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Monster Mixxd Energy Juice

Where can I buy Monster Mixxd Energy Juice? Gas Station in Concord, NC
How much does Monster Mixxd Energy Juice cost? $1.99

What's in Monster Mixxd Energy Juice?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
30% Juices, 27g of sugar per serving and the following g/percentage of daily allowance per serving: B2 1.7g, B3 20g/100%, B6 2mg/100%, B12 6mcg/100%, Calcium 20mg/100%, taurine 1g/less than 1% (I think this is the first time I've seen a recommended daily allowance for taurine), panax ginseng 200mg, "energy blend" 2500mg (claims to contain unspecified amounts of glucose, caffeine, guarana, l-carnitine, glucuronolactone, inositol, maltodextrin). 100% of daily allowance of calcium, impressive.

Jason's Review

Why is this "the beginning of the end" for Monster, you say? Well, Mixxd is like a bad joke, couple that with another 4 new flavors, developed and distributed before a great deal of the populous really even noticed your last 4 existed, and you're looking at total market saturation, and product cannibalization. Though a large market for coffee drinkers still exists, instead of doing some marketing to stealing Starbuck's customers away with the four energizing, tasty, and affordable Java Monster products they already offer, Monster decided the flood the market with 4 more flavors. Worse yet, the website's marketing drivel is all "edgy" lingo that just sounds ridiculous. "Tea with sack not bags"? Is that supposed to be funny? Also, they hype adding "shots of liquor to Java Monster", then go right on to say they took out the alcohol, that's real edgy. It's as pathetic as the 35 year-old recently separated woman at work getting giddy because there's going to be a 2 drink open bar at the company Christmas party. Monster, after years of success otherwise, is going the way of marketing gimmicks, and as a result, are themselves opening the door for up-and-comers like Amp and Jolt.

monster mixxd

So, for those who are still with me, what do I think of Mixxd? Well, it?s a hodgepodge of flavors, and it's not that great. If you're looking for cheap "party drink" flavor, just add the Monster energy blend to Tahitian Treat and call it "James Cooks Tahitian Typhus". If You're Full Throttle, and you're batting this idea around, you can add some obscure Polynesian fruit, like noni, and expect the American palate will find it pleasing. Mixxd is drinkable, but by no means would I call it enjoyable.

For $1.99, you can make a whole batch of actual jungle juice, and spread diseases amongst yourselves like 18th century Tahitian prostitutes. On a constructive note, I'd recommend staying away from any drink "mixxd" in a bathtub, and any party with sorostitutes. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Guests's Review

Ok, before anyone else comments that all Monster energy drinks have the same proprietary energy blend, and such should all get equal energy ratings, let me clarify, for anyone who would not have determined this on their own, we are not scientist. We don't do a chemical breakdown on what's in the drink, and make a determination on how energized you should be after drinking it. We drink it, and offer a real-world report on how it works. Obviously, if it takes me 7 minutes to drink a pleasant tasting original Monster, and it takes me 4 hours to choke down a deplorable Monster Assault, I'm not going to be as profoundly affected by Monster Assault. That being said, the taste is the only pleasant thing about Monster Mixxd, and it's so syrupy, I felt nauseous if I tried to drink it too quickly. Monster indicates that the flavor is elusive because it's thousand, if not millions of different flavors jumbled together. Well, I've solved the mystery, it tastes like spiced apple cider with a hint of grape juice. It's pleasant, but I'm wanting to warm it up in grandma's kettle (that she gave me as a "parting for college" gift) and sip it next to the fire while opening Christmas presents. This is slightly more subdued than the wild house party mixer that Monster conveys in their can text.

All told, I drank this over the course of two days. Near the end it became a chore. I'd compare this to eating a family-sized bag of gummy worms, they're enjoyable at first, but after a while, you realize you're only eating them because they're there, and you can't bring yourself to throw them away.

