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Java Monster Coffee Loca Moca

Where can I buy Java Monster Coffee Loca Moca? Harris Teeter or Food Lion
How much does Java Monster Coffee Loca Moca cost? $2.19

What's in Java Monster Coffee Loca Moca?

Nutritional Information
Size: 15.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
More parallels with the other Java Monster drinks here. The following percentages are Recommended Daily Value Per Serving. Calcium 20%, Vitamin A 2%, Vitamin C 50%, Vitamin D 10%, Potassium 6%, Riboflavin 100%, Niacin 100%, B6 100%, B12 100%, Phosphorus 10%. The rest of the stats are in mg Per Serving, Taurine 1000mg, Panax Ginseng 200mg. Also contains undisclosed amounts of L-Carnitine, Glucose, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, Maltodextrin, Glucuronolactone (purported to fight fatigue and provide a sense of well-being, per Wikipedia).

Jason's Review

It has a sleek aluminum exterior, gold trim, .47 liters, and produces an astonishing 0 break horsepower. It's a monster, and Al Gore would approve of its 0 greenhouse gas emissions, as long as you recycle the can. With all the style and flavor of an Italian cafe beverage, and a reasonable prescribed amount of energizing ingredients, Java Monster Loca Moca is sure to be all the rage at your next Country Club social gathering, scrap-booking party, or antiquing escapade. You'll initially be shunned by the majority of the group who will own Starbucks stock, but make up something outlandish like "Starbucks produces 4 billion tons of paper hand protecting drink cozies every day, which are force-fed to expecting mothers, who they don't believe should have the right to murder babies as a resolution to their sexual imprudence". After the hush surely falls over the crowd, you can suggest that Monster's offering comes in a completely recyclable aluminum container, and commence looking down upon everyone holding their Starbucks cozies of oppression.

At $2.19, this drink makes the often $2 9.5oz Starbuck's Frappuccino seem as ridiculous to buy as the immensely overpriced $2 8.3oz Red Bull Energy Drink. At nearly double the size, at least comparable (if not better) tasting, and vastly more energizing, this is hands down the industry leader in packaged ready-to-drink coffee drinks. It would seem that, based on user ratings (with the exception to the Monster XXL, which some other company is apparently trying to sabotage in our user ratings to make their drink look better) that Monster can do no wrong. IMHO, the Mean Bean at $2.19 is the industry standard, but for the coffee lover, this bolder flavor and perhaps the yet unreviewed Big Black will be the drinks of choice. My recommendation, buy this, Cafe Almond Biscotti, an Enzo Ferrari, and just spend the day enjoying the finer things in life.

Guests's Review

Essentially, this boils down to a simple matter of taste. All other things are relatively equal in this line of drinks. We happened to also find this drink at Harris Teeter stores for $2.19, instead of the outlandish $2.79 that Exxon was extorting for the Mean Bean. We base our reviews on what we paid for the drink. Knowing we can get it for $2.19, I'd easily give the Mean Bean an extra 3-4 value points. That being said, the Loca Moca was well on its way to making a sound impression.

So, with the energy blend being as energizing as the Mean Bean, and the price being $.60 lower, the taste was the only variable for which we hadn't accounted. I'm delighted to report that the taste was even better for me than the Mean Bean. I'm very jacked about reviewing the Big Black now, as the darker the coffee flavor, the better.

This drink gets two oversized foam number 1 fingers up from me. As far as I'm concerned, it's time to step out of the Starbucks line, and step up to the Harris Teeter (or Food Lion) checkout line, and score a $2.19 homerun.

Java Monster Coffee Loca Moca can or bottle design and textual information
Essentially the same rant about "getting out of line...and stepping up to what's next" which is featured on Java Monster Mean Bean, and the rest of the Java Monster line. This can is darker, indicating it's not as creamy, but since there's also a "Big Black", I'm guessing this is the middle of the road as far as coffee/cream mixture goes.

*Correction: Originally, we reported that Java Monster Energy Drinks contained 16 fluid oz. per can, the contents have been updated to the correct amount, 15 oz.

