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AMP Sugar Free

Where can I buy AMP Sugar Free? Lowe's Foods
How much does AMP Sugar Free cost? $1.99

What's in AMP Sugar Free?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
So, what's in it? Like you're going to know what any of this stuff does: Each is in mg/USRDA (whatever information is available) per serving: Riboflavin .34mg/20%, Niacin 2mg/10%, Vitamin B6 .2mg/10%, Vitamin B12 .6mcg/10%, Pantothenic Acid 1mg/10%, Phosphorous 40mg/4%, Guarana Seed Extract 150mg, Caffeine 71mg, Maltodextrin 55mg, Taurine 10mg, Panax Ginseng Extract 10mg. There, are you happy? Next I'll explain how magnetic induction works.

Jason's Review

As we wait for Dub's triumphant return as the Stig, the real matter at hand is Amp Energy Sugar Free. This has a reasonable tart taste that's not overloaded with rancid artificial sweetener taste. It does make your mouth feel a little gross, particularly if you drink it after it gets warm.

It's pretty energizing, I attribute this to the 140+mg of caffeine per can. It's sparse indeed on the other energy products, but who really cares? Just put a mountain of caffeine in the drink and make it taste respectable. Amp energy does a respectable job of that.

This drink would probably do more if I drank it faster, but it doesn't beg to be drunk. It's content to sit behind a glass of water or green tea, and go almost completely unnoticed.

The price makes it a non-adventurous buy, particularly if you're a fan of other sugar free Mountain Dew products, in fact, you're almost certain to find it drinkable, and with a couple of cups of coffee worth of caffeine, it can do the trick. I don't see this is a pre-workout type drink, rather more of an "I need energy to stay awake watching NASCAR/football this weekend" type energy drink.

Guests's Review

This is a non-Dub "Stig" review, if you like Dub's reviews, then don't read this one. No one's twisting your arm, it's not like I'm getting paid to write these.

Let's look at the numbers, 10% of USRDA per serving for almost everything in the can. What's up with that? As poorly as it was reviewed by Jason (probably because of he's jealous of Jimmy Houston), All Day Turbo Power Energy's ingredient list reads like the back of a Centrum Silver with Pomegranate bottle. The stats on this can make Vault look more legitimate as an energy drink. The caffeine and guarana seed extract are the only ingredients that appear to be reasonably accounted for in this drink, which is good, because I think they're the cornerstone of any highly affective energy drink. Amp Sugar Free only has 20mg of Taurine per can (compared to the 2g (2000mg) in most energy drinks), and to be quite frank, I didn't even notice. I say get rid of the trifling portion of taurine and toss in even more caffeine and guaran seed extract.

Otherwise, the taste is absolute middle of the road. Coming from the purveyors diet Mountain Dew (perhaps the greatest diet drink of all time), I had high hopes for this drink. While I don't find it at all un-enjoyable, given the choice between this drink and diet Mountain Dew, I'll take diet Mountain Dew 87 out of 88 times.

For $1.99, this is an ok energy drink. I'd drop all the hype about B-Vitamins on the rim of the can, if they're going to keep phoning it in. If I were an average consumer that paid for energy drinks (instead of having Jason shove them in my face for free, in exchange for snide half-hearted reviews), I'd save my money and buy a 12 pack of diet Mountain Dew, or regular Mountain Roar. I think buying energy drinks is stupid, but I'll assign my value rating under the assumption that a fool and his money are soon parted, which means you're going to waste your $2 on something, it might as well be this crap. There Jason are you happy? Now, give me that free case of On Go Energy you promised me.

AMP Sugar Free can or bottle design and textual information
Like the other Amp Energy products, this product features the flame/letter 'A'/lobster claw Amp energy logo and text. As was defined by the dreamt-up fake gods of Greece, the can has more shiny silver, which indicates that it's sugar free...and that the consumer of the product is a Narcissist. Around the top rim of the can it reads, "Guarana, Ginseng, Taurine, B-Vitamins". Also, the front of the can says, "Lo Cal-Hi Power", "Low Calorie Energy Supplement 16Fl. Oz. (1Pt) 473 ml". In the bottom right of the front of the can is the Mountain Dew logo.

