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Full Throttle Fury Energy Drink Orange Flavor

Where can I buy Full Throttle Fury Energy Drink Orange Flavor? Food Lion in Concord
How much does Full Throttle Fury Energy Drink Orange Flavor cost? $1.99

What's in Full Throttle Fury Energy Drink Orange Flavor?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
57g of sugar in this can should get things moving. 100% of daily recommended allowance of Niacin, and 200% of both B6 and B12. Otherwise, unspecified amounts of caffeine, guarana, taurine, carnitine, ginseng, and sucrose.

Jason's Review

For a drink claiming to have 3g of energy blend, I have to wonder what percentage of that is useless, like Ginseng. I drank a few of these, on two occasions I wanted to take a nap within an hour of drinking it, and on one occasion I actually did take a nap (very restful sleep to boot). One day I painted the house after drinking one, but I think I drank an On Go Energy Shot earlier, which must have counteracted the sedentary affects of Full Throttle Fury Orange Flavor. Anyway, I know the numbers, if not sugar alone, indicate that this drink should be energizing, but I have to convey my findings, and my findings indicate that Full Throttle Fury Orange Flavor is secretly Nyquil.

The taste is fine, it tingles a little going down, almost like it contains some mint, or suffers from the ongoing problem of orange drinks in an aluminum can tasting like aluminum. I can name at least 5 other drinks that you would find in any convenience store that I would buy before this drink for the same price/oz. FYI, those would be Monster Energy, Vault (which is actually less than half the price), Most of the other Full Throttle Flavors, Bookoo Bite, and NOS Grape. That's not including the myriad of energy shots that work much better than this drink (and all the On Go Energy flavors taste better).

At the end of the day, this isn't a deplorable tasting beverage (which Nature is One Bad Mother is), but, like Julia Roberts "acting", there's not a lot to like about it. Sure, it's there, and it's not particularly hurting anyone (unlike Susan Sarandon's "acting"), but essentially it's wasted shelf space. If I worked at the Coca-Cola lab, I would have considered this an academic success, and probably determined that this is a step in the right direction, and with some refining, this could be a shelf-worthy product. Ultimately, I think the powers that be decided to phone it in, throw it out on the shelves and "see how it goes". After 70 years maybe they'll try making "New Full Throttle Fury Orange Flavor", which will be ever worse, then they'll go back to this formula.

Guests's Review

The first few sips of this drink were smooth. I felt like it was an energized version of Sunkist (circle R), or Orange Fanta (circle R). Based on my flavor enjoyment of NOS Grape(circle R), I was beginning to think that the most obviously overlooked energy drink flavors were the staple generic, mouth staining flavors that Faygo(circle R) and Shasta(circle R) have been peddling for years. Unfortunately, as I continued to drink, some of the repugnant qualities of Full Throttle Nature is One Bad Mother(circle R) started to shine through. The drink became less and less enjoyable through the nearly 4 hours it took me to consume the whole thing. Without question, the warmer it gets, the more sickening the flavor becomes. The initial taste is similar to Sunkist(circle R), but almost immediately after it goes down the hatch, the aftertaste starts to become evident, and it builds over time, like Indian curry dishes.

I also didn't find this drink incredibly energizing. Of course, it took me about 1/4 of a waking day to consume it, so I'm nor sure expecting a profound affect is really fare. Since Blue Demon(circle R), it really just seems like Coca-Cola(circle R) isn't even trying anymore. The Original Full Throttle(circle R) was awesome, and the sugary version of the original Fury(circle R) (which we've yet to review because we're lazy), was also acceptable. I liked Blue Demon(circle R) originally, but I lost a taste for it over time. With these last two offerings (Nature is One Bad Mother(circle R), and Full Throttle Fury Orange Flavor(circle R)), it's like they're just trying to keep up with the number of drinks that Monster(circle R) has on the shelf. I feel they're seriously damaging the brand with these poorly contrived drinks.

This drink costs $1.99, and I fully expect these to be accompanying Nature is One Bad Mother(circle R) on the $.25 rack at the dollar store.

