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Rockstar Roasted Light Vanilla

Where can I buy Rockstar Roasted Light Vanilla? Gas Station Near Chimney Rock, NC
How much does Rockstar Roasted Light Vanilla cost? $2.39

What's in Rockstar Roasted Light Vanilla?

Nutritional Information
Size: 15.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Mg/% USRDA per serving(whichever are listed on the can) per serving (2 servings in this can) of the following: Fat 1.5g/2%, carbohydrates 7g/2%, protein 3g/6%, vitamin B3 20mg/100%, vitamin B5 10mg/100%, vitamin B6 2mg/100%, vitamin B12 6mcg/100%, calcium 60mg/6%, potassium 230mg/7%, phosphorous 83mg/8%, taurine 1g, ginkgo biloba leaf extract 150mg, caffeine 120mg, guarana 25mg, inositol 25mg, l-carnitine 25mg, panax ginseng extract 25mg, milk thistle extract 20mg.

Jason's Review

I disagree with the can, I had little interest in Rockstar Roasted while it was "super chilled", but as soon as it warmed up to room temperature, I was all over it like hot on Rachel McAdams. Normally, energy drinks do have a tendency to get thick as they warm, and in this case, that's good. I prefer some cream in my coffee, and when this is cold, it seems too thin, like skim milk (which I also don't enjoy...2% FTW). Anyway, it's certainly not a robust flavor, and if you want a dark roast, run like Michael Phelps from Rockstar Roasted Light.

I got a lot done after finishing this drink, including poisoning black widows in my garage and front porch. Do you have black widows? Maybe you need Rockstar Roasted Light and some dangerous highly toxic (but bio-degradable and earth friendly) poison concentrate. Genuinely, I've been feeling lazy overall for the past couple of weeks, so saying that I rolled my corpulence out of bed, or pried it out of my butt-imprinted recliner speaks volumes for this drink's affectiveness.

This is a little expensive for my taste, but seems to be in line with the other products (Starbucks doubleshot, Java Monster, and Full Throttle). At the same price, I would still choose Java Monster Lo-Ball, but this is a tasteful alternative if they are out, or don't carry Lo-Ball in your area.

Guests's Review

When I was called in to write some reviews, I was thinking, "Yay! Free Bawls, On Go, and Jolt". What do I get? A sugar free fake diet Mountain Dew, a caffeinated Gatorade, and diet Rockstar coffee. If Dub doesn't make it back for the next review, Jason may have me drinking caffeinated toilet water on the next review.

Well, though the other drinks weren't that bad, I didn't find this very tasty at all. The specs are fantastic, and kudos to Rockstar for packing a man-sized ration of caffeine in Rockstar Roasted, but this tastes like bad poker cup machine coffee. It's ultra thin, and tastes a little watered down. Now, keep this in perspective, because it still tastes like coffee, and I don't think there's a world of difference between a cup of Waffle House coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain, particularly if you're used to just brewing coffee at home in a daily brewer Mr. Coffee machine. After years of frequenting a coffee shop where people drink deplorable flavors like "Swiss Apple Crumb Cake", I know I can't speak for anyone else's coffee taste. If you'll drink that flavored coffee tainted brown water, I'd have to believe you'd drink mud, if I called it "Christmas Blend" and put almond whipped topping on it. So, you may like Rockstar Roasted, but I'd say the flavor is on par with a complimentary cup-a-joe from a oil change station waiting area.
As I stated above, the energy blend is impressive. 240mg of caffeine per can, lots of B-vitamins, and some Guarana. Because I didn't enjoy this drink, it took me a while to drink it, so I was not profoundly affected in an energenistic way.

$2.39, about $1.34 more than 3 - 6oz. cups of coffee that have poker cards printed on them. You tell me which is a better value.

Rockstar Roasted Light Vanilla can or bottle design and textual information
A handsome Loius Vuitton-colored can with a comb toothed design on the front. The can has a tasteful tan, dark tan, gold, mocha and white color scheme. The rim reads, "Caffeine, Guarana, Ginseng, B-Vitamins, Taurine". The front reads, "Rockstar Roasted Coffee and Energy" along with a big gold rockstar "star", the front can text continues, "Light Vanilla 50% less fat and 50% fewer calories than Original Rockstar Roasted". In an interesting orientation, the Rockstar motivational paragraph is written where most cans put the children and pregos warning. It reads, "ROCKSTAR ROASTED is an amazing mix of the finest espresso coffee and reduced fat milk packed with the powerful energy blend of Original Rockstar. Enhanced with the potent herbal blend of Guarana, Ginkgo, Ginseng, and Milk Thistle, ROASTED is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles-from athletes to rock stars. Enjoy this refreshing beverage super chilled. PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR.

