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AMP Overdrive

Where can I buy AMP Overdrive? Lowe's Foods
How much does AMP Overdrive cost? $1.99

What's in AMP Overdrive?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
What's in AMP Overdrive? I'm glad you asked, because whoever designed this can did a great job of making that information easily available (unlike many of the other cans, I mean, who makes an energy drink and doesn't list the mg of caffeine?) The following are mg and % of daily allowance (where applicable) per serving: Riboflavin 1.7mg/100%, Niacin 20mg/100%, Pantothenic Acid 10mg/100%, Phosphorus 20mg/2%, Taurine 148mg (this is fairly low compared to other energy drinks, but I don't seem to miss it that much), Guarana Extract 124mg, Caffeine 80mg (guarana/caffeine is a better combination than caffeine/taurine IMHO), Maltodextrin 74mg, Panax Ginseng Extract 17mg, Yerba Mate Extract 8mg (which contains caffeine, but is reported to be gentler on the stomach than other forms of caffeine. To me, the amount here is so negligible, I wouldn't expect it to make a great deal of difference).

Jason's Review

This drink reminds me of a painfully long story about the first time I had AMP Energy Overdrive. I drove down to the thriving metropolis of Eatonton Ga. To purchase a used 18.5ft. Skeeter bass fishing boat from Oconee Marine. On the way, I stopped to gas up (back when gas prices were a $2.49/gallon steal), went inside, and low and behold, there was an unsampled flavor of AMP. I immediately purchased a couple, one for me, and one for the little lady, who was at home farming epic gear in Molten Core. I knocked back an iced cold, refreshing cherrytastic AMP Overdrive while driving through the concrete stretch of roadkill graveyard that is lower South Carolina. I arrived on schedule at Oconee Marine to make my purchase, but the friendly guys at Oconee were replacing some seals, etc on the Yamaha outboard for me. They'd sent an employee of questionable work ethic to retrieve the parts, since the parts were located almost an hour away, it logically took him 6 hours to return with the parts...and his friend...and his girlfriend. So, they set about getting the boat ready, and the rest of our transaction went smoothly. Near dark, I hit the road for home with my new boat, of which I couldn't have been more proud. Just as I entered the most "Deliverance"-like portion of South Carolina, at approximately 11pm, I looked in the rear view mirror just in time to see my driver's side trailer tire explode inward. Rubber and steel belts whipped around the axle, which locked it up completely. Sparks flew as I dragged the trailer over to the side of the road. I called the emergency phone number, which was conveniently within walking distance of my stopping place. After a highway patrol fellow called me a wrecker (who was unable to remove the steel belts from the axle, and was unable to pull the boat onto the flatbed), it was now 2AM, and I was back to being alone on the side of the road. Since it was getting cold, I'd not brought a coat, hadn't eaten since my hippie pizza rations at the Mellow Mushroom circa 2PM, the situation was looking grim. Angie's AMP Overdrive was looking pretty good. I had to resist temptation, how could we review AMP Overdrive if Angie was unable to experience it and its "intense hit of cherry"? I pondered that question as I downed the other AMP Overdrive in about 45 seconds. I never came up with an answer to that question, which is probably why it took an additional year-and-a-half for an AMP Overdrive review to ever arrive on this site. For those concerned, the following morning, I got a mobile roadside service truck to cut the tire and steel belts off, and escort me to a Goodyear tire center. I got a couple of new tires, and completed my journey back home only about 16 hours off my target ETA.

So, AMP Overdrive and I have crossed paths again. One for each reviewer (in fact, I had 3, in case self-control abandoned me again). Pretty tasty. The Stig reported that the very red drink did not turn my teeth red either. Not sure if that's because I drank it slowly over time, or if my teeth are just resistant to red 40. I know that my pancreas is not resistant to the 58g of sugar (btw, that's over 2oz. of sugar). That's more sugar than almost any other energy drink (except Jolt Blue, which has nearly 4oz. of sugar in the 24fl.oz. can). And for those who care, it is made with high fructose corn syrup. Otherwise, except for feeling like you just ate half a dozen donuts when you finish the can, this drink is good. It's thick, and not very thirst quenching, but then, so are lollipops, and you still take those from strangers. The flavor is most like the original red Chilly Willy, the frozen treat that came in the corner-of-the-mouth severing plastic sleeve.