Full Throttle Fury Energy Drink Orange Flavor can or bottle design and textual information
The can is orange. This is unexpected, as most energy drinks give few, if any, clues as to the contents of the can. Going completely against convention Full Throttle is so candid about their can contents, they actually write on the can "Orange Flavor". Even more interesting is that "orange" is such a descript word for a flavor that almost everyone in the world can identify. This also stands in stark contrast to Full Throttle Blue Demon, which is Agave flavor, and only really familiar to people with an intense tequila drinking problem, and Full Throttle Nature is One Bad Mother, which is described as Acai berry flavor (again with the obscurity), but is more aptly described as "compost heap flavor". Not sure who decided on the font face used for the "Orange Flavor" text, it looks more like it should be on the front of a Scottish Bank/Bar/Brothel. Otherwise, Full Throttle decided to write a motivational paragraph on the back of the can. Here's what the fine peoples at Coca-Cola have to say, "You've been there. Against the odds, you've found yourself in the home stretch ? neck and neck with the other guy. Does he have what you have? The fury inside to go all the way? To never give up or let up? So keep your fire burning by downing another Full Throttle Fury (circle R) packed with 3,000mg (3g, learn to reduce people) of the Full Throttle (circle R) Energy Blend and a bold orange flavor. Because there's only one choice...Go Full Throttle or Go HomeTM. (Yes, that TM is not a joke, or a mistake, it's really on the can.) Lastly, the graphic that demonstrates the 3,000mg energy blend is past confusing. The bar only goes about 2/3 across, but there's no scale on the meter. I think if you're going to call your drink "Full Throttle" it makes sense to use a speedometer/tachometer that indicates "Full Throttle", not a 1974 school nurse thermometer with a reading that indicates you may have a slight fever, treatable by a couple of Tylenol (circle R) and not a serious threat to other students. On a positive note, I admire Full Throttle committing to basing the nutritional information based on 1 serving, instead of 2 (like everyone else). I mean, who's going to drink half this can and save the rest for later?

Consumer Reviews

jacci@2013-01-22 15:42:30
ive been lookin for full throttle fury for 3years theres not one gas station in jacksn tn has them great taste full of energy i love them please bring them back and get rid of another flavor that u have please
BrownTaz40ATYAHOOCOM@2012-12-10 15:14:02
ITS DAMM I DONT KNOW WHY STOP MAKE THIS FULL THROOTLE FURY THAT ONE OF BEST I HAVE BEEN DRINK THIS BOLLTLE MAKE WAKE UP AND GO WORK DONT GET ME TIRED GOOD ENOUGH TILL @ 3PM I REally like buy bollte i dont have see any store stop sell this throttle fury at store what wrong with fedral and if you sell them then they can keep make alot money keep with encony growing with money please bring back sell anywhere store all people are need drink keep them wakeup go work keep up with engery please sell to us back we are need almost improant to people if you dont let them they will strike roit and we dont want to they need repcect to people what they are need please thank you for cooperate with all world Response by Jason: You said it all man, you said it all. No Full Throttle Fury Orange Energy Drink, there WILL be riots!
jason@2012-12-05 16:43:34
why did you ever take orange off the shelves it by far was better than all of the other Full Throttle flavors.
should have never took it away i have not drank a full throttle since you removed fury from shevles so try to consider bringing it back.

