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Where can I buy Go Girl GLO? Online Store
How much does Go Girl GLO cost? $1.65

What's in Go Girl GLO?

Nutritional Information
Size: 12.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
This can offers: Calcium 10% USRDA, Iron 6% (important if you are a heavy flow menstruater) , Vitamin E 6%, Riboflavin 25%, Vitamin B6 25%, Folate 10%, Vitamin B12 35%, Taurine 500mg, Super Citrimax 508mg, CoQ 10 10mg, Aloe Vera 10mg, Caffeine, a still reasonable 75mg.

Jason's Review

I rather enjoyed Original Go Girl, and really didn't have a great deal of suggestion on making it better. After enjoying Go Girl GLO, I realized that original Go Girl has a slightly chalky taste, which GLO doesn't have at all. And, while Original Go Girl tastes great, it doesn't particularly taste like any specific thing. GLO, on the other hand, tastes like an enjoyable lightly citrus flavored beverage. The other huge selling point is that GLO doesn't give you glowing pink teeth, which was the only real drawback to Original Go Girl.

Since every teenage girl, including the 15 year old girl I pretend to be in mIRC chat, is erroneously concerned about their weight/figure/gross portliness, the 35 calories in GLO is a tasteful alternative to the 300 calories contained in 1 20oz. bottle of Vault. Also, it's ingredients promote healthy skin, body, heart, and mind. Lastly, with a mild appetite suppressant, it will be easier to avoid bingeing at the Cinnabon (My 15 year old alter ego hates that place, it's so hard to pass up when she's walking around the mall with a Venti half-caf soy iced caramel macchiato, LOL XD JK).

It's pretty energizing, and as with Crunk, sometimes the side benefits are almost as important as the energizing aspects. While my energy rating is only based on energy, it's important to note that the appetite suppressant seems to work reasonably, and if my skin continues to improve, I may go to the dance with Braxton Moray (my imaginary high school senior football captain boyfriend who listens to my opinions...and Avril Lavigne, but he doesn't want to date her...LOL...they're just friends).

Buy two cases online in the 48 contiguous states, and Go Girl Glo is a reasonable $1.65/each. As Dub (the current Stig) pointed out in his review, it's $1.83 each when you purchase a single case, but who wants a single case? We're bingers, remember?

Guests's Review

At first glance this can is clearly marketed for women only (I mean it is called Beautiful Glo and promotes healthy skin), so I went to the website to make sure it wasn't chocked full of estregen or some other chemical that would have a detrimental effect on my manhood. After perusing the site for a few minutes and checking the ingredients, I decided it was safe to drink. I found the website very informative, there is a very nice breakdown of the vitamins and herbs and the benefit of each one. It also states that many women enjoy Go Girl with vodka and other "fun mixers". I may have to try this at a later date.

It may be totally mental because of the pastel blue can, but all I could think of after taking the first sip was: "Wow! This tastes just like a blue sweet tart". Immediately after that first sip I was hooked, I finished the entire 12oz. can in about five minutes. It just drinks so smooth and tastes awesome. The is no bite whatsoever and I can't taste the caffeine at all. I could easily drink these all day long. And at only 35 calories and 8 grams of sugar a can I don't think it would effect my figure either. The only thing that kin of bugs me is the Super Citrimax, which is a mild herbal appetite suppressant, that is in the mix.

As for energy, I say Go Girl really delivers. I made it through the last 2 hours of my shift, the 45 minute drive home and still had enough umph to write this review before hitting the rack. All around I will have to say this is just about the best energy drink I've experienced. And at only $1.83 a can with a portion of the proceeds going to breast or ovarian cancer research and awareness how can you really go wrong? If this review makes you question my manhood in any way, then call me a women because you are very likely to see me sporting the Go Girl can quite a bit in the future.

Go Girl GLO can or bottle design and textual information
Impressive aquamarine/silver/white can. Note to can design staff, the white text is somewhat hard to read on the silver background. Rim reads, "Beautiful Glo, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E". The front reads, "Go Girl Energy Drink GLO, promotes healthy skin, natural flavors, 35 calories, less caffeine, 12 fl. oz. 355ml". The back of the can reads, "GLO is a unique energy drink that is lighter in caffeine and calories. This naturally flavored energy drink provides an uplifting yet relaxing experience. GLO's ingredients promote healthy skin, heart, body, and mind. It's taste is derived from a refreshing combination of pomegranate and star fruit. GLO also contains Super Citrimax a mild herbal appetite suppressant. Let Your Beauty Glo! Portion of proceeds donated to ovarian cancer research and awareness".

Consumer Reviews

Kristi@2009-11-13 11:20:36
I have tried all 3 varieties of Go Girl, and none of them disappoint. Among the best energy drinks available and with almost none of the undesirable side effects.
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