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Xyience Xenergy Big Apple

Where can I buy Xyience Xenergy Big Apple? Online Store
How much does Xyience Xenergy Big Apple cost? $2.19

What's in Xyience Xenergy Big Apple?

Nutritional Information
Size: 8.4 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Taurine, caffeine, guarana, and ginseng.

Jason's Review

Big apple offers everything that Xyience Energy Clear lacks in flavor. Big Apple will put you in a flavor submission hold, and beat you in the back of the head with elbows of tartness. If you're not careful, it will come at you like Royce Gracie and break your arm before you hit the floor. You better shut your mouth pansy, you aren't ready for this drink. I recall one drink asked "Who's Your Daddy?". Xyience Xenergy Big Apple is, and if you want to keep all your teeth, you better know your role, and shut your mouth.

That being said, I wish I'd gotten hold of this in the 16oz. size. I enjoyed a nice energy boost, but I've become accustomed to 16oz. with the Xyience beverages. Big Apple is not a giant leap forward in the energy aspect, but did I mention the taste will make you want to lick the inside of the can clean? (Don't try this by the way, I've got a friend that tried it...a friend of a friend really, you wouldn't know's not me, really.)

Ok, I'm back, had to change my gauze. So, at $2.19, I'll take this over a Red Bull at $2, and this has 0 calories. I will say, it's got more sodium than the Dead Sea, but so does beef jerky, and I drink it. As a side note, Xyience Xenergy has more caffeine, and taurine than Oh Boy! Oberto Beef Jerky, which sells for over $1/oz. Now, you tell me if Xyience Xenergy Big Apple is a good value, at a paltry $.26/oz.

Guests's Review

After watching a whole episode of Ultimate Fighting Championship I've decided to dedicate every possible second of my time to being the next UFC Fighting winner. It will require complete dedication along with blood and sweat. I will undergo a transformation, physically as well as mentally. I'm sure I will have lots of people telling me that I'll never do it, but at 5'2" and almost 115 lbs I'm sure I'll be a winner in no time. Training will begin directly after my already rigorous schedule consisting of 3 hours of World of Warcraft, 45 minutes of DDR, and a short 2 hour power nap.

The best part of this will be that when I become the Best in the UFC, Xyience will somehow work out installing a spigot in my kitchen, or maybe bathroom, that only dispenses Xenergy Green Apple. This is possibly one of the best flavors on the market. I have never drank anything as fast as I drank this. Its unfortunate that Xyience bothered to make those other flavors, because they really just need to focus on pumping Big Apple onto the market and offering a larger size so I can get my weightlifting in while enjoying Xenergy BigApple.

Xyience Xenergy Big Apple can or bottle design and textual information
Joining the ranks of Xyience is Xenergy Big Apple. Same hot look with some green...

Consumer Reviews

S@2010-05-06 15:29:42
Love Xyience Big Apple drink, was getting it at QT, they stopped stocking it. Can't find it anywhere.
Nicole@2009-09-03 13:36:52
I love xenergy. It made me feel like I was on crack!
John@2009-04-14 16:19:37
I enjoyed Xyience Xenergy Big Apple until I tried to by one at Dollar Tree and was told by management that they couldn't sell it to me because they said it was on their recall list. Said it contained Lead in the can. Bummer!
Energy Drink lover@2008-05-14 16:30:59
Its so tasty and healthy without all that sugar and other stuff, and its a clear color. I don't know how they make xyience taste good!
shane@2008-03-15 13:08:58
Xyience Xenergy is pretty good, decent taste and loads of energy
Ricky@2008-03-08 10:08:42
Xyience Xenergy Big Apple kicks, I love it.
David@2008-02-04 12:13:57
Well I bought stock in this energy drink. 14000.00 worth, and now its filed for chapter 11. Great drink but I got burned. And I spent almost my life saving on this stock. So sad.
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