Angela@2012-02-25 13:30:26
I love the Full Throttle energy drink, especially the citrus flavor,I really hope they do not discontinue these! I will be very upset!
wholy moly@2010-10-28 13:25:23
Full Throttle Fury was the best energy drink ever "Souped Up SUNKIST" Drank 4 before an USC game at the Coliseum because they gave them out for free. Then got hooked. Now I can't find them anywhere. Booo. I want to buy them online. Anyone have a link to where I can get some? Edited by Jason: Because we're hearing a lot about "irresponsible corporate behavior" in distributing free samples (IE, some people clogging up the legal system with lawsuits because of personal irresponsible behavior), I want to point out, having witnessed these giveaways, there are usually 2-3 people (who usually look like "models"), their job is to give away product, not keep up with how many you take. It is your responsibility to show some inkling of self-control (unlike this commenter, who behaved irresponsibly by consuming 4 energy drinks, of his own volition). If a place was giving out free tacos, no one would expect them to monitor your intake to make sure you didn't eat yourself to death. Energy drink companies sent us well over 50 cases in 2006 alone. We couldn't have physically consumed all that, much less healthily consumed it all...just because it's free doesn't mean you have to guzzle it down.
emm@2010-10-21 17:55:01
the full throttle fury was no doubt in my mind the very best energy drink of all times if they think they didnt have a hit with it lol well lets see how far the rest of the full throttle go lol the black is drinkable but only drinkable nothing good about it now the fury was drinkable and good tasting and had some what of a boost to it we rode around looking from gas station to gas station looking for it and there was allot of people buying it ever i think it messed up my stomach...and i dont think its because of sale's that they took it off shelves...but i would still like to see it come back...and i grabbed one of the red full throttle's and thought it was a fury lol i started gagging when i took a drink omg it was awful the black is next best in line but nothing like fury ... so now my preferable energy drink is (NOS red can punch) try it everyone i assure you will not be sorry it's drinkable and has some what a decent taste compared to all the rest and i have tried all!!! but dont expect to be getting a fury there is no comparing them how ever they taste some what similar SO let me know what you think....
mona dansby@2010-10-08 13:00:34
i want Fury Orange back again it help me up at work it work for me. keep me from not get tired without it. it get tired without full throttle fury orange flavor. pls dont stop making.
mona dansby@2010-09-30 11:59:19
i want full throttle fury back in texarkana, reason is, to help me do at work. not get tired of work. it work for me. dont stop keep busy going that why i want back again pls do that.
I miss it :( @2010-09-24 12:46:42
Plzzzzzzz bring fury full throttle back!!!!!!! It was the best energy drink ever!!!!!!!!!!
sabrina@2010-09-23 14:06:40
Kelly Paradis@2010-09-15 12:21:18
I love the full throttle fury Orange energy drink full throttle. they don't make it in Conn. anymore why? it is the best one.
Miguel@2010-08-31 15:47:01
I used to only drink Full Throttle Fury for energy drinks till it got discontinued. I also mixed with Captain Morgan tattoo and made the best mixed drink ever created by man!
carmen@2010-08-09 11:02:13
Please don't take my Full Throttle Fury!!! Please! It is the sun in my day!! The moon in my night! Are you communists??
Samantha@2010-08-02 14:56:38
No wonder i can't find the orange flavor anywhere. Last weekend I was in SC we had stop at this gas station on the way home. She was like YES they have Full Throttle. Sam you have to try one. I said no i hate energy drinks. Well any ways i was like okay ill try this orange one. I got it and it was so good. I come to MD and i can't find it anywhere and I have even looked on line to see where i could order item. This sucks.... You should really bring it back
mad n jackson tn @2010-07-19 16:37:02
you have got to be kindn. taken full throttle fury off the market? that new red that you have is terrible. bring back the fury. am furious at coke. I will never by another coke product.
Kenny Davis@2010-07-05 16:46:48
bring back the full throttle fury, i stopped for one almost every single day and then slowly stopped being able to find them. i even had a store get them just for me till they could not longer purchase it. bring it back!
dre@2010-06-30 13:16:47
LONKUS@2010-06-30 13:16:24
what the heck are they thinking? full throttle orange was always gone in the stop and robs, while original and blue demon were there 3 rows deep and not moving but they kept them, retarded if you ask me. orange was the best
seth@2010-06-17 11:19:58
I found full throttle orange to be a refreshing change from some of the other energy drinks. I found this page while looking for more info on the product and to see where I could find some surviving cans. I am in wichita ks and its been hard to find for a while. I now drink rockstar but didn't care for it much at first and now its just ok. Would prefer having my two cans a day of full throttle orange. Oh and I don't like the cherry flavor that has taken the place of the orange. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORANGE!!!
Cary Collins@2010-05-28 12:09:28
I have tried a lot of different energy drinks and of all the drinks I found the Full Throttle Fury is above all the best drink there is. The flavor is awesome, doesn't leave a bad after taste like all the rest and actually has a great flavor. All the other drinks have a bitter taste, a bitter after taste and no real flavor. I love Full Throttle Fury.
toni9437@2010-05-25 12:55:04
Well, I can say that my husband spent between $450-$600 per month on Full Throttle Fury. I have spent countless hours going from store to store looking for it. I did find some at the Mall of Louisiana two weeks ago. Of course, I bought all they had in stock. Bring this drink back!!! Hard to believe more people drink the blue demon than the orange!!
Michael @2010-05-17 13:04:02
First off, the disclaimer at the top about if editor/taster ratings are different from public comments, the manufacturer is up to something...that's B.S. And honestly one of the lamest and honestly hypocritical things I've heard. So a lot of people disagree with you on something. Don't wimp out and blame it on the manufacturer.

Full Throttle Fury is the only good energy drink I've ever had. I'll admit that I rate it so high because most other energy drinks are near undrinkable, and taste way too powdery. Other Full Throttles are hit and miss (mostly miss), but they hit on something with Fury. The orange flavor is great. I drank through most of the local gas station's supply every time. They ought to wise up and bring it back.

Edited by Jason: In 2007, when that disclaimer was added, we reset all our user ratings because our voting logs made us well aware that some manufacturers were sabotaging the ratings of other products to get higher comparative ratings. If you want to whine about it, go to Bevnet, we have enough traffic that people pay their employees to sabotage the ratings of other products, I think that speaks a bit more to our credibility than you agreeing with our disclaimers.

The reason this drink has such high ratings is because we're one of the top search results for "Full Throttle Fury Discontinued", and the only people who care to search for that, are people who care (or even bothered to notice) it was discontinued. If you'll take a second to do that math, if the average consumer thought Full Throttle Fury was an 8 out of 10, would they have discontinued it?

Lisa@2010-05-17 12:51:38
Please Bring back Full Throttle Fury!
Shawn Helton@2010-05-06 15:46:01
Bring Back the full throttle fury, this is madness, its only the best beverage ever. over the last few years i have spent thousands on it and dont regret it BRING IT BACK!
UPSET!!!!!@2010-01-14 14:38:30
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