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Starbucks doubleshot Energy plus Coffee Vanilla

Where can I buy Starbucks doubleshot Energy plus Coffee Vanilla? Available in Starbucks and Other Stores June 2008
How much does Starbucks doubleshot Energy plus Coffee Vanilla cost? $2.59

What's in Starbucks doubleshot Energy plus Coffee Vanilla?

Nutritional Information
Size: 15.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
The following are per can: 2g of Maltodextrin, 1.8g of taurine, 450mg of L-Carnitine, 180mg of Inositol, 325mg of Panax Ginseng, 90mg of Guarana. Also contains the following % of recommended daily allowance per can of these: Vitamin A 8%, Vitamin C 50%, Calcium 40%, Iron 2%, Vitamin D 20%, Riboflavin 200%, Niacin 200%, Vitamin B6 200%, Vitamin B12 100%, Potassium 29%. To round it all out, 12g of protein.

Jason's Review

I didn't expect this to even be in the same league as Java Monster. Since I abhor the original doubleshot can, I expected this also to be a small (not cream and sugared up) doubleshot with a little flavor to make it not so revolting. Since these were acquired through some non-commercial avenues, I really didn't know what to expect. When I had laid hands on them, and discovered they were 15oz. cans, a respectable amount of coffee. But, just because it was bigger didn't mean it would taste better. After a 24 hour stint in the fridge, that thought was quickly dispelled. It was so scrumptious, I wanted to run out and immediately get more. Then I remembered that these weren't on the shelf yet, and with gas prices...

Which bring us to energy, Starbucks doubleshot is a renewable energy source, and to my knowledge has no carbon emissions. At $2.59 a can, Starbucks doubleshot Energy+Coffee costs about $22.10/gallon (slightly more than current gas prices). Unfortunately, after my first and last $287.30 fill-up, my mechanic informed me that my car won't run on Starbucks doubleshot. I tried drinking Starbucks doubleshot Energy+Coffee instead, and was pleased to find that the 210 calories and impressive mix of energizing ingredients could actually get my lazy behind out of a chair and propel my feet toward my destination. Not only am I burning off some of those Oreos that have been collecting in my abdominal region for the past 13 years, I'm also not even having to start the car, which is great, with gas prices...

Yes, the $22.10/gallon price tag is steeper than the $4.23 that I paid for premium unleaded yesterday, but I'm doing my part to help the environment, and you can't put a price tag on that. In an attempt to sound more like a professional journalist, I've just got one thing to say, "gas prices".

**This energy drink review is dedicated to Dan "Energy" Man, who provided nearly 5 years of energy drink reviews. In fact, his official, "I'm gone" statement was posted 5 years to-the-day from his first review Blue Ox Oxtails Orange Flavor. Dan has done a great deal to help inform the consumer as to which energy drinks are worth buying and which are like Kombucha Wonder Drink (which we've never had the displeasure of reviewing). Dan will be missed, and we hope we can provide some filling of the hole left behind. Dan mentions in his closing statements, "For now I am moving on to some new things, and I just don't really have time or as strong of interest in Energy Drinks anymore". Since I've also had to walk away from successful sites, particularly "We Hate hanson Girls", a site made solely to enrage fans of the band hanson circa 1996-1999, which landed myself and my partner-in-crime on the Jenny Jones show, VH1's Rock Candy along with several major newspaper and magazine publications, I know how hard it can be to walk away. Continue to move on to new things, and never look back at past success or failure, there is only the road ahead. Godspeed, Dan "Previously Energy" Man, ok maybe not that fast, you know, with gas prices...

Guests's Review

In the Java Monster Coffee Energy Lo-Ball Review, Jason made it very clear that Starbucks was quickly on its way to be trampled by Java Monster in the way that Coke and Pepsi were beaten up in their own backyard by Monster. At the time, I agreed, the Frappuccino beverages were underpowered, like a 50cc scooter. They were small, unpleasant to the wallet, and really only pleasant to the palate. The original double shot, which was affective, was also unsavory to those of us not accustomed to Israeli unfiltered filter coffee and hand rolled cigarettes. Was Starbucks doomed to perform in a mediocre fashion the way that Coke and Pepsi's energy drinks and boosted caffeine sodas have? Would they also sit back and watch it happen the way Chevy and Ford have watched their sub 20mpg vehicles essentially turn into scrap metal on the lots? The answer, a resounding "No", and that no is delivered in one massive 15 fl.oz. punch directly in your stupid face.