For once, I think I found a drink that would be better distributed in 8.3oz cans. Everything else about this drink is ridiculous, the marketing is like talking to a 15 year old kid that heard some "buzzwords" and is trying to fabricate some story about this really cool party he went to, where he "got stupid crunk" and his story fades out into some incoherent mumbling about "Superman", where he hopes you'll chime in, and he can determine what he thinks he's talking about. I'm reminded of a wonderful bit in the "Powell Peralta Search for Animal Chin Video", watch in amazement.

Monster Mixxd Energy Juice can or bottle design and textual information
Pretty much the same ho-hum MMORPG UI layout can design as Monster Khaos. Only the big "M" and name "Mixxd" are in purple, which is slightly misleading, as I thought this was going to taste more like grape. Here's the motivational speech Monster added to the back, I'll try to contain my comments until the end, "It's midnight Wednesday and the house party is about to go off. Everyone is jacked-up on the latest batch of jungle juice cooking in the kettle. Bring back any memories? How can a little bit of everything taste so good and work so [expletive removed] quick. That's kinda what we were thinking when we came-up with Monster Mixxd. We took a bunch of our back-up flavors, tossed'em together...F-NA it's a masterpiece. Monster Mixxd has a juiced-up flavor you can't describe and a creeper buzz you won't deny. Don't take our word for it. Check it out yourself. If you don't like Mixxd, you can have your money back. Limit one refund per customer. 30% juice-100% Monster!" Firstly, let me say that I believe this marks the beginning of the fall of Monster, I'll go more into detail on my (Jason's) full review, but let me make a few things clear. Firstly, as wild and crazy as everyone wants to make college sound, the people "house partying" on Wednesday are usually back home with mom and dad after 3 weeks. Also, "cooking in the kettle?" Yeah, grandma gave me her stove top whistle kettle when I went away to college. I can imagine it now, "Come on back here guys, I'm just brewing up a 6 cup batch of jungle juice here in the kitchen, hope you brought 3 tea bags". Monster also asks, "How can a little bit of everything taste so good?" I think the fact that it's probably about 120 proof would debilitate anyone present from remembering how it tasted. I know what does bring back memories though, every outbreak of genital herpes.

Consumer Reviews

Ryan@2013-02-17 17:07:55
By far the best drink on the market. Obviously everyone has different taste, but everyone I spoke to LOVED it. The other energy drinks are not nearly as refreshing and taste like sour tarts. Is there anything out there like this?
Hal@2013-01-22 15:43:41
That's my favorite haven hard time finding it tho. To our knowledge, Monster Mixxd was finally put out to pasture (discontinued) by Monster (several years too late). Sorry for your loss though.
Raymond@2012-12-21 16:45:02
The flavor of Monster Mixxd is amazing when it's Ice Cold. I am tempted to drink it like a refreshment instead of an energy supplement. I can imagine my fatness already! Anyway I love it. I went into the .99cent store and found case of them for a dollar per can. You know what I did! Thats right, I bought one and missed out on getting anymore for such a ridiculous price. Doh moment!
monster dick@2012-12-10 15:11:25
why are they discontinuing mixxd monster? why would you stop selling what sells the most? bad business whats the world coming too? Response by Jason: I'm not sure where you get your figures, but most C-stores in my area didn't even bother carrying it. Most people probably thought it was discontinued years ago. It was awful, and I can't believe it was around as long as it was. I believe the Monster Hitman drinks were discontinued as well. I don't have figures to back this up, but I won't be completely surprised if the Nitrous line is far behind.
BK@2012-12-05 16:42:47
Many say that they didn't care for the Monster Mixxd Energy Juice, but I thought it was the best energy drink that they had...
Ryan@2012-11-30 15:24:58
Amber D@2012-11-30 15:24:30
I think Mixxd is pretty good. BUT I still like Assault much more. It taste like Fruity Pebbles to me. :)
ohiomatt91@2012-04-10 14:21:26
Mixxd is the best of all, if you don't like it, don't drink it. CRYBABY'S Go cry to your mammy! Mixxd is #1 Don't forget it! KEEP MAKING IT!!!!!! Reply by Jason: Looks like we got told. Well, don't worry ohiomatt91 (if that's your real name), I won't be drinking it anymore.
Posadas@2012-02-25 14:15:08
I'd drink this everyday but this is really hard to find where i live....
carrie@2011-12-01 16:20:01
Lathrop@2011-10-24 16:58:34
Ever tried grape juice? That's just what Mixxd tastes like, and it turned out perfect! It doesn't give the buzz of a normal "Monster" but it still passes as an excellent energy drink. The flavor is outstanding, there must be a flaw in the reviewer's taste receptors...
Darrell h. @2011-07-08 16:20:22
Monster Mixxd is so good
I jizzed when the delicious flavoring touched my tongue
Hands down the best energy drink known to man
Lucas@2011-05-26 13:39:29
In my Opinion Monster mixxd tastes a little too much like a nasty rotten cheese burger. If you like it awesome if you dont awesome :D
Cal@2011-03-22 11:04:49
Call me crazy, but I actually like Monster Mixxd. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't hold a candle to the greatness of M-80 or the Original but by itself, it does have a nice unique flavor.

