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Rockstar Zero Carb

Where can I buy Rockstar Zero Carb? Eckerd Drug Store
How much does Rockstar Zero Carb cost? $1.99

What's in Rockstar Zero Carb?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Zero Carb Rockstar comes with all the standard energy providing ingredients. The only difference is the amount of it! One 16oz can totes 240mg of caffeine, which means the 24oz can has 360mg of caffeine.

Jason's Review

Rockstar Zero Carb will rock your face. End of story. 120mg of caffeine per serving. This is the strongest non-brewed caffeine beverage I've had since Chaser 5 Hour Energy. I?m 180 lbs. and per the Death by Caffeine website, it would only take 34.13 24oz. cans of this stuff to kill me, meanwhile it would take 223.36 12oz. Mountain Dews. If you do that math that's 3.27 times the caffeine in Mountain Dew. That's the number of times that human excrement is better than Vamp NRG

I'll be upfront, I don't love the taste, but it's a cargo load better than the taste of energy shots, which are about the only non-tea, non-coffee that I'd put in this class of energy drinks. It's described as a wild berry, I'd say it's more akin to a carbonated pink grapefruit juice. It was certainly drinkable, and with zero carbs, I'm scoring it a couple of more points.

At a $1.99, this really makes Rockstar Energy Drink, and Diet Rockstar (of which, I gave both rave reviews) look juvenile in every respect but taste, and there's not a vast chasm separating them there.

As of the time of the writing of this review, this may be the best overall single energy drink on the market.

Guests's Review

Firstly, thank goodness that someone has finally pushed the envelope to higher caffeine content. With so many energy drinks flooding the market it was only a matter of time until someone had to step above the rest. Zero Carb Rockstar is awesome. It has a wonderful light raspberry/ blueberry flavor with a very slight sweetener taste. Once you get about half way into the drink and realize exactly how much energy is contained in this can you will be blown away. It is fabulously refreshing to be that energized and still have more soda to drink! Now this may lead you to believe that just stuffing lots of caffeine in a drink makes is successful, but that is not true. Keep in mind Chaser 5 Hour Energy Rockstar has found a perfect balance of unique taste and energy blend.

I have always been a huge fan of Diet Rockstar, but Zero Carb is so far beyond better than the previous Rockstar lines. Its almost a shame to put other drinks in the same category as this.

Rockstar Zero Carb can or bottle design and textual information
Rockstar continues to stick to its standard logo and can format but changes the colors again for the brand new Zero Carb addition to Rockstar's lineup. This is available in 16oz or the jumbo sized 24oz tall can.

Consumer Reviews

Jeff@2011-04-14 12:35:52
Rockstar Zero Carb is the best tasting energy drink around... period!
Jim Ocala@2011-03-22 11:02:18
Rockstar Zero Carb tastes Awesome , Drink of choice for 2 years now.
Brooke and Abby@2011-01-26 15:19:41
Terry@2010-09-23 14:10:54
So, I have always loved Rockstar Zero Carb. but, every once in a while, one of them tastes like regular Rockstar, and not the berry i desired.
Great product, but i wonder why? It's happened at least 7 times in the last 2 years, at different times and months. May I add, That I can go through 8 of these cans in a week, it keeps me active in my line of work.
Christine @2010-08-31 15:52:19
BAJAGRRL@2010-06-17 11:26:25
Rockstar is the best LO-CARB Drink Out There. Tastes GREAT & Has GREEN TEA. I Used To Drink Only MONSTER LO-CARB (Which Is Good Too, BTW) But ROCKSTAR Is Better.
oteo@2010-05-28 12:17:52
I drank Rockstar Zero Carb religiously while dieting a few years back (lost 20ish pounds) and it was great. It gave me energy for school, but with few calories. I couldn't care less about the carbs but yeah, but I know those zero carb diets are become all the rage now.
Mark@2010-05-25 12:59:02
I have been on the Atkins diet for a week now and was looking for something to bust my energy while keeping my carbs down. WOW!! This drink is a life saver. The taste is great and I know it will not wreck my diet. Thanks ROCKSTAR!! You ROCK!!
b@2010-05-17 13:12:54
You guys are nuts. Rockstar Zero Carb does not taste good. What are you guys drinking???? It has a way tinny taste that screams artificially sweetened berry flavor. I know that is the point being zero carb but I can't seem to find why it's good. It smells like really bad zero carb crystal light powder... the orange color stuff that no one buys. It's like they didn't even try to make this taste good. It almost has a metallic taste with a very high tinge. You can actually taste the super high dose of caffeine because it's bitter. Yes, caffeine taste bitter.

I bought this based on the reviews on this site...but maybe I need my tongue examined.
Robert@2010-05-06 15:25:29
I love Rockstar Zero Carb! It taste great and has more effect than most energy drinks. I drink 1-12 a week.
angeli@2009-08-16 15:00:59
rockstar 0-carb is crazy good !!! u can actually drink an energy drink and enjoy puting it in ur mouth .
Haastiin@2009-07-01 11:30:40
Rockstar Zero Carb is my favorite energy drink. I love the taste, plus the caffeine content is high. Other energy drinks now do not seem to have the same caffeine effect on me now.
Robert@2009-04-14 16:19:37
I currently buy Rockstar Zero Carb by the case. I particularly like it because of its vitamin content as well as low sugar level.
Dan@2009-01-08 13:13:43
Rockstar Zero Carb is by far the best energy drink out there. Tastes great and gives plenty of energy without the sugar and calories of others. I personally drink 2-3 of these a day and have got others hooked on them after allowing them a taste. It's like crack!
ahefner33@2008-07-16 15:40:21
Rockstar Zero Carb is probably the best energy drink on the market imo and I've been through about all of them.
Ray@2008-04-16 15:27:17
Rockstar Zero Carb has a good taste...great boost!!!!
jason armstrong@2008-02-24 17:15:31
this energy drink is the best energy drink that i have tried. if you have not had it, get it now
Andrew@2008-01-27 14:42:37
This drink is a bit pricey, compared to the 99 cent rip it nearby, but overall an okay drink. It has a lot of caffeine, is low calorie and carb, and has an ok taste, a blueberry flavor that tastes slightly diet. Didn't give me much energy but it did to my friend
Shane@2007-12-29 16:03:21
Rockstar Zero Carb gives an impressive energy boost, but it has way too much of an artificial sweetener taste.
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