Consumer Reviews

Onyekachi@2012-12-21 16:47:14
I absolutely adore Monster Loca Moca but can't find it in stores in my area. Currently you can Buy Java Monster Loca Moca at Amazon
paul hocheiser@2012-12-10 15:17:58
CVS sells Java Monster drink at $2.49.Is there a way of getting a lower price if I purchase the Monster in quantity? PHH 561 638 4849 Response by Jason: You can always check stores like Sam's Club, BJ's Warehouse, Costco, etc. The going rate for Java Monster is about the same as you stated on Amazon, but if you are a prime member, you can get free 2-day shipping on most of them, currently $30 for 12.
Mike@2012-12-05 16:49:08
Java Monster is absolutely superb. Those who need a little more kick than your average iced coffee in the morning will love this. The best part about it is the lack of carbonation however, it tastes and feels like a regular can of starbucks but definitely has enough punch. Oh and the can is really cool.
jared@2011-07-08 16:23:12
Java Monster Loca Moca has a smooth flavor of coffee combined with cream and sugar to just make it delicious. This is my favorite flavor of monster. It also has B-vitamins to give you long lasting energy.
yom@2011-03-22 11:00:39
I am hooked on Java Monster, works great for me and no jitters like others
Gj mic@2011-03-04 12:43:35
Recently I noticed that the taste of Loca Moca energy drink(since budweiser took over)is sweeter and has a hint of an awful flavor. Why are you changing a great thing.I drink two to three cans a day. We buy them by the case at Brookshires Grocery Store. Please leave the receipe alone, but you could make the price Cheaper.Thank you Edited by Jason: There may be some wires crossed here, don't think Budweiser is involved in formulating Java Monster.
Dave@2011-01-13 12:17:22
I recently had to work 12 days in a row at work; 12 graveyard shifts in a row, no less. By day 10, I was so completely mentally and emotionally exhausted that I just could not seem to find it in myself to rise from my desk and do anything. With two days left, I didn't know how I was going to be able to function.
On my way to work on day 11, though, I got a can of this magical elixir, and drank it at the beginning of my shift. Let me tell you, for the rest of the night, I felt as though I had just come back from a long and relaxing weekend. I was alert, energetic and happy. I did the same on day 12, and had the same effect. Let me tell you, there's just nothing else out there that I've ever enjoyed these effects with.
Allyson@2010-09-23 14:07:28
Java Monster Loca Moca is the best Coffee Energy drink out there!! I'm addicted to it!! I just wish it was cheaper because the cost is killing me && I barely can afford it anymore because I have to worry about paying for other things.
Kris@2010-08-31 15:47:51
We love to add a shot of chocolate vodka to Monster Loca Moca for a nice em!!!!
ckenned8@2010-05-06 15:40:47
I don't know if this means much, but walmart sells Java Monster Loca Moca for $1.98
tgarn@2010-01-14 14:40:41
Java Monster Loca Moca is absolutely delicious! I drink it before i go everywhere!
Cr8tv05@2009-11-25 14:18:31
I drink between 3 to 6 of these a day. They make me so happy. I have tons of energy (I'm a manager who works out, has a 10 and 18 yo, married, go dancing, and do volunteer work) feel positive and still rest well. I have even purchased and had strangers try them when I see them buying a certain drink from "SB". Please never take my Loca away! I threw away my coffee maker.
Samuel Smith@2009-11-23 14:48:19
As Americans choose to make healthier lifestyle choices Java Monster steps up to the plate taking the coffee market to the next level. No longer should parents tell there kids that cliche"coffee stunts your growth". Not only does the drink tingle on your tongue with its robust coffee flavor it provides over a half a dozen daily vitamins. Bringing the ahhs and ohhs in every drop of this delightful beverage.To all who drink enjoy twice the buzz and have twice the buzz about how great it is.
christina@2009-11-13 13:51:48
i love Java Monster Loca Moca so much, it is even better than starbucks. its my go juice !!!
susan@2009-10-12 16:46:29
I stopped drinking Java Monster Loca Moca and my blood pressure went down to normal!!
BarbaraHalladay@2009-10-05 15:56:13
It is awesome! Tastes like coffee and not too much energy drink flavor. Gives an awesome buzz, but not too much that can't be handled. I also have clarity of mind, don't know if the drink caused that or not. If it did, great!
Damon@2009-09-03 13:36:52
I have tried every iced coffee-like drink out there and this is by far the best tasting and has, at least in my case, the fewest negative side effects. I steadily drink them all day long and usually average 4 a day. I have tried to get Monster to deliver a case a week to my house but...they said no. Instead, Wawa orders me an extra case. To all those who haven't tried it, I am warning you, it's addictive. Thus far I have enjoyed my addiction to Loca Moca immensely except for the minor pain it causes to my wallet.
Tasha in Canada@2009-08-26 09:24:54
Well, my review probably won't prove as "sophis-ta-ma-cated" as others but I'll put my two cents in anyway. LOL I looooove Loca Moca. I had tried only one or two other energy drinks before, such as Red Bull and a Monster, both were kind of like pop with a terrible after-taste, I reeeally disliked them. Then one day when I was thoroughly exhausted I went to the gas station to buy a coffee and noticed these in the drink display cases. I saw Mean Bean and the Loca Moca and opted for the one that implied CHOCOLATE! :o) Oh... my... goodness... it was sooooo good I couldn't get over it. Eventually I tried Mean Bean and liked it but I honestly prefer the Loca Moca because I prefer my coffee a bit stronger and the Moca provided that extra punch. Later I noticed that there were other coffee-flavoured energy drinks so I tried them. NOT THE SAME, at least not for me. Here in Canada these drinks retail, almost everywhere, for $3.49 plus tax, very nearly $4.00 a can. It's a ludicrous price, but I pay it... for now. I'm also having an exceptionally hard time locating the product. Places that I know who sell it are very often out of the Loca Moca versus the Mean Bean... and often out of both as well. My bottom line is that I hope the price comes down because eventually I will talk myself out of buying them... maybe. LOL
Anon1263@2009-07-01 11:30:40
Because we all know individuals such as Jason need to be extremely wordy about energy drinks. Go back to your syringe and needle, crack head. Edited by Jason: Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I have no idea what this is in reference to, or how it relates to Java Monster Loca Moca.
amanda@2009-01-21 20:25:10
java monster energy drink is amazing!!! woo hoo!!! monsters rock my socks!!
Lisa@2009-01-11 12:19:35
Does anyone notice that Loca Moca taste different now? i have been drinking one of these every day for the past couple years and suddenly the other day i noticed a different sort of aftertaste than i'm used to. my husband says its probably all in my head, but i am sure! i need to know what they have added or taken out of it.
Bekah@2008-11-24 11:58:57
I love Java Monster Coffee Energy Loca Moca! it makes me so happy and energized! I drink one every day! It's amazing! I can't live without it!
Jacob@2008-11-03 00:59:09
Buy a Java Monster they freakin rock
MaKayla@2008-08-25 09:38:32
Love the loca moca, i love it, i bought 10 of them and it works great! i don't get tired anymore :)
larry@2008-07-22 22:25:49
this was the best idea to make java monster it is really good and keep on making it.
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