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Power Trip The Original Blue

Where can I buy Power Trip The Original Blue? Online Store
How much does Power Trip The Original Blue cost? $2.00

What's in Power Trip The Original Blue?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
The following is per serving: 26g of carbohydrates, 105mg of caffeine, 1g of Taurine, 38mg of glucuronolactone, 36mg of Inositol, 23mg of guarana. The following are % of USRDA per serving: 100% Vitamin C, 100% B3, 200% B6, 100% B5, 100% B12.

Jason's Review

As I said about Power Trip 0, I hate that this can is so unappealing, because I think if more people tried this drink for the first time, they'd like it. As The Stig pointed out, this drink makes your mouth profoundly blue, and that's one drawback, but the product itself is awesome. I'm also happy to say that several people have purchased Power Trip 0, and hopefully word-of-mouth recommendations will not discourage Power Trip Beverages, Miami Lakes, FL from revamping this packaging. That being said, if you see it, buy it, you'll probably like it. I believe it's overtly sugary, probably well-past what it needs to be, but sometimes it's hard to disguise the taste of 210mg of caffeine. (Most people don't take into account the intensely bitter taste of caffeine) Either way, my only complaint is that it's not particularly refreshing, and get thick relatively quickly. With Jolt products, I combat this by pouring it over ice, which keeps it cold and thin once the ice starts to melt. I find it necessary to drink regular Mountain Dew this way, as otherwise my teeth feel like rock candy for the rest of the day. This is also why Mountain Dew is my favorite fountain soda.

To me, this line of drinks is very serious about energy. The ingredient lineup is strong, particularly in the way of caffeine, since this is approaching the insane caffeine levels of Rockstar Zero Carb, which contains 240mg of caffeine per can. Add to that a healthy smattering of B Vitamins, and you're well on your way to a well-formulated energy drink.

So, if you can get over that the can looks like it should be accompanied by a crazy straw, and sold at a novelty store outside a superhero themed ride in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, you'll find this drink to be awesome in every respect. Pour this in a Monster can, and people would tout it as the best on the shelf. On the other hand, you'd still look like you chewed up a blue plaque tablet.

Guests's Review

Let me get started by saying that this drink will unequivocally make your mouth blue. You will look like a 4 year old that ate blue spascetti sauce. Other than making your coworkers think you're Mr. Freeze from the crappiest of all Batman branded "entertainment" ever, the overall quality of this drink falls somewhat short of it's sugar-free cohort. Because of the 52g of carbs, it's thick. Don't get me wrong, Power Trip 0 was inundated with sodium, but Power Trip Blue has the same 190mg of sodium and the 52g of sugar, making for a tasty, yet completely unthirst-quenching experience. It made my stomach hurt a little, and I had to take a break from it about 2/3 of the way through. The taste is essentially the same as Power Trip 0, only it's clearly made with real sugar.

It's plenty energizing, but as Jason covered in the Amp Overdrive review (which has 58g of sugar per can), there is the potential for sugar overload, which can counteract the affects of the other energizing ingredients. I think had I not taken that break from this drink about 2/3 of the way through, I would have gone from energized to feeling disgusting during that last 1/3. Perhaps this is what people are truly talking about when they talk about "crashing". As I've stated, I don't experience a "crash" (IE, several hours later, my energy drops from full to empty), but I do sometimes drink an energy drink (like a normal person, not like a frat boy "chugging" to impress the sorority sisters...who scarcely need be impressed to under normal circumstances) and experience a reverse affect as I near the end of the can, like there's some kryptonite residue in the bottom of the can. I speculate this drink has the potential to have that affect.

At $2, this drink is still above average. I would absolutely choose the Power Trip 0 over this drink, but this is no slouch, particularly if you love sugar.

Power Trip The Original Blue can or bottle design and textual information
As I covered in the review for Power Trip 0, the packaging for this drink just seems all wrong. "Taste the Power" resides around the rim of the can, instead of "Get in the Game", which Power Trip 0 encourages you to do. I tasted the power when I was about 6 years old. That experience involved a paper clip, and the aftertaste of peanut butter. "Lightly Carbonated". This can also has a flexible expiration date, and a recommendation to store it in a cool place. I did drink it before the stamped date, and stored it in a cool place, but these events were strictly coincidental. Now you've been informed, and can react accordingly with your Power Trip beverages.

Consumer Reviews

Lzim@2012-11-30 15:16:20
I REALLY MISS THIS ENERGY DRINK!! Its my favorite! and Green Bay Wis took them off the shelf every where!! what kind of madness is going on with this STATE!???!! Response by Jason: Not sure about your state, but the Power Trip Energy Website has a "store" link in the navigation. At the time of this response the Power Trip site reports that the store is undergoing maintenance, so no idea when you can buy some Power Trip Blue.
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