Consumer Reviews

GJM@2012-08-09 16:00:10
I love Rockstar Vanilla Light. Have one every morning!
Old Guy in ICT@2011-10-24 16:52:12
Rockstar Roasted Light Vanilla. Good stuff. I drink 1 almost every morning, sometimes 1 in the afternoon. Best deal, so far, the "net", 2 bucks ea. X 12, free man cool.
em woo@2011-07-08 16:17:08
All of the Rockstar "roasted" offerings put Starbucks' canned drinks to shame. It's no wonder that so many Grocery stores with in-store Starbucks have stopped carrying them. The Flavor is superior, the energy mix is great, although I do notice a bit of a crash several hours afterwards. If you can find them for about $2 per can (Some Circle K's have them on sale at 2 for $3), they're a great bargain!
Darlenred@2011-04-04 13:47:28
I love Rockstar Roasted! My husband and I drink one every morning and it really gets us ready for our day. As you can imagine, it gets really hard to find these drinks and I've had to search store after store for them. I'm now having them shippped to me in bulk from Rockstar. It's cheaper and there's no tax or shipping fee!
d@2011-03-04 12:31:14
Rockstar Roasted is way better than any of the coffee drinks from Monster. They are hard to find in the central alabama area. I dont care for any of the fruity energy drinks, so when i find them i try to get enough to last a week or so
Alysha@2011-02-01 10:33:18
rockstar roasted vanilla is a piss poor substitute for mean bean by monster. Tastes like meth and watered down chocolate milk mixed together. YUCK! I will stick with Monster.
toni@2010-08-31 15:43:36
The Rockstar Vanilla Light is really good in taste, better for my diet, and gives me a boost of energy like no other. I like the taste and the energy seems like a bonus. I buy this in bulk here in Alaska so that I can keep it on hand.
Randy@2010-08-02 14:55:59
This is one coffee drink that rocks! Have tried the competitors but Rockstar Vanilla is the best. Has lasting energy.
dauph@2010-05-28 12:08:09
I've been drinking Rockstar Roasted Light Vanilla for about a year and LOVE it. Unfortunately it's getting harder and harder to find in Northern KY/Cincinnati area. First the Kroger near me quit carrying it necessitating a long trip to a Meijer, the only other place where I could get it in my area. Now it's chronically out of stock at Meijer though they still have a labeled space for it. That leaves buying them singly from a convenience store, they always seem to be in stock there. Is RockStar rationing this stuff??
Carleen@2010-05-25 12:52:45
Rockstar Roasted Vanilla is my favorite energy drink.
I like it for the following reasons:
-Low in fat
-Low calories
-Low(er) sugar (I had RNY Gastric Bypass and can't have too much sugar)
-GREAT taste

I've tried the canned Starbucks energy drink and it sucked in comparison to the Rockstar Vanilla. The Starbucks was WAY too sweet and very very bland.
Michelle@2010-05-17 12:48:16
I love this drink! I admit that I am hooked. Gotta have one at 3:30 every day. They can be hard to find, and I've actually ordered a case from Rockstar's website before ($48 for 24 cans, includes shipping). I haven't found another low-sugar coffee energy drink that even compares. Monster Lo-ball is nasty.
Terry@2010-02-22 21:58:08
Love Rockstar Roasted, though it is hard to find in Kentucky.
Jane@2009-10-12 16:46:29
I absolutely love Rockstar Roasted and order a case from my grocery store every month! They were out of stock for the last 3 weeks which was annoying, because its more expensive at the convenience stores. I love the taste and its low in calories.
Chrissy@2009-08-26 09:24:54
I love Rockstar Roasted coffee. 100 calories for the whole can, it's really good for those people watching their calorie intake who likes the sweeter coffee drinks. It has replaced my daily trip to the espresso stand and it's a little cheaper too. I wish more stores sold it, because it can be a little harder to find where I live.
kwismexer@2009-08-17 13:56:27
Drank a Rockstar Coffee @ 9:45pm. It's 4am now and I'm so wired I feel like I 'm having a Flashback. WTF!?
Pamela@2009-01-11 12:19:35
Well, I like the fact that it is a cold coffee drink which has less calories, not many - or any - of those around. And it's pretty good, so I hope it stays around!
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