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Power Trip Mango

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What's in Power Trip Mango?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Power Trip Mango contains the following mg/% of USRDA (whichever, or both, if listed on the can) per serving (2 servings in this container): Carbohydrates 27g/9%, Sugars 27g, Caffeine 105mg, Taurine 1g, Glucuronolactone 38mg, Inositol 36mg, Guarana 23mg, Vitamin C 100%, Vitamin B2 100%, Vitamin B3 100%, Vitamin B5 100%, Vitamin B6 100%, Vitamin B12 100%. For those who buy into Mountain Dew making your partner smaller, you'll be glad to know that this cotains both Yellow #5 and #6. Who knows what #6 does?

Jason's Review

I'm not particularly a fan of Mango, and while this contains no real mango, they did a pretty good job of simulating the flavor. BRAVO! For them on their efforts, fiddlesticks for me having to drink it. Before opening the can, I did some research. M.I.A. salt and peppers her mango, which I was willing to try just about anything to make something Mango-flavored palatable. M.I.A. would likely find the 190mg (9% of USRDA) of sodium a reasonable measure on the salt side. I found no listing for pepper content on the can, and I'm far too lazy to go to Caffe Pheonix, all the way in Wilmongton, NC where they offer free freshly ground pepper, bread, and olive oil while I wait for my entrée to be prepared. Mmmm...bread and olive oil.

After consuming a few of these, the flavor almost started to grow on me. It's really sweet, and, as is rarely the case I think I would prefer an 8-12 oz. can. Without question, this should be consumed iced cold, or perhaps over ice. As it gets warms, it turns into sludge, increasing viscosity and the chance of thermal breakdown...hold on, that's Castrol, the Cuban dictator. I wouldn't steer clear of the entire line of Power Trip, firstly, if you like Mango, you'll probably like this one. If you don't, I still recommend their other products. Power Trip 0 is an excellent drink, which has only 5 calories, doesn't have the sickeningly sweetened taste, and still delivers the full 210mg of caffeine per can.

At the time of this review (when they're in stock), Power Trip products are available in our Energy Drink Store for $1.25/each (24 cans for $32) with free shipping and handling. That's an exceptional value!

Guests's Review

Plain and simple, this can has about 3 Red Bulls worth of caffeine. People waste money on the crappy carbonated American froufrou version of Red Bull constantly, while drinks that cost a fraction of Red Bull, and are statistically far superior go unnoticed. This is one such drink.

The taste is reasonable, like you might expect a Fanta Mango to taste. Lots of sugar is pleasing to the taste buds. The can is as unsightly as all the others, but the beverage is just as good as the others. Extreme has more sugar than this, but otherwise, this is pretty much on par with Power Trip Blue. This does offer a deviation from the "base flavor", if you've had any of the other Power Trip products, and were unpleased.

Again, I revisit Red Bull (Toro Rosso) for the price comparison. Red Bull still wants $2 for their 8oz. can, most places have a 12oz. offering for $3. On a lucky day you can get the 16.9 "Champions Edition" "on sale" for $3, but don't forget to say "Mother May I?", and be thankful that the Red Bull powers that be were generous enough to let you buy a reasonably-sized can of their liquid garbage for $1 over overpriced. Meanwhile, cases of Power Trip are being bought up like mad by those with minds of their own for $1.25/can (at the time of this review) in our Energy Drink Store.

Power Trip Mango can or bottle design and textual information
Power Trip Mango's can is pretty much like every other Power Trip can, take Power Trip The Extreme, for example. The primary difference being color. Mango sports a red/white/blue/yellow scheme, but the basic design remains the same. Here is the noteworthy text on the Mango flavored can, not surprisingly, "Mango", in a big yellow (with black outline) italicized font. Under that, it reads, "Naturally and Artificially Flavored", and lastly, also no new news here, "Energy Drink". On the back, "Contains No Juice".

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