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Guru Lemonade Full On Energy Drink

Where can I buy Guru Lemonade Full On Energy Drink? Online Store
How much does Guru Lemonade Full On Energy Drink cost? $1.99

What's in Guru Lemonade Full On Energy Drink?

Nutritional Information
Size: 12.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.5
This can contains 1.5 servings, so keep that in mind when you're not reading the following nutritional information mg/%USRDA per serving (whatever is listed on the can) : Carbohydrates 29g/9%, Sodium 100mg/4%, Potassium 37mg/1%, Protein 1g/2%, Caffeine 97mg. Also, there's a proprietary blend of 1285mg of undisclosed individual amounts of the following: Guarana seed extract, Enchinacea flower extract, Panax ginseng root extract, Ginkgo bilboa leaf extract.

Jason's Review

This is the first lemonade-flavored energy drink I've had, and I can't imagine the taste getting much better. It's tart, reasonably sweet, and goes down so smoothly, sometimes I have to stop myself short of a third can.

With nearly 150mg of caffeine, it's also far more energizing than many popular carbonated energy sodas (Guru Lemonade Energy Drink is non-carbonated, btw). I'll never complain about Guru being completely organic either.

At $1.99, I'd normally say this is a sub-par/par value, but if you love lemonade as much as I do, and appreciate when an energy drink can enjoyably disguise the bitterness of 150mg of caffeine, this drink is a value.

Otherwise, I whole-heartedly agree with the Stig's viewpoint concerning select video(s) within the Guru advertising efforts. I also completely agree that the Guru staff has been most kind, generous, and helpful in supplying us with product, and product information. Reconsider some of the advertising directions and otherwise continue business as professionally and maturely as you've conducted it with us.

Guests's Review

My review of Guru Lemonade Energy Drink can be summed up in the sentence, "Tastes awesome, is energizing, and is reasonably priced, particularly if you care about it being organic...which I don't." That being said, let's get into other matters.

This is not only an exceptional lemonade for an energy drink, it's an exceptional lemonade period. I'd pit this lemonade against the products vended by children on hot summer days, against the contents of any iced pitcher with lemon slices floating within, served in tall glasses by grandma on her rickety porch, or from a Country Time Lemonade bottle consumed in the ol' aluminum fishing boat with dad.

While I'll pit the flavor of Guru's lemonade against the flavors of any of the aforementioned, those scenarios have one thing that I wouldn't trade for a Guru Lemonade...good ol' fashioned wholesome family values. While Jason's direct interactions with Guru have always been on the up-and-up, I have vast disfavor for some of Guru's marketing efforts.

Some of Guru's advertising looks like it's directed and filmed by a former porn film crew. I've consumed several Guru energy drinks, and thankfully, it's never culminated in an impromptu mixed sexual preference semi-nude/nude hot tub party, underwear wrestling, or the flashing of my ample male breasts within view of mass transit patrons. Perhaps as an impressionable teen, young adult, or misdirected adult you may think these things all sound great, I can assure you, the Guru directors left out key elements of this lifestyle, the way tobacco companies left the joy of emphysema, lung cancer and heart disease out of their advertising.

So, you think orgy hot tub parties are fun? How about the cocaine addiction that has always been prevalent in any of these parties to which I've been privy? How about the neglected children that are developing an unquenchable hatred for you in the back room? Those children who are an unwitting result of the deplorable infantile behavior for which you've yet to learn your lesson? How about explaining these parties to those children years down the road when you realize the ramification for your life of constant debauchery?

How about wrestling about with all your best male and female friends in your underwear? Maybe you just woke up with your head rested on the side of a urine-stained toilet, your hair matted from your own vomit? Maybe you're ready to sell yourself to someone to get your next fix? Won't you be so proud of yourself, lighter under spoon, as you prepare to subdue the shame of allowing yourself to be violated to perpetuate your cycle of self-destruction?

Lastly, if your friends encourage you to expose your boobs to the general public, your definition of "friend" is as warped as this ad campaign.

The "Clean Energy for Dirty Minds Video" has as much to do with Guru's product as the last 4 paragraphs of this review.

I'm torn, because I enjoy this product in every way, and Jason has expressed appreciation for the kindness he's been shown by the Guru staff. My recommendation, can whoever is responsible for this "edgy" ad campaign. Not every teen-early 30's energy drink consumer is devoid of moral values, and I hope I can speak for all of us who aren't by saying that it's a insult to our intelligence to think that #1 Guru would play a part in any of the detestable behavior depicted in this video or #2 that this age group is feverishly in pursuit of such evil-minded objectives.

Guru Lemonade Full On Energy Drink can or bottle design and textual information
The can is a snazzy blue and chartreuse affair. Admittedly, at first glance, continuing up to the 4th glance, I thought this was lemon-flavored sweet tea. I couldn't have been more wrong, as there is 0% tea in this beverage. The top clearly states "lemonade", but I sometimes don't read, because I think I'm too good for the English language. The white areas have a sort of less than/greater than feel to them, then the test says, "Guru 100% Natural - Organic Energy Drink". Also in white, at the bottom, "Energy Supplement 12 fl oz (355ml)". In the chartreuse text "Full On". On the back, the "USDA Organic" logo, under that more white text as follows: "Shake Well Drink Ice Cold Please Recycle". "Distributed by: GURU Beverage Co. 295 Greenwish St. # 163, NY, NY 10007, 1-888-810-GURU Certified organic by QAI, Quality Assurance International. Inadvisable for children, pregnant women and people sensitive to caffeine. MADE IN USA".

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