Another thing: add a few big cans of this to a batch of jungle juice at a party and you will have some good tasting hooch.
davidthomas@2011-03-04 12:38:20
i think monster mixxd is good
Susan@2011-01-13 12:15:16
Mixxd is the best Monster drink EVER! I'm drinking it right now and wishing I had another can.
Jimbo@2010-05-25 12:54:11
Of the Monster drinks I've tried MIXXD is my favorite. It gives me a big kick. It tastes great - a grape cough syrup flavor is as close as I dare to describe it. Though a little too sweet, I tend to drink it slowly while a work and that's why the sweetness doesn't get to me all a once. Give it a try, if you like it great, if you don't, that's ok too.
Jenn bauer@2010-02-22 22:03:01
Monster Mixxd is my favorite. tastes a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!
NM91@2009-11-25 14:17:27
I agree with one of the other guys, Monster Mixxd is the only Monster drink with a flavor that doesn't taste like grandma's perfume and pop rocks. It's the only one I can drink and not gag with.
xxxrainxxx@2009-11-23 14:42:36
Monster Mixxd totally tastes like grape cough medicine! I don't care what anyone else says this is soooo disgusting!
RoxxieDogg@2009-11-17 10:48:00
Anyone who doesnt like Monster is *explitive(s) removed* Monster is the worlds best drink. The only kind of Monster i dont like is Monster Mixxd Juice. Sooo gross! it tastes like nasty cough syrup. i wouldn't recommend trying it.
redbankz1985@2009-11-13 11:34:07
wow,... is it really that serious? do we need to crush on all other drinks just because we aren't used to that flavor? Shit, make a monster that tastes like pickles and see how many pregnant women start commenting. Give me a break. Stick to what you can handle, if you cant handle that then dont quit your day job. And if your day job involves testing different flavors and properties of energy drinks THEN FIND A NEW PROFESSION! amen. BTW I LOVE THE TASTE OF MIXXD AND ALL OF THE OTHER MONSTERS ON THE MARKET. AND I HAVE DRANK MY OWN PISS.... IT SUCKS. ANYONE THAT SAYS THAT THEY WOULD RATHER DRINK THEIR OWN PISS BEFORE THEY TOOK ANOTHER SIP OF ANYTHING IS OFF THEIR ROCKER AND NEEDS TO BE INSTITUTIONALIZED.... BECAUSE ITS JUST NOT REALISTIC. know what I'm sayin', mmkkkkk? Edited by Chris: The fact that you've admitted to drinking your own piss pretty much invalidates anything you have to say. This drink tastes like a bucket of buttholes.
MonsterMixxedBakii@2009-10-12 16:46:29
i love monster mixxd, but it just don't have that nasty sting. [:m
Sgt. Flanders@2009-08-17 13:56:27
I'm sorry but this purple monster stuff is disgusting. It tastes like concentrated grape juice and nothing like monster at all. After drinking it for a while it becomes bearable, but I really dislike the drink.
ec@2009-07-01 10:30:40
Why is everyone hating Monster Mixxd? I have tried alot of different energy drinks and this is one of the best. All the other monsters are horrible.
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