In true Frappuccino fashion, this drink tastes awesome. Vanilla is my favorite, so I personally feel it beats any Java Monster flavor, hands down. I'll be honest, I'm a "friends don't let friends drink Starbucks" kind of guy. In fact, I'm so overwhelmed with Starbucks hatred that I support friends not letting strangers drink Starbucks. I'm all about the independent coffee shop, down with the capitalist Starbucks, and all the other now capitalist organizations we pretend not to like. That being said, plain and simple, this is just good coffee. It's like a tasty coffee treat with a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream stirred in for good measure. Very light and refreshing, with just enough bite to let you know it's not all bark and no bite.

The energy blend is impressive. I have no complaints, and like an Ali/Frazier fight, it's hard to say who has the upper hand between Java Monster and Starbucks doubleshot Energy+Coffee, but I'd say they are equal.

Of course, the can has a Starbucks logo, so you would expect it to be pricey. Suprisingly, the MSRP is much lower than I expected at $2.59. On the average, I probably pay about $2.19 for Java Monsters, which does give Java Monster a slight advantage in straight pricing, but this has a distinctly pleasant vanilla flavor for which Monster has no retort.

Starbucks doubleshot Energy plus Coffee Vanilla can or bottle design and textual information
The new, yet-to-be-realeased, Starbucks doubleshot Energy + Coffee beverages come in a very appealing can. The vanilla flavor comes in a light tan can, with sunbeam strokes of darker mocha colors. The can is, of coure, adorned with the official Starbucks coffee logo. The silverfish ring around the top of the can reads, "Vanilla with other natural flavors" and "guarana, ginseng, B vitamins". The previous text can also be see on the front of the can. The very bottom of the can reads, "Premium Energy Coffee Drink". The back of the can has a short stimulus paragraph, when you receive it is based on the last two digits of your Socialism Security number. The paragraph reads as follows, "Starbucks doubleshot Enery + Coffee Your Extra Shot. Starbucks DoubleShot circled R Energy + Coffee. A powerful, great-tasting brew of B vitamins, guarana, ginseng, and natural proteins for milk. Charged up with coffee and vanilla. That extra surge to keep you energized and alert. Are you ready for more?"

Consumer Reviews

jason2@2011-10-24 16:57:18
I am an avid coffee hateful, yet in the mornings I need that pick me up, I use to use A LOT of vanilla creamer to get my coffee tasting good, but it lacked that coffees punch.... The soy le shot vanilla has cured that for me, not only does it taste good, but it gives that "ok I can deal with the day" punch I so need....Comment by Jason: I have no idea if this is applicable. My reading comprehension is low, but I am unaware if this relates to Starbucks doubleshot. Sounds like some crap you'd order at one of their stores.
Inglert@2011-01-26 15:16:10
I want to know where I can buy Starbuck's doubleshot by the case. I pay 2.49 at Walmart and 2.59 at the gas station....
mee@2010-05-06 15:50:25
Starbucks doubleshot is so delicious
robert mcclure@2010-02-22 22:00:16
this Starbucks doubeshot is very good i like it so much that i am drinking it one every day and i need to know if this will give you a heart attack!
Uli@2009-07-01 10:30:40
I don't hate starbucks, i just prefer to support local coffee shops.
Courtney@2009-01-11 12:19:35
Starbucks doubleshot Vanilla is really good.
EDD@2008-09-12 18:21:44
I love the new Starbucks doubleshot. You can find them at walmart for about a $1.80.
dub@2008-06-18 05:41:01
This energy drink rocks my face! If you knew me you would know that is a serious compliment considering the fact that I am the most anti-Starbucks human roaming the earth today. I am glad to see someone giving Monster a kick to the junk. I am an avid Monster drinker, but I think they are getting a little out of control. That's my two cents, thanks for the opportunity! Edited by Jason: He really is the most anti-Starbucks human on earth
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