05 16:40:40
I should have known 5-hour energy extra strength was deadly from the start. Before being able to purchase this drink, I was asked my birth year. (what? there's an age requirement to buying energy drinks?!)

Anywho, I drank the entire bottle after dinner, and within 15 minutes I could feel the niacin flush.... which basically feels like your skin is crawling. Normal.
So, a few hours later my stomach starts hurting REALLY bad to the point where I feel nausous.

I tried to lay down to go to sleep(MORE THAN 5 HOURS LATER) and all I could manage was extreme body tremors (wtf)... I began to think my 5 hour energy drink was laced with crack.

Yes,this drink works...but the side effects are totally NOT worth it.
not as great as you @2012-11-30 15:08:42
firstly,the drink does not taste good although what do you expect it's vitamins! 5 hour energy keeps me awake for about half the time it states it will. why would i continue to pay now 3.50 a shot to not even keep me awake?? i am sure this works for some people but it has not worked for me.
5 Hour Addict@2012-11-26 15:47:24
5 hour extra strength is awesome, I have it all the time without any weird effects or problems. The new berry 5 hour extra is why I always buy
Michael@2012-08-07 14:20:34
I have tried other means of energizing drinks later on in the work day. First of all, taking them every day is not good for anyone. As an occasional lift, it is OK. I buy form by the 12 pack. comes out to be $1.99 each bottle. Works well, tastes good. I used to take a Vivarin in the PM but that is straight caffeine and after a while, grows in your blood stream and sleep becomes difficult. My family doctor made me get off the Vivarin and recommends 5 hour energy, only when needed, and not on a daily basis.
fernando @2012-08-07 11:02:49
5hr energy extra strenght I tried it for the first time not a good experience. Felt nausea,weak,anxious unable to sleep, and alot of urinating.
Kristi@2012-07-24 11:34:13
I've been taking the extra strength 5 hour energy drink, 1 time per day. They do give you a ton of energy. The first time I took it, I cleaned my house top to bottom! Suddenly though, I'm experiencing bad headaches. Will quit drinking them for a few days to see if it is the drink or something else. Otherwise. I do like them. Something else that's nice is that they decrease your appetite. I've lost 5 lbs this week, without trying.
stephanie@2012-04-10 14:16:27
5-hour energy extra strength sucks, had to clean up my boyfriend throwup does not even work if the drink make you shake get hot turn red and make you feel like you getting acupuncture...not good
Nicole@2011-12-01 16:13:04
should 5-hour extra strength make you feel so sick?
Donna@2011-10-27 09:15:42
I tried the 5-hr extra for the first time last night. Never again! I was shaking, dizzy and nauseous. I think I must have had some allergic reaction to the "extra" part because I had difficulty swallowing and my heart was racing. It was very scary to think you could have such a reaction to any energy drink. I was alone with three small children that would've not known what to do in an emergency.
Katy@2011-10-24 16:50:15
5 hour extra strength works, but it tastes horrible. It tastes like cough medicine. Not worth $3.
Jasmine@2011-07-08 16:15:33
When the original 5 hour came out it actually worked but I find it strange that "extra strength" did extra nothing! I fell asleep with ease right after taking it! I felt very misled and lied to! You would think the product would get better with time, but I'm feeling and seeing the cheapness of this 5-hr energy joke!
dewayne williams@2011-05-26 13:32:25
i dont know how i survived all these years with out 5-hour energy extra strength. ya'll are awesome. and thank you for such an awesome product.
Kalli@2011-03-04 12:24:41
5-hour energy extra strength tastes disgusting. I felt so sick after I took this. THen I was jittery all day.... Not the best one ever :(
Diana Wheeler@2010-12-13 15:05:27
I feel nauseous and increased urination with 5-hour energy extra strength. It doesn't seem to do anything for me.
Jim@2010-10-28 13:05:58
Been drinking 5-hour extra strength since it's inception. My only complaint about this product is its price, notwithstanding, it has served me well without any side effects. I would recommend it to anyone, who needs that extra drive!
anuahsit@2009-08-26 09:24:54
I really like the Extra Strength 5 hour drinks. You know, the one in the black bottle. They work really fast, give you an immense amount of energy, but it wears off faster. Still no crash but you know that its worn off some. It tastes better than the originals and the flavored ones also.
robert@2009-08-17 13:56:27
5 hour energy extra strength is a great drink. I've been drinking it from the day it came out.
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