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Java Monster Coffee Big Black

Where can I buy Java Monster Coffee Big Black? Harris Teeter or Food Lion
How much does Java Monster Coffee Big Black cost? $2.19

What's in Java Monster Coffee Big Black?

Nutritional Information
Size: 15.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
You guessed it, check out Java Monster Coffee Energy Mean Bean.

Jason's Review

With most Monster products, you'll find that I have only good things to say. Java Monster Big Black is more of the same with a minor footnote. The can doesn't say to shake gently or anything, and as many of the regular readers know, I like to sip drinks. Somewhere between these two variables, a terrible thing happened; the milk separated. Now, I've drank about 5 of these all-in-all, and only had this happen once, but either the cream settled to the bottom, or having it near the heater in my car made it separate, and when it did, the small curd-like globs of cream were unpleasant. It reminded me of the old Orbit drink (the one with floating gummies in it), but at least with Orbit, you knew the nasty surprise chunks were coming. My suggestion, shake the can gently before opening, and if you own a Honda Prelude, put the heat on the foot/defrost setting.

Otherwise, the taste was a good as I expected it to be. Flavor was a little strong for my taste, and I much preferred the Java Monster Loca Moca.

There are a couple of general rules in life that you can pretty much count on:

  • Nothing Britney Spears does is newsworthy

  • Nothing Jon Edwards says is true

  • "Curvy" and "A Few Extra Pounds" are almost never accurate descriptions

  • Monster Energy products are energizing

At the end of the day, if you like the taste of coffee, this is a tasty and energizing drink for $2.19.

Guests's Review

Do I like Big Black? I like the episode where Big Black bought the Ford Pinto and murdered it out flat black. I also love Meaty the bulldog, and Rob Dyrdek is ok too. I bought Jason a DC shoes hat one time, so I like to think that some of that fat loot they're spending is part of my $17.99. Assuming that you weren't interested in whether I like the "Rob and Big" show, I also love (in equal parts) Java Monster Coffee Energy Big Black. It's so tasty that anyone who doesn't like Java Monster probably likes the taste of doo doo balls, and is a stupid head.

Other than the yummy flavor, it's also plenty energizing, as Monster products tend to be. Since we also found this flavor for $2.19, the price falls directly within the confines of my willingness to pay. Another standing ovation for Monster, IMHO.

Java Monster Coffee Big Black can or bottle design and textual information
More of the same can text found on Java Monster Coffee Energy Mean Bean.

*Correction: Originally, we reported that Java Monster Energy Drinks contained 16 fluid oz. per can, the contents have been updated to the correct amount, 15 oz.

Consumer Reviews

Julie@2010-11-15 16:09:40
I'm quite sure that there should be a support group for monster java addictions. I love almost everything about this drink, EXCEPT THE PRICE. Anything over $2 is too much.
Katrina@2010-06-30 13:17:24
this is my all time favorite coffee energy drink,unfortunately i cant find big black in any stores that sale monster coffee around here, i really hope they are not discontinuing it.
Klock@2010-05-28 12:10:02
I live in NY and would like to continue to drink Java Monster Energy drinks but can not find them. If anyone knows a place to get them let me know.
Tina@2010-05-06 15:41:27
I love Java Monster Big Black, I work nights and it gives me that extra little boost to drive home at night. I only wish that I knew where to get it anymore; for some reason no one is selling it any more, this makes me very upset.
frankiejive@2009-01-11 12:19:35
Java Monster Big Black is great stuff. I make it last longer by combining it with decaf coffee so I don't OD on caffine - at my age that could cause trouble.
Maleko Ruiz@2008-10-14 18:09:22
I love this Java Monster Big Black coffee drink. It is rich and thick. My only challenge is the sugar content, so it leaves me a bit fried after I drink it. AND, sometimes you put up with a little bs to get the good stuff - like the taste! Yummmsville
robert edward schult@2008-07-25 17:37:29
The tastiest of the Java Monsters. Cost is little more than Monster green. So, if your tight on greenbacks like me,every once in a while these are a tasty alternative. MONSTER RULES!!
Flyin Italian@2008-02-10 16:50:38
This drink tastes like HEAVEN! Its soooo goood.
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