I was pretty energized, but a lot of that energy was counteracted by the sugar overload. I like sugar as much as the next guy, but I usually don't want to go run around the block after eating cake and ice cream. This drink makes me feel like I ate caffeinated cake and ice cream.

This drink retails for somewhere around the industry standard $1.99 for 16oz. Prices may fluctuate up to $2.29, depending on if you are buying from a gas station or grocery store. Also, the quantity you buy. I'd say, particularly if you aren't diabetic, this drink is a good buy and worth trying.

Guests's Review

I don't have any grandiose story of peril and imminent danger surrounding AMP Overdrive (like some people). I pretty much had the drink hand delivered to me, and consumed it without incident, except having to listen to someone ramble on about their "interesting" story about the first time they drank AMP Overdrive. Well, here's the story of the first time I drank AMP Overdrive. I opened the can, drank it, it was scrumptious. That's it. Sure, it was thick and syrupy like hot fudge sauce, and had more sugar than a king size Snickers bar (AMP Overdrive has 58g, Snicker King Size has 57g). Last I checked, I'm not a model, eating 3 Wheat Thins a day, and I don't think 58g of carbs (20% of your recommended daily allowance) is going to kill you, particularly if you're not drinking 2 for each meal of the day.

I like the energy mix. It makes me feel strange when I drink it on an empty stomach, but that's probably because my stomach is waiting for that King Size Snickers bar I've been carrying on about.

The price is right on this drink. I wouldn't pay more than $2 for it though. If you can get them at a reasonable price in the 4 pack (maybe $7 or so), I'd probably jump on it. If you like the heavy guarana and caffeine mix, I'd recommend this over almost every other energy drink on the market, as almost all of them contain 1g of taurine per serving, and many contain no guarana.

AMP Overdrive can or bottle design and textual information
The can is like the new AMP can, only red and black instead of green and black. The lid of the can has the words, "Ginseng, Taurine, B Vitamins, Guarana". The complete name appears to be, "AMP Energy Overdrive Turbo Boost Yerba Mate Intense Hot of Cherry Energy Supplement", which is easily more verbose than Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt Asian Experience Energy Drink. AMP provides a motivational paragraph, which we've all grown to expect and love on the back of energy drink cans, it reads as follows, "Get that extra bump up when you need to shift into a new gear. It's loaded with the power of AMP Energy, an intense hit of cherry and specially formulated turbo boost of yerba mate to get you going. Stay focused and ready for whatever life throws at you." "Amp Energy Overdrive TM, more power to you."

