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Upshot FRUIT

Where can I buy Upshot FRUIT? Online Store
How much does Upshot FRUIT cost? $2.08

What's in Upshot FRUIT?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.5 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Caffeine and "other energy-producing alkaloids"

Jason's Review

Upshot made me feel sick, and not in a good way. I felt nauseous like the first time I ate hummus thinking it was cheese, and not a tasteless mush of chickpea bi-product. Upshot FRUIT (not sure what the all-caps whenever referencing "fruit" is all about, but "DRINKS THAT WORK" also finds it necessary to all-caps their name as well) tastes nothing like fruit. I think "Upshot TASTES LIKE SWALLOWING YOUR OWN VOMIT" would be a more fitting name, but this might adversely affect sales. By the same token "SCOOPS UP FLAVORLESS POTTAGE" wouldn't help sell pita bread, but might help sell paper towels.

Other than wanting to projectile vomit on Barbara Walters, which Upshot was about 50% responsible for, I was feeling pretty good. After about a 3 hour journey into "The Spirit World", I was able to feel the back of my head and feet again. Janis Joplin encouraged me to stop kicking the penguin, and have some delicious tan paste spread over pita bread. With a hummus armistice on the horizon, I agreed, but just as I reached for my tasty hippie treat, Mama Cass inhaled and subsequently choked to second death on a combination of pita bread, hummus, and a ham sandwich (aka the broodwich).

What's Bobby Ewing...but he's dead. must have all been a dream.

Energizing, and not too expensive, but tastes like torment.

Guests's Review

Without question, most over-the-counter cough medicines mixed with strychnine taste better than upshot energy. Before you pass judgment though, upshot energy does have a heaping helping for caffeine for your stupid face. 200mg to be exact, not only close to the highest caffeine content you can get in a bottle, but also very near the highest caffeine per ounce of anything on the market. With caffeine like that, who needs taste?

This stuff makes you feel like Jason Statham in "Crank". At no point did I ride a motorcycle on sidewalks in a hospital gown, despite my best efforts, I was unable to locate a hospital gown.

This drink is circa $2. A standard cup of espresso has about 80mg of caffeine, tastes equally as nasty, and costs more. Your mom has no caffeine, tastes like cigarettes, and costs significantly less. Point being, upshot is cost effective and very energizing, espresso is for rich people that pretend it tastes good, and your mom is cheap, tired, and nasty.

Upshot FRUIT can or bottle design and textual information
Shake me, drink me. (Mighty pushy for a little guy). The bottle is mostly red with some arrows going to and fro. "More power, less liquid". The bottle goes on to say, "Upshot rapidly delivers a more powerful, longer lasting energy boost in one convenient shot. FRUIT blends plant extracts rich in natural CAFFEINE and other energy-producing alkaloids with tropical fruits. Drink it straight or mix it with juice. Not recommended for people sensitive to caffeine.

Consumer Reviews

Sonjia@2012-12-21 16:49:53
UPSHOT was the greatest energy drink I ever had. It gave me energy and no shakes. I love it I cannot find it anymore.
Chrissy @2012-12-10 15:21:00
Upshot is GREAT!!!!!! I would just sip on it as I drive after being on the road for 12 hours or so. It is a wonderful energy booster; NO let down and no caffeine jitters!!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!
Chrissy @2012-12-05 16:50:48
Upshot fruit is the BEST energy drink that I have ever had! EXCELLENT with no let down and energy for hours.
purplcrusr@2011-01-26 15:18:40
Upshot has an extremely nasty taste (pomegranate). may be expired, date says 1108, is that Nov 2008 or Aug 2011 as stated by the seller? Edited by Jason: Personally, I'd guess that means Nov. '08...a date long after the last time I've seen Upshot in a store.
Upshot fan. @2010-12-13 15:12:36
Upshot Fruit is awesome. Its only a shot, just chug it. I didnt mind the taste. it tasted like bittersweet chocolate to me. I got used to it when it was available I brought $700 worth of it at a wholesale rate. I am in the medical field and after pulling all night traumas. 1 bottle kept me alert. Once i pulled a 24 hour shift, drank an upshot, drove my daughter to the university of Iowa from chicago, I rented a hotel because I thought I should get some rest. I was up anyway couldn't sleep, so I drove back to chicago. For me the onset was insidious. My heart didn't race, I didn't fell jumpy. I have about 6 cases left. I tried that 5 hour energy crap. I now realize it is all about publicity. Upshot was the best thing out there. Now it is gone, with only crude, ineffective imitators in its wake. I am so sorry to see you go. if anybody from drinksthatwork reads this and you start to make this again, EMAIL ME, I WILL BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN SHIP.
Michele@2009-11-13 14:18:08
Upshot Fruit is the best energy drink I had, unable to get it at this time done know why
shane@2008-07-22 22:59:15
Upshot's energy boost was great and kept me alert. It tastes pretty bad, but you don't drink energy shots for the taste, of course.
valentine kendal@2008-07-08 17:26:19
can i buy Upshot? i can't find it in stores. same with matrix. can we order them off your website? Edited by Jason: We try to document where we purchased drinks, thanks to your question, I've discovered that yes, you can purchase Upshot from our website. Click on the "Buy Upshot Here" link above and add them to your shopping cart.
Adam@2008-05-24 22:22:23
upshot energy shot is amazing but please drink with caution. A friend of mine drank about four and a few of his blood vessels around his heart burst. He's fine but he won't drink as much ever again. This drink is extremely effective and fast acting unlike a lot of drinks, but can be too much at some times. I personally love this drink but it tastes like frosted rectum in a tortilla. The value is a mazing for what it does.... I love this Drink!!!
SHANE!@2008-04-15 15:58:09
the upshot energy boost is awesome, but the taste is worse than school food...
Mittens@2008-01-01 01:32:05
This energy shot was probably as strong as the chaser 5 hour energy.
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