On the back is a compelling story about what makes Amp Energy Sugar Free worth selling your mother into slavery for, "AMP Energy Sugar Free low on calories, high on power, with its energizing blend of B-vitamins and a specially formulated intense combination of taurine, ginseng, guarana, it's the power of Amp Energy without the sugar. Keep focused and in control while staying lean and mean. Amp Energy Sugar FreeTM more power to you".

Consumer Reviews

Tony@2012-12-05 16:41:17
Im hooked on amp lightning sugar free I have at least 2 a day but its kinda hard to find. it taste great its a gift from above hail the amp energy drink.
Richard@2012-11-30 15:12:57
What type of Artifical sweetner is used in AMP Sugar Free? Not listed on can. Response by Jason: The current formula of AMP "Boost" Sugar Free is Acesulfame Potassium 25mg, Sucralose 35mg.
Sweetpea@2012-07-24 12:18:52
Do not drink this product. I had one cup of it.....felt fine for a few hours, wasn't hyper or over-caffeinated one bit, but after a few hours my stomach started hurting......then the diarrhea.....for 12 hours. I didn't even drink close to half of the product so it probably is not the caffeine that did this. More than likely the other ingredients. Never, never again! Stay away from Amp Energy Drinks!
Terri@2011-07-08 16:17:29
Does it make your pee stink? I love sugar free Amp, but wow, it seems my pee stinks if I drink more than one of these a day.
Kathy@2010-10-28 13:10:00
I like Amp Sugar Free but I prefer the citrus sugar free AMP. It isn't in stores anymore. Why??
$wagg_Thru_Da_Roof@2010-06-17 11:17:06
The flavor of AMP energy drink is so so ( i still prefer original flavored monster )
but the side effects sucked. I purchased this drink at like 6:30 p.m and when i got home it was 6:45 or so. i waited till about 6:55 and sipped the first half and chugged the rest. Even tho can had 2 servings. I rode around on my bike for maybe 30 to 60 min. I came inside ate then watched a movie tht ended at 1 in the morning then tried to sleep but couldnt. soon my stomach began hurting and the drink had me up all nite......CRAPPING! Edited by Jason: expletives removed
Nicholas @2010-05-06 15:53:06
I love amp sugar free. but what about......Black Tea Amp? My brother used to buy now they do not sell it in the gas stations anymore. I was curious why amp stopped making them.
Brie C@2009-10-12 16:46:29
Amp Sugar Free is like Xtreme Diet Mt Dew!! LuV IT!! :)
greenpee@2009-08-17 13:56:27
amp sugar free tastes liikeee rainbooowss! its awesome i want to drink more i had a can and a half and my mood is friggen happpppyyyy wahhhh AMP!
McKnZi@2009-07-01 10:30:40
i had AMP Sugar Free one night and the next day i puked at least 10 times, had severe diarrhea, tried to sleep all day, and to top it off, my mom thought that i had a hangover. fml
Chris S.@2009-06-16 17:22:14
I am addicted to Sugar Free Amp! I drink it everyday and can't get enough of it. Don't like the syrup taste of most energy drinks that are loaded with sugar. Sugar Free Amp tastes great, no sugar, 5 calories and has enough caffeine to keep you going a while. I don't like the coffee taste which is another reason I drink this for caffeine substitute. Don't really care about all the other stuff - B vitamins, taurine, etc - who cares!?!?
Candi @2009-05-22 08:00:53
I live in Harviell, Mo. 10 miles south of Poplar Bluff. We don't get sugar free amp here. I can't have sugar and like amp and I would like to know how I can get sugar free amp here? I'm sure there would be others that would like it too.
Donna Barnes@2009-01-11 12:19:35
I love Amp Sugar Free. My 28 year old daughter and I dink this everyday. It helps give you that extra burst of energy for a gym workout. Taste great and its sugar free.
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