Consumer Reviews

Phil@2012-11-30 15:18:17
amp energy overdrive red cherry was all i ever looked forward to during my day of work. unfortunately Amp decided to forsake all of us and change the recipe/formula and now it tastes terrible. i have just finished drinking my last original amp overdrive and now words can not describe how upset i am that i will never get to drink another delicious amp until the company realizes its made a mistake and changes it back. please make this happen.
Morgan_Webb@2012-04-10 14:17:39
I love AMP Overdrive more than any other drink of any kind or flavor. It looks like the folks at AMP have decided to switch it out with AMP Boost Cherry. I hate this new version. It just sucks. It tastes like Overdrive that has been diluted, drank by a Fat, Hairy guy and then recycled. I am extremely disappointed. Hoard Overdrive while you can. Skip the AMP Boost. It just sucks.
Carson Morgan@2011-10-24 16:54:28
amp overdrive is the best energy drink its so good if u like mountain dew this is the drink for u
Megan King@2011-04-04 13:47:59
AMP Overdrive is the most amazing drink ever. It tastes alot like code red mountain dew. i love them. i drink them before i ride my horse and go mudding with the boys!!!!
Hugo@2011-02-01 10:34:01
Amp Overdrive is the first energy drink I ever had. When I took my first sip, it tasted a little tart, but very good. I've tried Monster low calorie, Khaos and Import and it all tasted pretty bad. I also tried Rockstar Punched which was pretty tasty, and also I tried the Lemonade, regular and grape flavored AMP energy. Out of all of these I liked the grape (traction) the most, but it wasn't the most available, Overdrive the second and Original 3rd. Best. Energy. Drink. Ever. AMP.
Jaromoir Czesi@2010-05-17 12:48:38
AMP Overdrive tastes really sweet, and i love sweet energy drinks. the energy boost was pretty good. I'd give it a 8.7 rating.
Kevin B@2010-05-06 15:51:09
The flavor was good but it began to taste like Tums which is strange. As with all Amp energy drinks I think they use too much artificial coloring and seem a bit syrupy. The energy was stronger than green Amp. i would give Amp red 8-6-8
Tanner @2010-01-14 14:37:28
AMP Overdrive is pretty good. The taste is better than almost any other drink on the market, and the energy kick that comes with it is good too.
Morgan Hopkins@2009-11-23 14:41:16
Amp Overdrive is frickin' amazing, I won't even lie. This flavor is absolutely scrumptious, but the berry flavored one with the blue can is the best of all energy drinks I have ever had, and I have had a lot. =D
Shante MAw@2009-11-13 11:25:37
my friend jessica says that AMP Energy Overdrive is the best energy drink ever:)
breeze_palm@2009-10-12 16:46:29
I started out with red bull then one day tried amp. well i like the regular one and the orange one, but overdrive is by far my fav. I have been drinking them for about 2 months now - usually one a day (i know... bad for you) and have yet to get tired of them!!
Adam@2009-08-26 09:24:54
I tried to drink Amp Overdrive before my karate session... My mistake. This is more of a "stay up all night" energy drink 5/5
mike roe@2009-08-17 13:56:27
Amp Overdrive is the bomb! after trying it the first time i had to completely fill my fridge with them!
kaitlyn@2009-05-22 08:00:53
i like amp overdrive but it does not give me any energy and it is the turbo boost one too but i love the flavors.
RavengadeAMP@2009-04-06 12:57:41
Have not tried AMP Overdrive, but I first saw it at my Farm Fresh in Hampton, Virginia. Also named my Sonic X seasons after these. Full Throttle just don't even excite me no more.
Britnie@2009-01-21 13:11:38
i think that amp overdrive is actually okay out of all the rest of them out there, ya know? It doesn't have as many chemicals out of the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian@2009-01-11 12:19:35
Amp Overdrive is one of the best drinks ever, It has an awesome flavor and can keep you going for 5+ hours. I drink it all the time and is just Overall amazing. This should get a better review because it owns. Amp Overdrive ftw!
Coty Schwabe@2008-11-03 00:59:09
I can't really leave an honest review, because Overdrive (especially Turbo Boost) is the first drink I ever got hooked on. I loved it from the beginning, and when I worked at Pepsi, I got it all the time which didn't make things any better. I still love it, because even though there are more powerful energy drinks out there, if I want a refreshing cherry flavored drink, it's almost always available, and tastes good all the time!
Jose@2008-10-14 18:09:22
Amp Overdrive is a very strong good tasting drink.
the stig's brother@2008-08-14 16:50:13
AMP Overdrives is one of the better drinks around.
Andy@2008-08-08 15:33:41
In the words of the amazingly articulate James Hetfield, Napster baaaadddd!!!! AMP Overdrive Gooooooodddd!!!!
AndrewD@2008-07-03 21:52:12
i love this energy drink, my friend recommended it to me and said it tasted like sour gummy worms so i knew i had to try it and let me tell you it does taste like sour gummy worms i love it, the flavor is amazing and the energy boost is just enough to get my day started 10 out of 10
shane@2008-06-17 18:45:39
amp overdrive is an all around decent energy drink. the taste is great, as long as its cold and carbonated. when its warm, its like medicine. The boost is pretty average, but still better than a cargo load of other energy drinks. it's definitely not as good as the Monster or Rockstar, but its a step up from the ordinary.
Sara@2008-06-17 13:53:24
It's one of the better energy drink options out there, I think! I'm loving the Dale Jr. promotion right now too where you can have your name put on his car for the Talladega race by entering one of the code from the bottom of the can. It's the "Ride with Dale Jr" promotion.
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