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On Go Energy Shot Lemon Lime

Where can I buy On Go Energy Shot Lemon Lime? Online Store
How much does On Go Energy Shot Lemon Lime cost? $2.99

What's in On Go Energy Shot Lemon Lime?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Taurine, Malic Acid (I consider this active, as it adds the tartness you find in Warhead candies. Likely the active ingredient that makes this taste lemon-lime), N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (this is described by a variety of sources as doing everything from reducing reaction time to reducing cravings for cocaine in baseheads), caffeine, L-Phenylalanine (An amino acid which you're probably most familiar with because of Phenylketonurics warning on many products, including this one), L-Glutamine (amino acid essential to recover from some illnesses and injury, DNA synthesis, protein synthesis, muscle growth, and some other things), Glucuronolactone (important structural component of nearly all connective tissues). The following % values are contained in each serving, 150% B6, 150% Niacin, 8330% B12, 100% Folic Acid, 100% Riboflavin, 100% Thiamine, 2% Potassium.

Jason's Review

I was rather impressed that On Go Energy Shot didn't job to plugging its product line with scantily clad women. The marketing materials they sent us were all professional, and didn't look like they were made to appeal to horny little boys who hit on female characters in MMORPGs all day (not saying that doesn't require a copious amount of energy). I mean "A/S/L" is 5 keystrokes, and 6 if properly punctuated "A/S/L?".

IMHO, this tastes better than every other energy shot, and better than a good number of energy drinks. Very lemon-limey, and has little to no offensive aftertaste (assuming you like lemon and lime). On Go Energy Shot is everything it claims to be...unlike hotteen19f, who was neither hot, teen nor female...perhaps worst of all, he didn't even look like Avril Lavigne. I was very energized after drinking this energy shot, and would put it on par with almost any other energy shot I've imbibed to-date.

Cost is certainly a concern. Even with as good tasting, and effective as this shot is, I think $3 is excessive. If this was available at Upshot Energy Shot prices, this could be in the running for a perfect 10 rating. As it stands, it's really only lacking in value.

Guests's Review

On Go Energy Shot sent me an informational brochure, and, besides restating what is on the bottle, it went on to describe On Go Energy Shot as "One heck (edited for the our younger viewers) of a shot of energy". On Go, I'll thank you kindly to watch your language; we're a family-friendly outfit. Well, they supplied some reasons.

  • It tastes pretty darn (more editing) good

  • It gives you hours of energy

  • It's small and convenient

  • It has 0 net carbs

  • No sugar

  • It has electrolytes

  • It leaves you with no crash

Firstly, I've determined that On Go is run by a group of potty mouths. Despite the description of their taste reading as if it were dialogue from the movie "Platoon", they are absolutely right on target. This does taste pretty "darn" good, at least compared to other energy shots. It does give you hours of energy, and not bounce off the walls pre-pubescent boy energy, but the good kind, like what the Juice Tiger fellow has. It is small and convenient (really handy if you don't want to be up and down to the bathroom on flights or at ballgames), I can't argue that it has no net carbs, and I don't have a net carb tester at home anymore, ditto for the sugar tester, triple ditto for electrolyte tester. The last claim that I'm left with no crash is true and false. I did not experience any crackhead-like crash, but I still was left with my copy of Dave Matthews Band "Crash", which made me happy on both accounts, since I don't like fiending for a piece of crack, but I do like Dave Matthews.

At $2.99, this is a slightly better value than 5 Hour Energy, since this doesn't taste like it contains charcoal pieces.

On Go Energy Shot Lemon Lime can or bottle design and textual information
The bottle is a festive yellow-green pastiche of the 5 Hour Energy red-orange. I can't say this is the only place that On Go Energy Shot borrows from the established success of 5 Hour Energy. "0 net carbs, no sugar, lasts for hours, electrolytes, no crash". "Not recommended for children". The bottle also warns, "CAUTION: Limit additional caffeine intake to avoid the jitters. Niacin may cause increased blood flow near the skin, resulting in temporary redness and a feeling of warmth".

Consumer Reviews

Marshall Kilpatrick@2008-03-11 00:42:40
As someone who drives for a living, it's important that I stay alert while I'm hauling freight down the highway. The other important issue is being able to sleep when I pull off to get my mandatory time off the road. That's when I want to be able to sleep without any problems. I can do that with this product. While it's true I tend to have more vivid dreams after drinking an ON GO Energy Drink, I still get a restful sleep. If there is one thing I would change or add, I'd like to try it in Orange flavored and maybe Cherry. I'd also like to be able to find it down south more. I just stocked up recently so I should be OK for a little while. Thanks for the opportunity to write this. Marshall
Joe Hill - AngelGeek@2008-02-13 17:09:55
OnGo Energy's drinks are pretty good in my humble opinion. I play cards (Texas Holdem) a fair amount and occasionally the money can get pretty serious. As a result of consuming OnGo's Energy's drinks I'm able to keep my composure or "Poker Face" while at the same time having some serious mental acuity going on. I liked the fact that it actually tasted good as compared to some of the others I've tried and I liked the fact that I didn't get any jitters or anything like that. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be telling my poker adversaries about it so I can continue to have an edge. Thanks ONGO...Hope you are around for a long time. Joe Hill
Mark@2008-01-13 10:42:30
On Go is the best energy shot I have ever tried!
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